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Hungover Hodgepodge

It’s a hodgepodge blog:

1. There’s a full moon coming up in two days, on Tuesday. Whether or not I believe full moons make people nutty or nuttier than usual, I admit I’ve used those moons as an excuse for some of my own behavior. I’m sitting here sleep-deprived and still badly hungover from last night and I probably won’t feel rested by Tuesday, so I’m looking forward to using the full moon as an excuse to basically be as bitchy as I want.

2. Yesterday I gained a new visitor through a Google search. Dan

I’m afraid they were disappointed because I have no content about Dan Gheesling being hot. If there’s a demand for such a blog, then I supposed I’d oblige but for now I’ve got nothing for this new visitor.

3. My fighting neighbors (map here) have broken up for the second time. A lot has happened since the first time and the police are aware of the domestic violence situation. I’m hoping she doesn’t let him back a third time. I’m hoping she finds strength to find love she deserves.

4. Noah may become a docker at the Port of Ghent in the future or he may not. I’m leaning towards not but there are families going back 3 or more generations on the docks in Belgium. My husband Davy and his father Beer (short for Robert and Gilbert and Anybert here) are among them. Davy’s going on 8 years and his dad is soon retiring after 46 years at the Port of Ghent.

DockersThree generations of Goethals.

Though weeks have passed since I took this photo, Noah still remembers those big machines his papa was driving. When he wakes up from his naps and asks for his papa, I tell him that papa’s at work. Vroom vroom papa, is always his response.

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