Holy Shit I’ve Been Living in Belgium Three Years

I didn’t even realize January 4th passed by me until today. What’s January 4th? It’s the date in 2011 that I moved to Belgium.

That date is a big fucking deal to me because these last three years have been some of the hardest in my life. Even more than the three years I spent deep inside the dirty sex business in New York City. My three years growing up pretty poor in Korea looks like utopia. This is all compared to the socialistic country of Belgium I currently live in. It makes the three months I spent in the Big Brother house a feel like a treat in comparison too.

This isn’t a floral yay it’s my anniversary of the date I moved to Belgium blog. This is pretty much a rant blog of cold hard facts.

Couples Davy & I have witnessed broken up and/or divorced in the last three years: D & M, V & D, P & W,Β T & T, KΒ & T, TΒ & K, S & W, T & L, F & W, G & A, N & A, S & H, T & V, V & K, D & A, O & C

Couples Davy & I have witnessed married in the last three years:Β C & S

There’s a mild epidemic of otherwise divorce going on in Belgium. At least to me in our circle of friends and friends of friends on Old McDonald’s farm in Ghent where children are involved. Yet, everybody thinks they know what my life is like. It’s insane. It’s not even logical really. Only I know what it’s like. My husband Davy knows next best but he doesn’t really know either. Just like I can’t know what it’s like for him these last three years. In the meanwhile, my mother on Skype knows .04% of what goes on in my life. It’s the perfect balance.

Yet people, who are not me or Davy, make up grandiose scenarios to instigate something. Anything. Because Belgium is, in fact, a boring country. Belgians will agree with me.

It’s not that the people are boring as an insult because there are brilliant minds in Belgian history and current events. We have friends who will be lifelong friends no matter whether they are married or divorced or single. That shouldn’t matter between friends. My point simply is that the country is run on socialism. It’s only natural that a country of generally moderate thinkers gossip like small towns do in America. Belgium’s a very small country. Gossip is is like granny cocaine here.

I don’t mind it all the time. I like it that way. I like things the way they are.

Maybe it’s my ego and that I love being different in a country where not much changes often. When I moved here in 2011 most everybody here knew more than I did about Davy. Today in 2014? People have no idea.



And I like it that way. Marriage and all its deepest secrets are sacred and should be. I don’t want to be part of any epidemic anyway when I’m already a statistic.

Always dishing,






  1. Double Holy Shit! Wow! If there’s ever time (I KNOW it would be way down the list – lol), it would be interesting for you to expound on living in socialism, or whatever it is that set your tone – which piqued my interest – triple! Lovin’ the blog, Jun-Bug.

  2. kcsmum

    Someone eventually needs to take a serious look at child-rearing in Belgium (and probably other places too). The US is no picnic but somehow the Belgian women seem to have very low self esteem, lower still self-respect and few goals for themselves. I’m fascinated by the men who seem content to rotate these women around their circles with nary a care about the world outside of their little posse. And if they think the shenanigans have no impact of the children they are less intelligent than I give them credit for. Here’s to keeping marital secrets secret! You are very brave, Jun Mi, and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

    1. Jun Song Author

      I don’t think the Belgian women are to blame because it always takes two, but I know what you’re getting at. There’s a divide here as far as gender roles and I have seen stronger women in larger number in the US in terms of “status and power” but Belgian women are stronger in different ways. It could probably make for an entirely different blog.

      I hate it when children are involved. In life and even in movies! I’ve always been such a sucker for kids. I hate when there are children in horror movies and stuff.

      Sigh. It’s been crazy getting accustomed to an entirely different culture. I needed to vent.


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