New Year’s Resolution or Wasted Energy or Neither

It’s that time of year when we inevitably look back on things we didn’t get to do but really we just didn’t do. All of a sudden smokers who gave themselves a deadline are panicking just a little bit and some others are thinking about workout regiments to start diligently in the new year. New Year’s Resolutions. Blech.

Last year I didn’t make any. I boycotted New Year’s Resolutions but instead I made a promise to myself that I’d blog every day in 2013. There’s still lots of December left but I know I’ll keep my promise and I’ve already settled on my next non-New Year’s Resolution promise to myself, for 2014. Nothing else matters if you can’t keep your own promise to yourself. You can’t even imagine how much negativity I’ve received over blogging every day this year. It’s small in comparison to the support and good energy here but it’s vocal. Some people think blogging every day is a waste of time as if it’s their time being wasted. They don’t even read my blog or have to read my blog because their minds are made up that blogging is frivolous. So there’s that side of blogging to deal with.

I’ve learned a lot about being a blogger in 2013. There’s no magic formula to success without recognition. Your intentions are the only thing you have control of. It’s not easy.

But back to that promise I made to myself for 2014? It’s different than the one I made for 2013. It’s going to happen and when it does there will be negativity because there will always be someone wasting their energy to bring you down on their misery scale. I learned a long time ago to spend less energy and instead just smile and talk with my eyes when it comes to these kinds of people. Awkward silences were meant for rude people.

If you’d like to take a guess as to what my 2014 promise to myself is, then leave your answer in the comments. This could get fun!

In the meanwhile I tried to recreate Noah’s angelic “Happy 2013” photo but failed miserably in my first attempt.



Noah was not harmed in the photographing of this failed reenactment. It was just a towel. He shed not one real tear! It was all an act. I shed a tear or two laughing. You have to laugh when you’re raising children or you’ll have ulcers and heart problems sooner than later.

I will try the photo again and I will succeed.

You learn to laugh at fails both big and small. Like yesterday when Noah slipped right off his step stool while chatting with his fishes.



I’d just turned around to fold some laundry and heard Noah shriek. He was literally two inches off the floor hanging on for dear life with a few little fingers. He’s going to be great at endurance challenges when he’s older…

Ahem, take notes all you Big Brother 35 parent-hopefuls out there. Does your toddler eat slop? Neither does Noah but he does love his oatmeal. He also eats peanut butter and jelly because you just never know when that’s all you’ll have!

You have to laugh. Smile. It’s never wasted energy.

Neither is blogging. As to whether or not I will do it every day in the new year still remains to be seen. Thank you to everyone who has donated to this site. Every dollar has been put to good use for the site. A small portion was sent to Adam Poch, that went directly to the purchase of toys for the Toys for Tots event in New Hampshire, just last week.

Thank you all for your support every day and sometimes multiple times a day.

Always dishing,



  1. Your blog. Not wasted time. Ever! You have opened your soul and allowed others to as well, be it in a comment or a guest blogger sharing their soul.

    I hope your resolution is to continue exploring aspects of your life and writing about them so we may continue to grow and learn as well.

    Most importantly, I hope you find more reasons to smile than not.

  2. Christy

    I’m hoping is the release of your book.. 😉 Or another baby (I know you said no more).. Or a cookbook.. Or another trip home to the USA to see Momz.. wait.. how many guesses do I get??

  3. Becky

    You have made my day with those photographs! See, one reason why this blog is worthwhile! I love your blog and 99% of the time manage to read it! Keep up the good work and tell the haters to eff off!

  4. @catmeghan Meghan

    Oh my word. Him hanging there for dear life with his little fingers is so funny! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Noah is very determined. He comes by it honestly, though!

  5. vivi howe

    Do you know how much I ebjoy your blog, the pictures of your adorably precious boy. I think you have enriched nsn a reader. Bahumbug and a lump of coal to the negative people who are just envious of your talent , good fortune and happyness in your life. Carry on. I think you will take up a dutch word a day with a picture of noah.for nexr ears resolution.

  6. Heather

    Jun, I’ve loved your blogs and your tweets forever! Hmmm next year, baby making would be good… I died laughing at sweet Noah hanging on for dear life!! So sweet and so strong! Save that pic to show at his wedding one day. Will prove to his significant other that all things are possible?

  7. I’m glad you’ve blogged every day in 2013. I’m not good at guessing things, so I’ll leave that to the others. There will always be haters, no matter what you do. There’s a lot of love out here for you and your family to make up for them anyway. I love how you deal with them (or not). Today’s pics made me laugh too. It’s so nice to laugh. I like getting your blog via e-mail now too, because I sometimes was missing them.

  8. Wo

    I would say taking photos of Noah every day in ’14, but I’m sure you’ll be doing that anyway (& thanks for sharing them with us, too). Maybe it has something to do with writing your book?

  9. A TV show, book deal, online show, radio host – I’d be SO happy with any of those scenarios for you, as I would selfishly reap the rewards! The world needs more Jun honesty and fun – I just adore you and your family. Thank you for the smiles, belly laughs and even tears too! I will forever save your tweets the day you went into labor – priceless! Happy New Year!

  10. Anonymous

    So, I always come out Anonymous here although I access through FB .. Oh well, doesn’t change my admiration for your resolve to blog and the quality of the blogs themselves … I look forward to them …glad you will continue to share will miss the regularity of this year but am sure whatever 2014’s Self Promuse is it will be interesting to watch you through it ….don’t guess well … Pretty sure it’s not another baby … Fish funerals too small for a year’s endeavor, and hopefully the remaining Vissen will acclimate to the Tank; we know/hope Linda Catchup continues so don’t think that is it .. But whatever it is will be there watching following here on FB lurking on twitter …

  11. Aileen

    Not good at guessing. But I would be happy if you continued to blog everyday. I really look forward to getting it in my email.
    The photo’s of Noah are priceless, he is so cute, I can’t take it.
    Whatever you do in 2014, I wish you success and happiness!

    1. Aileen

      I’m confused, my message shows my name (Aileen). This message to me is anonymous….is this from Jun? I don’t understand why my message would
      come to you as anonymous, because I am signed in on my acct. If I’m doing something wrong, I don’t know what it is. I apologize.

      1. Jun Song Author

        Hahaha! It wasn’t me. But it’s me now 🙂 So weird. I can see you as Aileen but I guess you’re seeing it as Anonymous? So confusing! Let me know if you have any more problems!

  12. GaYToR

    I’m running a few days late as usual but I do have a better excuse than I normally do. I’ve been in the early planning stages of a new project that I will be starting in 2014. I completely wasted about 18 months and I need to get active again before my mind turns to mush. It has to do with the creation of a new character so those that follow me might start seeing. FB and Twitter musings about “ZsaZsa d’LaHor presents _________.” I’m trying to make some mo money.

    My hope for you in 2014 is ‘365 Days of Sex’ or maybe ‘adventures in’… I know or believe 365 continuous days isn’t realistic but make-up days can count.

    Of course I would love your plan to include a new baby but that is a decision only you and Davy should be in on. You can’t do it just to make others happy.

    BUT, I can make my argument for. I lived my life as if I were an only child due to the wide age difference. I have two sisters but in so many ways it’s as if I had no siblings and that, in my opinion, was not healthy for me. My oldest sister is almost 8 years older and my younger sister is 5 weeks short of 13 years younger. I, for the most part get along with both despite the thing we have most in common DNA. That’s not much to base a lifetime close relationship on. I will now shut up and mind my own business. 🙂

  13. I look forward to your blog entries! It’s one of my favorite parts of my day or week when I have to read several at one sitting (like right now) because I’ve been busy! Keep up the good work! I’m guessing your promise is to write a book! If not it should be :))

  14. debchr

    What a character your little Noah is. The photos of him are always adorable.

    The way you mentioned the New Year’s resolution sounds as though it may be controversial! Are you planning on getting Davy’s parents back together? lol Seriously though, maybe starting a home business of some type – say an occasional catering with your exotic foods?

    I’m thinking you’ve already set the goal for the book, so something else, and I don’t think the baby would be all that controversial – people usually love a happily married woman in a loving relationship having a baby!

    Dying to know here (always love a good mystery)! And best wishes for whatever your endeavor is!

    1. OMG, you didn’t say resolution, but promise!

      I just read an (email) article in the Big Norther Network, Dec. 31, 2013 issue that quotes you in your New Year’s Resolution:

      “Jun Song, Big Brother 4 winner: ‘To finally learn to ride a bicycle in 2014!’”

      WELL, is this it, or was the promise different?

      You’re fun on so many levels!

  15. I love the pics so much. It’s annoying when parents only show the kids when they’re perfectly clean and groomed and smiling. I am a fan of the real photos!

    As a fellow blogger, I think I know what you mean re: the “waste” bit. At times, it’s clear to me that my closer friends don’t check in often (which is fine, but I’d be so happy if they peeked in periodically).

    Oh well. Happy New Year!


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