It Just Gives Me A Headache

I feel a bad headache coming on and it’s centered on my right eyebrow. It’s stress-related and I know exactly why the headache’s started too. I tried to play tech support for myself and this site.

I tried to wrap my head around this message I received from my site’s web host,



If you’re one of a number of people who is gifted in the ways of all that lingo in said message, then I salute you.

Thankfully I have one very patient soul helping me in baby steps because I am not ashamed to admit I can’t handle this side of blogging. I’m better at writing and reading and memorizing. I can play the piano and I cook well. I’m a leader and a follower and deliberate about both. I’m a pretty good singer and taker of photos. I can spin the shit out of a story.

I give stupendous hand jobs and I’ve taught dozens of other women how (you’re welcome world). I’ve dated a lot and fuck-buddied a lot. Quantity compromised quality more than once in my life but who’s counting? I’m not bragging but William Masters would have loved to study me.

I haven’t missed an episode of Masters of Sex!

My point is I’m good at a lot of things but this side of blogging? All the technology and talk of programming language? It just gives me a headache.

Always dishing,



  1. GaYToR

    I think we all got a good giggle about you teaching women the art of a Happy Ending. I’d kill for pics of that. I’d even lighten up a bit on chasing Davy around the internet for a video of your instructions… well, for a little while. No one can curb my lust for your husband. But I feel your pain re: technology.

    I remember when Am Gore invented the internet and I got my first (real) computer, an IBM Aptiva. I could take the thing apart and put it back together again, adding memory and installing faster modems. I could still do it when I graduated to my first Dell in the mid 90’s. I could even get through some fairly complicated maneuvers while working on most OS problems. But today I can barely dial a number on a cell phone. My Smartphone is much smarter than me and I am secure enough in my manhood to admit it. The inner workings of my Gateway laptop is so far advanced beyond my abilities I shouldn’t even bring it up. I want to think I am ready for a Tablet but I have to take an extra clonazepam just to look for a good sale.

    Jun, I think you will find the more advanced in years, the less we can keep up with technology. It happens to the best of us. (I’d love to add something racist here for a chuckle but I’m not that kind of white boy. And I want you to always like me.)

    We still love you. We love you and follow you for everything you are and everything you do. We might even like it that you can’t do everything and love that you are willing to admit it for all the world to read.

    Carry on!

  2. I am a dyed in the wool Technotard. I constantly try to dial the phone with remote and vice versa. I consider all things technical to be magic. Luckily I am married to a very smart man who understands and can make the magic happen. I am obsessed with Masters of Sex.

  3. GaYToR

    Masters of Sex is MUST SEE for me although I freely admit I closed my eyes, stuck my fingers in my ears and made sounds no man has ever made before during the episode when they used a camera to view the inside of a va-jay-jay.

    I won’t be blocking anything out on Sunday as Ben delves into the wide range of the penis size. I’ll be taking notes. I’m sure the inaccuracies will be endless but I feel it’s my duty to attempt to keep track of them.

    Richard, you are welcome to join in. I’m sure you will catch any mistakes I might miss. You might even catch some I won’t recognize as technical errors. I really should have been given the Technical Advisor credit for the upcoming episode. If HBO had only seen my resume.

    Maybe Jun will hold an open discussion night for this one episode. In the interest of advancement in education of course.


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