How Are You Feeling About This Year Ending?

This year is winding down in days left in it, and there’s been a buzz in the air. I’m not talking about Christmas lights but just the general tension, even anger, that’s more prevalent than usual. These last few weeks into months, especially, have been filled with extremes. People are angry at Obama, let’s say, and other people are angry at people for being angry at Obama, maybe. This will never change because American politics will never change. Blech. I can’t tackle politics…

But I’ll tackle this…

I’ve noticed a rapidly spreading phenomenon around celebrity deaths. There’s a growing stance against mourning celebrities a certain way…as gods, maybe. People are angry that celebrities are splashed in glitzy death in media outlets while non-celebrities and even everyday heros are not, basically, and other people are angry that people are angry for them making saints of celebrities, in a nutshell.

If and when I die, then I’d hope my loved ones wouldn’t be posting angry banners on their Facebook timelines crying out for more recognition of my death over let’s say Paul Walker’s. Everyone mourns differently. Sigh.

How morbid, right? And this at the time of year where we really should be less angry. I know angry. I can be one angry dragon lady bitch when I need to be. As a matter of fact, for me, these last days of 2013 should be filled with Noah’s 2nd Christmas and ringing in the New Year with Davy holding me tight.  I’m so stressed about a few things though, and I find myself in a rush to check off as many things as possible on my to-do list. I can’t do everything but of course my inside voice is screaming at me to try try try! Finish this! Complete that! What have you done all year? Yup. My period’s late (yeah, I went there) and I’m coming down with a cold so I could be angry but I’m not.

I’m calmly writing a blog and suffocating my inside voice so I can focus on…

Noah’s 2nd Christmas and ringing in the New Year with Davy holding me tight.

This was just a year ago:



Noah’s changed so much since last year!

I’m going to have to recreate this photo…

How are you feeling about this year ending?

Always dishing,



  1. purrwing

    I just got home yesterday from spending time with my in-laws in Wisconsin (hubby had to come back home last Friday). Anyway, I am feeling a bit melancholy because my MIL is the baby of her family and she is turning 82 tomorrow. All of her brothers and sisters (2 bros & 2 sisters) are still alive except the oldest one. Everyone but my MIL are in various stages of failing health. Seeing their excitement at seeing me and the warmth in their smiles on their sweet faces always melts my heart. But this year, I just feel like that may have been the last time I see some of them alive. Bah! I’ll snap out of this in a few days. I hope. 🙂

  2. I am feeling blessed to see the end of another year. A year filled with the love of family and friends. A year of grand babies, new and old. A year that allowed me to spread my wings, to soar, to mature and learn more about myself and others. Anger arises, anger is dispelled.but the memories, good, bad and indifferent remain. Yes, I am blessed to have these memories. I only hope I will be fortunate enough to have new experiences in the coming year which will add to my own, very special album, my life.

  3. @catmeghan Meghan

    Cliche alert!

    It takes the stressful/angry/depressed times in our lives to appreciate the good stuff. That’s what I repeat to myself when I’m ugly crying for whatever reason.

    You take the good you take the bad you take them both and there you have the facts of life. The facts of life. La la la

    It’s in your head now, isn’t it?

  4. I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (and I usually succeed in making those around me suffer, too), so I’m normally a little depressed as soon as the time changes. My year has been a good one overall; I just hate winter and everything about it. But I’ve REALLY tried to be more positive lately, and I’m enjoying some success….well, except for when I’m driving, or at the grocery store, or Christmas shopping. But other than that, it’s all good! 🙂

  5. Too much loss and grief for me and my family in 2012-13. We need a break from that. The thing about politics – even though we may dislike it or refuse to take part in it, politics effects everyone’s lives in one way or another, so it’s good to at least be an informed voter. Wishing you all every happiness in 2014. Hug your loved ones every day.

  6. Anonymous

    So, 2013, a whole year of it, forced me to confront my absurd fear of all things 13 (Triskaidekaphobia)…. I did it … Not my fave number but writing it on checks, notes, forms, and having it on my car’s registration etc has made the issue receed. Well, I always understood it was totally stupid but still a little bit of fear would rise when a Friday 13 would role by …. Buy no more … Total immersion can be a cure! Just saying.

    Oh and well Noah just so so cute … Last Xmas or now … Just so cute.

  7. Glad to see it go. Way too much crackhead drama. Looking forward to a better 2014 which includes a trip to Europe and various other places. I love to travel and am excited to have 3 trips already scheduled. Here’s hoping that we all have a wonderful next year.

  8. Be grateful you’re not in Canada. We have a crack smoking politician, Rob Ford who looks like the late Chris Farley that has a 44% approval rating while Obama has 39%. Canada has an ego maniac as the leader of the country, Stephen Harper laying off low to mid level civil servants who can barely make ends meet while retaining and rewarding big time bureaucrats and other mid to high level civil servants, Some areas of the country where water is in supreme abundance are in store for a 25% increase in hydro (electricity prices). Canadian voters for the most part are a bunch of imbeciles who are insanely gullible. A currency that his an three year low against the US dollar.

    While it’s true to the saying, “the grass is always greener” I am sure it’s no comfort for you as you have your fair share of issues and frustrations in Belgium. However, make no mistake. Canadian politics, although not as exciting as US politics, it is in fact much worse as is with swallowing cyanide. It may be silent but it’s deadly.

    The increase in celebrity deaths is, I think, has much to do with our society of living fast and pushing one’s body past it’s limits. The attitude is all too common: “if I die tomorrow, I will have lived life the way I wanted to. I have no regrets”. Social media sites like Facebook do very little do prevent bullying, in fact, they seemingly promote or condone bullying.

    The world is a changing….the “negative” energy which often takes another form: ego is becoming slowly but surely stronger.

    While 2013 was a real bitch, 2014 and beyond may indeed prove to be much worse.

  9. I finally got a job after 2 years of looking. Is it a career? NO. It is a job. But I am now able to finally get back into life. I feel like 2014 will only bring me more good. I am ever the optimist. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when you try to put a towel on Noah’s head to take that pic!


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