A Blog About Davy

A blog about Davy.

It’s about time on this our third wedding anniversary.

Davy Goethals was born in 1979 and his name is Davy and not David or Davey or Dave. Davy was a baby loved by many and not loved enough by some too, but many hearts and hands raised him with affection. His first tooth came in when he was 8 months old and he was walking on his first birthday. He was taught to care for his toys and not waste a thing but hand out smiles like sweet baby breaths.


Davy did not grow up in a material world because money was tight like only money can be. Davy was the only son and only child to his two Belgian parents, his mother with locks of gold and blue eyes and his father’s colorings of auburn brown. Davy’s hair turned out to be a cross between the two but more towards gold. Davy’s eyes are shaped like his father’s but Davy’s eyes are hazel.

His hazel brown eyes saw many things growing up and eventually leading to his parents divorcing when he was 11. Davy absorbed many things in the first eleven years of his life that made him cherish anything he ever held in his hands and valued. His experience as a child of divorce was gut-wrenching like some textbook screenplay so he also learned to discard trust in too many people. It manifested in cries for attention then just reckless behavior that could have ended lives sometimes, including his own. Davy used sex like he used alcohol and cigarettes and all his other vices and battles with demons. Most everyone let Davy do what he wanted to do because Davy just always did what he wanted to do. Period.

Davy was not prepared for marriage or equipped for fatherhood because he did not believe in marriage and he feared responsibility for a child.


Davy’s proud of his marriage and of his son. I’m proud of Davy. I love him so much but some days in the past 1,096 days I’ve wanted to punch him in his face. Because marriage is hard.

But I’m so very proud to be married to him.

Always dishing,


I love you Davy.


  1. Lisa J

    It is amazing how much Noah resembles Davy. Seriously, you could have titled that 1st pic “Noah” ! Happy Anniversary to a great couple! Bumps, Bruises, Blowjobs and all! I ryly enjoy the ride. Thank you. xoxo Lisa

  2. Della Gordon

    Thank-you again for your honesty. I divorced from my ex, and it was hard on my 8 year old, (my 2 year old doesn’t remember) However, I have made sure they have a relationship with their dad!! I on the other hand left a terrible marriage after 10 years…and now live with a wonderful man. He is a great step father and partner for the last 5 years! But sometimes, I too want to punch him the face lol. However, mostly I kiss him and hug him, for all he’s been to me and my children. They are 17 and 11, and have been shown what a loving relationship looks like, faults and all….

    So, thank you for this blog…..and keep on dishing! Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas, and all the best in the New Year!!!

    Your avid fan!!!

  3. GaYToR

    And thank you Jun for sharing Davy with us as much as you do. I’m afraid I would pet him and feed him and lock him in a cage and keep him forever!

    I can see why Davy could do anything Davy wanted to do in those early years, and likely still can. He’s stolen our hearts just like Noah has. It’s a case of ‘like son, like father.’

    Of course you have stolen our hearts and minds and some days you twist our minds, possibly beyond repair.

    We love all three of you and this should be an annual love fest, a worldwide holiday. 12/21 is hereby known as “Day of Love.”

  4. Marty

    Thank you for sharing your precious Davy with us!! I read and reread all blogs but this is my all time favorite!!! Marriage isnt HARD!!!! It’s FUCKING hard. I’m sure moving to a country much different than the US added extra strain as well. Happy 3rd anniversary and wishing you many, many more!!!!!

  5. Emily

    I have to go back and finish …but just couldn’t wait to say what others I see observed … How much Noah looks like Davy …. He just looks like Davy plain and simple. So cute. Going back to finish …

  6. NicoleNoreen

    What a great blog! Sounds like Davy’s childhood has a lot to do with the father he has become. You can see a lot of Noah in that pic. Oh, and I had no idea Davy was younger than me! 😉

  7. While flipping through FB … I saw Noah and thought how adorable he is, then read…not Noah? Davy? Wow. Two peas in pod. The bond that will forever bind you in good and bad times. Happy Anniversary you wild and crazy guys!


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