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Jos Welvaert: Belgium’s Walter White?

With Breaking Bad case-closed I find myself obsessed with a new series about drugs here in Belgium called Eigen Kweek (literally translated, Own Grown).

Here are the Welvaerts, a farming family.


From left to right: Steven, Jos, Ria, Frank, Julita

They’re not exactly the White clan but it’s close enough for me.

Jos and Ria are married 40 years. They’re parents to pothead Steven and first-born so serious Frank. Frank lives with his brand-new girlfriend, Julita, who just arrived from the Philippines. After losing his life savings in a scam Jos, and his family, end up becoming weed farmers. Belgians aren’t hard-core crystal meth-ers anyway…

Not only is the premise comic gold but there’s the added bonus in the dynamics between Julita and Frank and the rest of the family and neighbors and friends. Basically, we get a view into what so many Belgians have curiosity about…what it’s like to live with an Asian woman who speaks no Dutch. The broken English and losses in translation have me rolling on the regular. Wim Willaert plays Frank to perfection and I believe he’s the star of the show. He seems like a cartoon St. Bernard to me at time, although I mean no offense in comparing him to a dog.

The writers of the show have gone to great lengths not to glamorize or demoralize inter-racial relationships, but I’d love to know how the Philippine community feels about this show and how Philippine women “without papers” are being portrayed in Belgium. It’s no secret that many couples here of mixed races are referred to as “Exotic Love” after a reality show following mail-order brides, etc. coming into Belgium coined that term.

I personally believe Julita makes Philippine women, here, look good. Kudos to Mae Rhoda Montemayor. And Jos Welvaert is no Walter White but I’m enjoying Dirk Van Dijck’s bald head and glasses and attitude. Best of luck to the whole crew!

And thank you to Mae Rhoda Montemayor and Theodosia Tadiar for taking the time to aid in Typhoon Haiyan efforts.


I’m definitely a fan of Eigen Kweek!

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  • The cast looks like ‘real’ people – okay, maybe a bit prettier than most. I’m wondering if its a ‘reality’ show or a drama. I’m leaning toward a drama, considering Julita lucked into a TV spot upon entering the country! lol You have me wanting to know more about Belgium, it’s customs and TV programs. Thanks for sharing some excitement with your readers! lol

    • I don’t think they’re are prettier than most! Hahaha! That’s what I love about Belgian television programs. They use more “real”-looking people. It’s a written series…dramatic comedy? HA!

    • Not only can I not drive stick shift… ha! I’d think red was stop too. Sigh.

      The show’s pretty awesome :)

  • Anonymous on December 8, 2013 at 4:43 am said:


    OK…I watched all the clips, Oh and kuddos to you for trying to learn the language…I had a difficult time understanding them…had to listen real hard and maybe look away to understand what they were saying…My family is from asian decent, but they all married dutch people and there never was a problem, so, technically I can not relate as I never experienced feeling different…that came only after I moved to the US, but even now it is not on issue, so totally integrated (I married a “white” american). So, really it is not a big deal to me, unless you make it a big deal. racism is hard to overcome if you perpetuate it.

    • Absolutely hard to overcome but racism is a problem. I think whether or not it’s a big deal is an individual feeling. You have to pick your battles for yourself and the greater good.

      The Dutch language is not easy…especially with all the deep dialect everywhere ha! I’m happy for you that you haven’t faced many issues in your integration. Thank you for sharing here!

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