The 7UP Bottle That Ate Freddy

So Davy and Noah and I hosted our first Christmas Eve Dinner in our home last night!

So this was us this morning…


Not pretty.

Me exhausted and Davy slugging on the sofa. Yet Noah was pretty thrilled about getting frozen orange juice in a bowl as a breakfast treat.

I think were all prettier last night.


I also call this the “The 7UP Bottle That Ate Freddy” photo.


This year our home was full of bodies and souls on Christmas Eve. The prior year it was at Davy’s aunt’s, Tante Claudine (in white), and the year before that at Davy’s mom’s, Carine’s (in polka-dots). The year before that Davy and I were newlyweds and we spent Christmas Eve in New York with my family and friends. This year it was on us.

Last night, my corn came out of a can and my salad came out of a bag. But I roasted a 16 pound / 7 kilo turkey and made my own stuffing and cranberry sauce and candied yams with pink and white marshmallows, eggplant parmesan, mashed potatoes and a pasta salad. I made gravy from the turkey drippings. I get my adrenaline rush putting together dinners, admittedly, and yesterday I was on fire. Everyone had two plates of food and there’s not that much food left today on Christmas Day, which is part of the thrill.

Christmas Eve in Belgium is bigger than Christmas Day. Everybody parties like it’s their last Christmas Eve on earth and then Christmas Day everybody’s recovering. So there are no big dinners or parties on Christmas Day because that would be bad for the recovery process from the night before. See? I had to get used to this because back in the States my family always celebrated on the actual day.

I was far from my mother and brother and family miles away but I thought of them often last night like I am now. Love knows no bounds. My family here on Christmas Eve included family and friends who gladly threw on goofy Santa hats and managed to all wear them a different way!

Noah rocked his red bow tie and he really liked being different. He was awed by theΒ Smobykitchen Davy and I got for him.Β He loved unwrapping the big box it came in and when he was presented with the finished product…

He was in kitchen heaven!


(I’ll share some film later).

We placed Noah’s kitchen right outside our “real” kitchen. This morning we caught, on surveillance, Noah making breakfast for himself.


We don’t really have surveillance…

Always dishing,



  1. Looks like y’all had a great time! I love that you got Noah a kitchen, despite the naysayers! Coincidentally, I took a family pic last night of my crew wearing Santa hats as well. I put the cam on auto pilot so we could all be in it. Moving to OK to marry my sweetheart meant being about 3000 miles away from my own family in Canada, so I understand you missing yours! It’s always tougher at Christmas, especially now that he’s in heaven. Thanks for sharing your Christmas!

    1. Jun Song Author

      Yes! I can’t believe some people are still so old-fashioned but then again I should be too surprised! πŸ™‚

      Santa hats rock! I put the camera on a timer too. It was half the fun ha!

      Love to you Mar!

  2. I grew up with my mom’s side of the family, from Austria, and Christmas Eve was the big event – Christmas day was spent opening gifts from Santa only, eating leftovers and watching movies. I miss the big family night, but still continue the traditions with my small family …and Christmas Eve still rules!
    Thank you for sharing your night with us….love seeing all of you and Noah’s kitchen – very cool!!

    1. Jun Song Author

      Christmas Eve is where it’s at! πŸ™‚ Ha!

      Leftovers are the best. So many things to do with them!

      Traditions with our small families will be the most special of all Joyce πŸ™‚

  3. I grew up in a first generation German American family primarily We did church on Christmas Eve and the service was always in German. After Church we had ham and cheese sandwiches, cookies cake and the adults played 42, a domino game. The menu never ever varied one iota regardless of which ever Tante or Oma hosted. We exchanged family presents then. Santa presents were in the morning followed by Turkey and dressing and all the trimmings hosted by one of the Tantes or Omas who didn’t host the night before. From talking to my mother this was exactly the same way she and her sisters celebrated and this continued until my mother died. Neither menu ever once changed ever for any reason. Since the Tantes and Omas are all gone now, each of the various cousins moved to various areas and each family now does their own version of Christmas. I can assure that at my house, we never ever have ham and cheese sandwiches on Christmas Eve. A lifetime of those is quite enough for me.

    1. Jun Song Author

      Hahahahaha the sandwiches! Yes! My mind is boggled about the sandwiches thing.

      Your story sounds so similar to many over here in Western Europe…

      I do NOT serve ham and cheese sandwiches by the way. πŸ™‚

  4. My favorite of all your blogs since I’ve been on board! LOVE the picture of you, looking SOooo tired, and your guys in the background! Love the photo (sans Freddy lol) of your new family, Noah’s oven and, of course, Noah – the cutest kid in the universe! You look so adorable in the family photo, like you’re loving entertaining your family. Oh, and Noah serving his own breakfast in his own kitchen is PRICELESS! I always thought parents should write down the cute things their children do, so their kids will know, later-on, how completely adorable they were! Noah will know, thanks to his wonderful Mom!!!!

    My stepdaughter, Robin. loves entertaining, as you do, and we spend most holidays with her, as we did yesterday (Christmas Day). We usually plan-out a menu in advance, and we all share in the cooking and bring various dishes with us. But this year, Robin wanted to do everything, and boy did she ever throw out the red carpet for all of us. (She insisted on doing it all herself, this year, and we gave her money to help her out with the cost lol.) She’s the hostess with the mostest – just like you!

    I also have a Tante Claudine, whom I often lovingly call Claudie Lou-Belle. Claudine is also my middle name.

    1. Jun Song Author

      I can’t believe how much that part took out of us but it had been a while since we hosted anything that big πŸ™‚

      Poor Freddy! I feel so bad.

      Kudos to Robin! There’s nothing like putting together meal and playing hostess if you love it. I’m sure she appreciated the help on the costs. Good idea! πŸ™‚

      Our Tante Claudine is the first Claudine I’ve ever met. I love “old” names…too many crazy names out there today! HA!

  5. My sister said they celebrate Christmas like that in Germany also. We, like you did with your family, celebrate on Christmas day. My favorite pic of this bunch is of course Noah making breakfast. The joys of watching a little precious mind at work is worth it all and then some.

  6. ABT

    That’s the most honest scene of the holidays (before AND after) – luv it.
    (And it’s the one i wish I would have had too!)
    A happy baby with a new present, happy folks all around πŸ™‚

  7. Carie Mahoner

    I absolutely adore that you have found this happiness! It always warms my heart to read your blogs! You bare your soul on the regular *but* (hangovers be damned) the love and respect of family is always there! I’m wishing you, Noah and Davy all the best the coming year may bring!!! xoxo

    1. Jun Song Author

      Thank you so much for this sweet message Carie! Having my own family has helped me see things differently…and learn something new every day…but yeah, I’m still me haha! Cheers to a new year!


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