Screenshots in a Day in the Life of a Blogger

I was going to blog about blowjobs today, I swear, because a certain someone  convinced me that I could go into more detail about that Cosmo dick sucking rant blog from back in October. But I’m not. I need to reread Anna Breslaw’s rant first and I just don’t have the energy right now. I’m feeling extra dramatically tired because I ran errands all day on not much sleep last night, and then getting home to this fun stuff:

CommentNote this “pam” person starts with “Do not blast me on this but” and ends with “Sorry just my opinion” which translates to weak, considering everything in between is not apologetic or meek.

As an example of a comment I actually would delete:

AnonClearly this “Anonymous” was just looking for attention and can’t even spell motherfuckers so I had to delete. In case you’re wondering, Anonymous resides in Germany. It’s great having your own website and database.

It’s better knowing there are readers laughing with me right now, reading this, and appreciating the wait for my new and improved b-b-b-blowjobs blog! And knowing we have pam and Anonymous to thank for the delay and anticipation…

Always dishing,






  1. Carrie

    Never ceases to amaze me when random person decides how you spend your money. Or better yet live your life lol. If you don’t sleep with me or give me a blowjob move on.

  2. SarahT

    It seems people confused your blunt honesty as bitching and complaining about being a stay at home mom. There’s a difference, I totally get it! I’m a stay at home mom of three kiddos and while I’m OCD and love my clean house, it doesn’t mean that I clean without complaining! And it certainly doesn’t mean that I don’t love staying home with my babies and adore my husband for financially supporting us so that I can do it!
    I love you, Jun! Tell it like it is!!! 🙂

    1. Jun Song Author

      Hahaha. You do get it. Lots of people get it but I guess some people still don’t. 🙂 I will always tell it like it because it’s the only way I know 🙂

      Thanks Sarah!

  3. OieChris

    Keep doing what you’re doing for you and your family Jun. People don’t just pay or decided to get a cleaning person to come into their home for no reason. Well, ok millionaires might. Those that do make choices and sacrifices to do so. Pam doesn’t understand that I guess.

  4. Sheesh… well, you know that old saying… “Opinions are like assholes… everybody has one”. Haters gonna hate, and people will try and deflate you with their “opinions”. I know you’re wise wise enough to recognize the crap. Just my opinion. 😉

  5. kcsmum

    Hey, you know what’s cool? My cleaning ladies name is Pam!!! Oh, and I bitch all the time about all the repetitive crap it takes to maintain a household. And yes – in response to your busy Mondays preceding Margie Tuesdays, I also clean before Pam comes. I think I lost my train of thought. Maybe it’s not as cool as I thought. Did someone mention blowjobs?


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