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Sexual Wellness on Amazon

Since I’ve been asked so often and recently about my collection of sex toys, I decided I’d share just a few that have crossed my path and that I’d recommend. Incidentally, Amazon categorizes such items under “Sexual Wellness.”

Love it. I mean if Amazon carries it, it’s gotta be okay right? Here we go…

The Screaming O Soft-touch Bullet Mini Vibrator 3+1 Speed

I bought one of these just for fun years ago and I loved how small it was. You can carry it around in your pocket or keep it in your desk drawer at work…not that I’ve done either of those things with mine…


Lelo Ina Vibe

I’m a big fan of all things Lelo but this Lelo Ina Vibe is pretty much the Goldilocks of Lelos…fits just right. Many of my girlfriends concur even though we’re all different sizes on the outside. It pays to pay for quality.
Kinklab Wartenberg Pinwheel (with leather sheath)

If it’s your first time riding the line between pleasure and pain then I’d recommend you try some light pinwheel action. The more pressure the more pain/pleasure, if that’s what you want.


If you have some recommendations of your own please feel free to share below!

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