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Calling All Big Brother 4 Fans (Circa 2003)!

I believe some of you know this already but before I ever had this WordPress site I first started blogging on Google’s Blogger platform.

Looking back I’ve come a long way, both in the look and feel of my site and my writing in general. My intentions initially were selfish and now I’m better balancing the give and take involved in running a blog. Among the blogs in my old blog cemetery there was one featuring a photo of a poster board given to my by CBS. It was a reward for making it to final three with Robert and Alison. We each got our own. I remember sitting there in the living room and how all three of our egos were getting bigger and bigger reading all the love poured out to us.

“NY Loves Jun Song”

Jun is hot, funny and feisty.

I like Jun. She has great snarky intelligence and wit.

Jun is the woman you “love to hate!” In my opinion she is playing the best game this season . She may just win this.

She’s blunt, smart, and independent. She is well aware of her body and proud of it! As she should be after conquering a weight problem. I think she is one to keep an eye on in this game!

The “Asian Princess” is sleeping, wouldn’t you be tired after flying back and forth between New York and Los Angeles in two days, and going to one of the biggest evens in American history, and laughing it up with all of the stars?!

Just wanted to say that Jun was absolutely stunning at the awards show the other night. She cleans up good.

Award for “Best Laugh In The BB House” goes to… Jun!

I forgot that she was in the banana in the ice cream sundae. That was pleasing to watch.

There was more and obviously CBS didn’t give us any negative quotes from anonymous forums. They kept it clean. They actually gave me a false sense of grandeur. I remember leaving the house thinking everybody loves me out there yay! New York loves me woohoo!

Oh dear god.

Well, the poster board is in New York in my mother’s home because when I moved here to Belgium I stored most of my Big Brother goods there, instead of throwing them away or selling them. I’m a total dork and love everything in my private collection. Every BB alum is free to do what they wish once they’re out of that house, including what to do with their memorabilia.

It’s been 10 years since I’ve won Big Brother and I know that the comments on the posters were real (because I asked) but I’ve always wondered who the authors of the comments were…

I’ll ask now because I have a bigger platform to shout from…

Were you one of those people who made it on my Big Brother 4 poster board?

Always dishing,


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