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Yes, Linda Catchup Will Return

Just because it’s the new year everybody’s extra sensitive about things they were already sensitive about the prior year and It’s natural. Or maybe it’s just me and I’m projecting onto “everybody” but probably not. But I’ve noticed a lot of things already in the new year.

Everybody’s more vocal about things. Like, people whose birthday fall during this week seem loud about it being their respective birthdays. And some readers are loud about wanting a return of Linda Catchup, “since it’s 2014,” which I love. I shared a lot of details enough to scratch the surface. Your reading and then subsequent outpour of feedback was tremendous, and invaluable and I’m grateful for it. The following, for the story of how I met my husband was large, but my writing was far from perfect. You all made it fun!

As far as it being 2014? Yes. It is.

We all have things to get done that we’re aware of or maybe aware that we’re in denial of.

I’m being vocal now and asking that readers not get rude or inappropriate in their requests for Linda Catchup. I realize I’m actually speaking to a relatively small number of people but it’s something I have to ask. But let’s not ruin things for everyone. This is why we can’t have nice things. I’ve got things that I need to get done before Linda Catchup makes its way up the list.

I’m not intentionally holding back anything. Give me a break. I just have a lot of shit to do.

That was a great cliffhanger to leave you all with, wasn’t it? Please confirm.

So many readers have mentioned wanting a return of more Food Blogs and I owe one reader, Cameron, a Kimchi Blog. I’m so late on that but I have some video footage of my mother making kimchi when she was here visiting two years ago, so it’ll be a momz combination blog. I promise.

Seriously though, I started the first five days of the new year on my period and that SUCKS but I haven’t been very vocal about that until now. And then there’s everyone who’s started working out and dieting or quitting smoking or drinking or whatever resolution it is that’s making people get gym memberships and sessions with their personal trainers or shrinks. I can’t help but notice these things.

I am thrilled about one girlfriend who told me she was going to give her husband more blowjobs. I am. Thrilled.

My Sex Blogs make some readers squirm and they could probably do without it but I appreciate all the readership and honesty in comments. My mother-in-law, Carine, is a faithful reader of all my blogs and I sometimes feel bad when she unsuspectingly stumbles upon one of my sex blogs mid-way. She’s always a great sport though, as is my husband Davy. My sex blogs and all blogs, and especially Linda Catchup, could only happen with the support and trust of Davy. Without that I’d have no inspiration to tell our tale.

Yes, in 2014, Linda Catchup will return this year just not right away. Come along for the ride and thank you for your patience. I’d serve nuts for the wait if I could.

Thanks everyone!

Always dishing,




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  • It’s you own fault really, you got us hooked. It just shows how good of a story teller you you are. You left us wanting more. I (patiently) look forward to the return of Linda Catchup.

  • Yes. It was a great cliffhanger to leave us with. I too look forward to the return of the story. And I do enjoy your sex and food blogs. Whatever, we’ll all be here when you decide to write, like everyone else said, no hurry.

  • I got myself a Chromecast for Christmas & got it all hooked up. Hubby hadn’t watched BB4, so we logged on YouTube & got the 1st 4 episodes watched already. Really enjoying watching it again, especially on a TV instead of my small laptop. YIPEE!

    Your blog is my 1st read every morning & I’ll be a patient visitor ’til Linda C. appears again. What a cliffhanger! You’re writing has me coming back for more, no matter what the subject. I just hope the Negative Nancy Debbie Downers are very few in number. It’s terrible that if 100 people say something, 1 of which is negative, it’s that 1 that tends to stand out.

    • Wow, what a great idea. Sounds fun! I remember Jun as bubbly and cooking like mad to ingratiate herself to the HG’s. Something worked, because she sent the entire bunch home! The other thing I mainly remember is what a character Allison was! lol

  • Yes, I want the rest of the Linda Catchup, but I look forward to ALL of your blogs. I may not comment on all of them, but I love them all. Most of your blogs hit home… Like, my precious dad loved kimchi, but I couldn’t stand the smell. LOL Oh how I wish he was still here, I would make it for him. So when I see you or Momz make it..it will warm my heart. Then there’s the blow jobs…my husband loves…well I will leave it there. LOL Again, I love them all and I don’t mind waiting for Linda Catchup, the good thing is I know you made it out.
    Have a blessed 2014. I thank you for all you do and how you touch my life!

  • Jun, don’t let any of us make you feel put-back, because most of us love that you ‘put yourself out there’ and don’t let others’ thinking influence you. You’re the me I would love to have been or the daughter I never had. You go, girl!!! You are bold and courageous!

  • You’re having a tough week!! Hey we are all ok out here and just fortunate to hear from you when we do, on whatever subject. You’re a busy wife and mom and dealing with a lot. You come first and all else will take care if itself. Give yourself a break. I for one will just patiently wait for Linda and whatever else you choose to blog, or not. Hugs.

  • Yes, it was a great cliff hanger! I enjoy all of your blogs, especially the variety. It sucks that people are rude and demanding to you and I’m sorry for that. True fans of you and your writing are happy with each post and the timing of them. I love your willingness to be as open as you are and am happy to vicariously live life along with you as you continue to share.

  • OK.So when you say “nuts” are we talking Planters? Or are we talking some other Belgian nuts we’ve only read about? Either way I’m feeling kind of squirrelly myself so I’m in.

  • I’m confirming… great cliffhanger, and I’m happy to wait for Linda Catchup, as you catch up with your life. I’m confident the reading in between will be just as entertaining,

  • Yes great cliffhanger and people who get pushy need to pound sand. Love the blog and tweets. Do what is best for you and hell with the rest.

  • Great cliffhanger!! Don’t feel pressured, do what feels good for you. I’ll be here for whatever you write and when you feel like posting.
    I have a big year ahead of me and for now, I’m trying to lay low and stay off any “crazy” radar!!
    Stay calm, take a deep breath and worry
    about you & your Family. I appreciate all that you share, but no pressure. Do You!!
    XO :)

  • Anonymous on January 8, 2014 at 5:31 pm said:


    You just keep going your own pace. It is a treat for me and not a demand. Thanks for keeping me entertained.

  • Going somewhat against the message of this post, maybe, but seeing how as it’s almost 2016 and I’m really rather curious – any chance of there being an update this coming year? 😉

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