Tupperware and Feeling Old

I once attended a sex toy home party here in Belgium. I bought some disinfectant cleaner in a sexy-looking bottle because the prices of the rest of the products were ridiculously high. My husband Davy and I have a decent-sized pleasure and torture chest and I personally don’t need a home party to buy my sex toys. In New York I once attended a sex toy party for a Christmas charity. But I never attended a Tupperware home party in my life until I moved to Belgium. I’ve now attended two, one thrown from someone on Davy’s mom’s side of the family and the other from Davy’s dad’s side of the family.

I’d never actually been invited to one until I moved here. Nobody I ever knew in New York threw them.ย I knew nothing about anything about what a Tupperware home party was and it had always been more like an urban legend to me. My mother always used Rubbermaid anyway and she just bought it at the store.

So I’m about to overanalyze the shit out of Tupperware parties, in Belgium, and you can tell me if it’s similar where you are or were.

My first Tupperware party in Belgium was at the wife of Davy’s uncle Danny, Carine’s. She was the host and there were about a dozen of us in her dining room. Mostly friends of Carine and Danny’s and some family like me. Everyone was 30+ in age. I was very pregnant with Noah. Carine, our hostess, laid out crackers and cookies and I was so disappointed. I was pregnant! I needed to eat more than hostage in kidnap!ย I was shocked at the prices of the actual pieces of Tupperware. My urban legend had some legendary pricing. Geez.

I ended up buying the “cheapest” expensive freezer container at around $30 and getting something for free while other guests bought hundreds of dollars of Tupperware like it was nothing. The Tupperware Consultant had been very good at her job in selling fun and gadgets. She cooked a whole meal of raw meat and veggies in one one Tupperware bowl in the microwave. In the microwave! Her cooking demonstration was taste-tested by all guests including pregnant me. I felt weird about eating “microwave cooking” and I still do.

Carine and Danny ended our relationship soon after that stupid Tupperware party, and also cut off anyone else who bought just one “cheapest” expensive item like I had. Coincidence? A lost bond for the price of Tupperware. Tupperware is thicker than blood apparently. How sordid!

My second Tupperware party, last night, happened at the home of Davy’s dad’s girlfriend’s daughter Lindsay. Complicated-sounding but basically my future step-sister-in-law’s. Lindsay’s also, incidentally, the hostess of the only sex toy home party I’ve attended in Belgium. Connection? Lindsay likes to throw home parties.

But besides Tupperware and sex toys, there’s lots of other kinds of home parties all the rage here in Belgium like it’s 1949 or 1979, you choose.

The whole Tupperware thing makes me feel uncomfortable. All of it does. There. I said it.

I feel like I’ve taken a time machine back many decades to a time where I’m supposed to be barefoot and pregnant and pouring milk out of glass jugs brought to me by the milkman. It does help when hostesses like Lindsay put out a thoughtful and tasty spread of finger foods. She and I share a love of preparing and devouring party foods. So at Lindsay’s Tupperware ย home party last night there was lots to eat and drink and nearly 20 of us under one roof in the living and dining room with the Tupperware Consultant.

Lindsay’s Tupperware Consultant was soft-spoken and nervous and not as polished as Carine’s Tupperware Consultant, but she was a nice Belgian lady. She also didย a demonstration of microwave wonder meals and it took everything in me not to stand up and shout, “Microwaves are not for cooking! Nooooo! This is wrong!”

Cooking in microwaves is now a Tupperware thing?! You want me to stick a whole raw chicken with all the fixings in a Tupperware bowl costing $150 and call it dinner after 15 minutes in the microwave? No way! Microwaves are for reheating food, at best, and not for cooking. I can’t stand with Tupperware on this.

Am I just old-fashioned? Possibly old? I felt old last night and not because I was the oldest person at the Tupperware party. Lindsay’s guests consisted of a mostly of her best girlfriends, all aged similarly in their youthful and bouncy booties of their early 20s.

Lindsay’s standing 3rd from the left, with the short blond hair.


Then there was me and the rest of the “older” ladies at the party, all family of Lindsay’s. We’re not in the photo, clearly. And I learned at this particular Tupperware home party that younger ladies don’t purchase as much ridiculously priced Tupperware as older ladies do. It’s the moms and aunts and grandmas of Tupperware home party hostesses that Tupperware should target. Not younger ladies.

The theme here being ladies.

All these home parties are hosted and attended and consulted by vaginas. Vaginas staying in while any corresponding penises are not present. I get all the good reasons for such vaginal gatherings but I can’t help but think it’s all a bit anti-feminist. I’m no bra-burner but I’ll let my tits fly free for a cause if I have to. I just never thought Tupperware would be it. I don’t think it’s any kind of conspiracy to keep women in the kitchen or home, but it does make me wonder.

However, I did purchase two items both for Noah…some “Lollitup” freezer pop holders and straw-sippy-cups. I did it because Tupperware kid’s stuff is built to last and Lindsay was a great hostess. I really wanted her to get the free mandolin she could be awarded as incentive for throwing the Tupperware party in the first place. I spent nearly double the amount I had at my first Tupperware home party at Carine’s and I was happy to do it. Lindsay’s mom, Myriam whom Noah calls Oma, and Lindsay’s aunt and grandma contributed greatly towards Lindsay’s goal too. I’m happy to report that Lindsay will get her mandolin!

There will be no third Tupperware home party for me because it’s just not necessary. It’s been fun and a huge learning experience in a country where the learning curve is brutal in its climb. As an afterthought I will add that Lindsay and all her girlfriends went out for the evening after Tupperwaregate and then I really felt old. Me and the rest of the 30+ ladies went home. I was strangely comforted by the fact that Lindsay and her bevy of Belgian cuties were out while I was home on the sofa with Davy.

I remember those days I still went out after a long day…

Always dishing,



  1. Niki

    Wait a minute! Davy’s uncle and wife do not have a relationship with your family because you were nice enough to buy overpriced Tupperware!?! Petty! I would not have purchased anything…unless they had the Tupperware toys. Good riddance. I always tell people that family is not meant to be the end all be all. Blood does not bind. I hope they read this blog post.

  2. No, don’t say “old” you’ve just evolved! Your life is much fuller and richer now and you’re in a different space in time. The last Tupperware party I was invited to was in 1999; I didn’t go. However, this business acquaintance who was hosting it showed up at my office the next day with bags fulls of it to sell me some! And, I bought. I purchased sensible things like plates and cups for my son so he wouldn’t break them, and some small bowls too. I’m happy to say that all these years later, we are still using every single thing I purchased – they held up pretty well, with just some marks on the plates – which I’m sure is from our son using them as Frisbees at times too. But, HomeGoods, WalMart and Bed, Bath & Beyond are my choice for such things and NO parties where I have always felt like a hostage and had to do things and buy things I didn’t want when I would much rather be someplace else.

    1. Jun Song Author

      10000% evolved ๐Ÿ™‚ Tupperware’s awesome but the prices still shake me ha! Frisbees. OMG. That’s awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

      I really believe it’s a pyramid anti-feminist scheme! In all fun.

  3. kcsmum

    Pretty much my experience with TW parties. Usually they make the rounds because in order to get the coveted prize you also had to have one “booking”. Then came the rage of “book parties” where the most ostracized person in ones office will bring in the Tupperware catalog, pass it around and expect everyone who avoids her like the plague on a daily basis to place huge orders without the benefit of tasty snacks and a glass of wine. I have my share of TW – from the cheapest to better quality. Tupperware does stand by their lifetime guarntee & I’ve used it several times, no questions asked. Having been guilted into the role of hostess more than once I can tell you men – Gay or Straight – are the best customers. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Jun Song Author

      I do know of a man who joined his wife once (sounds like an urban legend but it’s true) and he bought A LOT for his wife and daughter actually…hmmm…

  4. Tupperware and all the other parties were a way to spend time with friends without our kids or husband on a weeknight! As simple as that. We would purchase items we would use, nothing more. We were, for the most part, all on budgets. First home, new babies and all that entails.

    We looked forward to those evenings the way kids would if their parents were gone for the evening ๐Ÿ™‚

    Things have changed incredibly since the 70’s. Most mothers work outside of home now and the last thing they need is a ‘party’ to attend, especially if it is one that does not include dining and dancing!

    Surprisingly, I still use those few pieces of Tupperware I bought so long ago, including a toy ball with geometric shapes that fit through corresponding holes. The grand kids love it.

    Our sanity parties were a godsend. I am thankful for all those nights as well as the products I may have purchased.

    1. Jun Song Author

      So simple which is why it still works. Haaaaa. It was adorable. Noah stayed home with Davy and I went to buy Tupperware ๐Ÿ™‚

      I just don’t need to go to any more ha! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Ursula

    Your prejudice against the microwave is interesting! Is it because it’s “just wrong” to have dinner so easily done? Or does it have to do with the microwave itself? I ask because I dated a guy who was justthisshort of crazy genius who refused to eat anything that had been in the microwave. He also poured all the bottled water he bought in plastic jugs into glass containers as soon as he got it home. Vegetarian, of course…

    The big microwave my Mom bought in the late 70s was a combo convection and microwave, so it did cook a few dinners in my lifetime, but Mom preferred the oven.

    1. kcsmum

      Mine is a little of both. Years ago it started as your BFs did. I wouldn’t even STAND in front it of! As they became more commonplace, I lightened up a bit (or maybe grew up a bit!) and decided perhaps popcorn wouldn’t kill me on the spot. But as far as cooking, though I’ve not prepared anything myself I have tasted dinners prepared by others and just didn’t like them. I think it had to do as much with consistency & texture as taste.

    2. Jun Song Author

      All of it. Exactly what I said haha, โ€œMicrowaves are not for cooking! Nooooo! This is wrong!โ€

      Convection-cooking is okay in my book…whatever book that is hahaha, but I just CANNOT encourage microwave cooking. No. I’m with your mom!

  6. karenramb

    I have a Tupperware onion holder..a tupperware long rectangle thingy. . And I have a square ice cream box holder..to which none is used as intended…just wait until pampered chef its there..u will have to mortgage ur house to buy that stuff.

    1. Jun Song Author

      You have that onion holder?! OMG. I just made fun of that thing hahaha. I love it. If it works for you then great ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’ve been avoiding other kinds of home parties LIKE THE PLAGUE.

  7. I’ve been to too many Tupperware parties to count in my day starting as a teenager. Showing my age that is 40 yrs ago.Probably my last was in the 70’s early 80’s maybe. I bought all the little kids gadgets for Heather then Kaitlyn and still have them. Back in the 70’s it was the best thing and I still own a lot and use all the time. Wears well as you can tell. I will not get rid of the little cups and bowls Heather and Matt grew up with.

    1. Jun Song Author

      I’m telling you there’s a time warp here in Belgium. It’s seriously 1949 or 1979 at any given time. ๐Ÿ™‚

      The stuff we have for Noah from Tupperware will outlast all of us!

  8. Emily

    Oh my so many thoughts evoked by TW or TW parties .. You make me think and smile All the time … I think my mother went to a TW party in the 1950s. She bought a bunch of stuff most of which remained useable and used until I emptied the house in 2000

  9. Diane

    LOL, so true about the pampered chef, but I did get some really nice oven mitts. I don’t know when and where I purchased my Tupperware but I still have it and use it.

  10. Emily

    So, I was curious what TW offers now. Well my mother bought in the 1950s (above comment) several items, obviously not microwave tested then …. Air tight was the big deal then. She got a cake container, a pitcher, several bowls with lids the largest (large!) she used for Thansgiving cole slaw prep, and stuffing prep. The smaller ones (they nested ???that was a selling point) we used for 50 years. I recall one lbowl was set too near a flame one time and melted slightly bug was still useable!!!! They were really unique in the 1950s .

  11. Pat

    Oh the old Tupperware Parties. When I worked my first job, I was very young and single, all the unhappily married women I worked with would order TW from someone. They would stockpile it and when they wanted to have a night out they would just tell their husbands they were going to a TW party…and they had something to “prove” it. I enjoyed a lot of their TW parties, but I had nothing to prove it. LOL Maybe a hangover. But no tits were shown…oh wait…LOL
    I will say though I have some really old Tupperware and love it, but I like Rubbermaid, and I don’t have to go to a party to get it.
    Keep dishing!

  12. Peg

    Great post, Jun!

    Tupperware – ahhh, the memories of a young housewife. I so remember my quiet, almost shy mother-in-law, despite her not being a social butterfly, having loads of Tupperware in her home. I guess the poor woman was a victim of buying TW from co-workers as she blistered her gentle hands and fingers sewing in a factory most of her life. I remember her having the latest colors of harvest gold and avocado green TW matching her coppertone stove and refrigerator! LOL

    I may have attended two or three TW parties myself only to be a loyal friend to someone. I really don’t like any type of home parties…TW, jewelry, home accessories, et cetera, because I’m so picky and I hate to
    be forced into buying something right there on the spot just to help or please a hostess. Let’s not even get into Princess House crystal…$$$$$$$ DON’T INVITE ME, PLEASE!

    The only two items I really liked from TW (way back when) was #1, the hamburger press and containers to hold the burgers. Excellent product for forming and storing the burgers in the freezer. And, #2, the largest bowl you could buy. I always used that bowl to mix my turkey “filling” (stuffing) in the night before I cooked the bird. My turkeys were always 24+ pounds so it was perfect for all the cubed dry bread and other ingredients to combine together and store overnight. I don’t know what happened to it, I suppose it broke.

    I miss that bowl.

  13. Beth

    I am 60 years old and proud to say that I have NEVER attended a Tupperware party. I was pretty much a sex, drugs and rock & roll kind of girl when most women my age were marrying and setting up homes. Later, after I cleaned up my act, I studiously avoided anyone who even brought their lunch to work in a TW container. When I was 40ish, I came thisclose to breaking my streak. The dreaded invitation arrived, it was from a woman I actually LIKED. Damn! Looked at the date.. I had previously scheduled surgery for the same day. Saved by the hysterectomy!

  14. only thing i use the microwave for is to heat my rice bag for my neck and head. sorry to say we never made it to ghent. im so sorry not to have come but we took wrong train and ended up in brussels.

  15. Aileen

    This blog brought back fun memories for me. One of my Sisters is 9 years older than me and was a single Mom.
    I would stay with her whenever I could because I was obcessed with my baby Nephew!
    She would host Tupperware parties, the best part for her was, having her Friends over, eating and having some wine. It was so fun and in the early 70’s Tupperware was not very exspensive.
    Thanks for brings those memories back for me! I lost my Nephew, Christmas of 2012, but I cherish all of those times! XO


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