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That Wasn’t Guy Fieri

Juan Pablo is a moron.

It sucks that his friends and family are being hung out to dry with the rest of his dirty laundry. The ones who actually signed releases with ABC are probably having the hardest time, having to defend Juan Pablo’s honor week by week. Among the many reasons Juan Pablo’s a moron…

He agreed, as if he had any real choice with ABC, to use the old “language barrier” as his apology for his homophobic comments recently. The language barrier is so bad, according to Juan Pablo, that he couldn’t think of anything better than “pervert” to describe gay people. I know a lot of perverted gay people but I know just as many perverted straight people. At least the gays are honest about it most of the time!

And as a child of Korean-American immigrant-parents I know what language barriers look like in public and in private. Things my grandparents used to say in English about other ethnic groups bothered me so much I stood up to them sometimes. The older I got, the better I got making my point, but there was little I could do to change my grandparents. But the things my grandparents said in Korean were always far worse than anything they ever said in English.

I don’t know what Juan Pablo’s deal is, and I can’t quite compare him to my grandparents, but I know Juan Pablo could be saying worse things in his mother tongue than he could ever say in English with no recording devices around him. It’s not like I think Juan Pablo will jog around shirtless punching gays in the face as hate crime, but he’s still a moron. I hate that his apology was just another dime a dozen, in a string of recent headlines in forced apologies by bigger celebrities than Juan Pablo.

Then there’s the argument that if you have gay friends then you can’t be a homophobe. That’s like saying if you have black friends you’re not a racist. If you employ women then you’re not a sexist? We could water this down to vegetarianism if we wanted.

I don’t think I could handle any more Xs on Juan Pablo’s scorecard because he’s already up two strikes (child support drama and gay drama). ABC tried to distract us with lots of footage of Juan Pablo kissing because it’s the episode where the kissing usually begins.


It was the kissing episode.

Here’s who’s left:

Lucky 13

Summary of the kissed and a few notable non-kissed bachelorettes:

Cassandra: Can’t kiss. She confuses me mathematically because she seems so mature aka boring yet she’s only 21 years old. “My last first date was three years ago. I haven’t been on a date since I was 18,” she said to us.

Andi: Can kiss. Thanks goodness someone in this group can kiss. It’s too bad she had to have her first kiss in the back of the stanky kitchen of some soccer stadium’s “Wings & Beer” stand, but whatever. I’d bet $1,000 right now that she’d take David Beckham over soccer-playing Juan Pablo any day. I know I’m not the only one who got that point loud and clear.

Sharleen: Can’t kiss. Can’t take a compliment either because instead of saying thank you or even reciprocating, she just replies, “That’s a compliment,” as if to confirm. And when I say she can’t kiss, it means she kisses like a sensual dog as if a dog could be sensual.

Chelsie: Inconclusive kisser. Her first kiss with Juan Pablo was while hanging upside-down. I can’t with this girl. I like her and her goofiness but she’s prone to cross-eyedness when she’s excited. She also needs to stay away from green foods and drinks, as a rule of dating, especially on the first date! Her dark green tongue was skeeving me out.



Did anyone else think that the tandem bungee-jumping guy for Chelsie’s date looked like Guy Fieri of Food Network? Well he did.

Renee: No kiss. I don’t think she’ll ever gt a kiss because she’s too busy chasing after poor lost bachelorette souls who like to run to the bathroom and melt down. So far Renee’s been on-screen in the proximity of a toilet and crying bachelorret three times: Victoria, Cassandra, Clare.

Clare: No kiss. I told you I had red flags with her.

In closing…Juan Pablo said on last night’s show that his biggest fear is not being an example for his daughter. I hope he means it and that he always has a better explanation to provide to his daughter than he ever did for us. Juan Pablo actually owes us nothing. I just hope he truly is doing right by his child.

Always dishing,



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  • Like your blog about the show. But in honesty I have never watched it. Putting a group of guys/girls together and “fighting” over a person makes my skin crawl. I have never felt the need to fight for someone’s attention. Either you like/love me or you don’t. Way too many fishes is the sea.

    • Thanks Carrie! I try to write so you don’t have to watch and balancing for those readers who do watch. HA. It’s primal to the point of neanderthal :)

  • I’m repeating myself but…. bottom-rung TV strikes again. No matter the subject, I enjoy your blogs very much. This subject, however, is proof why this show will NEVER appear on my DVR again.

  • I couldn’t even get through the first episode this season!! I get it, he is a piece of nice meat to look at. But the combination of obnoxious bachelorettes and this guy’s inability to get his foot out of his mouth in the media has turned me off for good. I also can’t take anymore of the awful slobbery kissing noises all these bachelors make! Is it a pre-requisite to be a loud kisser?
    Love your blog!! And all your comments about these crazy people :)

  • Hi Jun, I’m in the dark about Juan’s moronic statements. Can you tell me where I can find them? I’d google, but I never seem to find this stuff. I know you’re busy so if you can’t reply, no worries! Is Noah still enjoying his kitchen? :)

  • I watch the show and I missed this? Were Juanary’s remarks spoken on the show? As for Juan himself, with or without the remarks, I didn’t care for him from the first episode. Something about him is so fake. I like the hard working, blue collar workers on the show. They’re real and when they fall in love, they mean it – they don’t fall in love just because they’re on a TV show. Case(s) in hand: Trista’s husband, Ryan (firefighter) and Ashley’s husband, J.P. (construction). They make it real. Juan? Not so much.

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