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Train of Thought Over A Cup of Coffee: Charity and Philanthropy

I started on this cup of coffee and I’m almost done with it.

Here’s my train of thought over this cup, and many people may disagree with me:

Celebrities are great and their efforts to raise awareness in fundraising for charities is humbling, most of the time. I never loved Celebrity Apprentice because it always just came down to making phone calls to other celebrities. I just give what I can, when I can. It’s what I’m comfortable with doing.

Celebrities sometimes make or break fundraising events, and charities certainly appreciate the larger number in donations that celebrities afford them. It should always be a beautiful thing. Legitimate charities all over the world need funds. Literally. Money is tight for everyone. It’s nobody’s business but yours how you spend your money.

Most of my life, and even as a child, I’ve donated to charities. But I’ve only given a few times in the true sense of philanthropy. One isn’t any better than the other, as long as nothing is ever expected in return. I only differentiate because with philanthropy, I was never going to really know who got the help they needed with the amount I donated. With charities, I always give because there’s some personal degree of separation or person associated with the cause I’m giving to, and usually someone whom I respect or mourn or celebrate. I guess I’d make a horrible lobbyist that way.

When I can give I choose charities that speak to my heart, and I give quietly regardless of what size the donation. I’d actually play Big Brother again if the whole $500,000 prize was for a charity, of American’s choosing, and Houseguests only got stipend at the end of it all. That’s philanthropic at the same time as it is charitable!

Clearly I’ve had too much coffee or not enough, because I’m fantasizing about a Big Brother Charity season.

I should probably drink some water.

I’ll have some water now…

Always dishing,


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  • Della Gordon on January 25, 2014 at 11:30 am said:


    Yes, I agree…that would be a great BB season! As a single mom, I have had to use the food bank. And so what I did was went back and volunteered, my teenage son in tow! I can’t give funds, always tight, but volunteer! What a great experience, my sons and I always find different ways we can help. Everyone should try this….

  • karenramb on January 25, 2014 at 1:42 pm said:


    I lov it and dont do as much as I could..I enjoy celebrity apprentice when they work on a goal and achieve it..but its also nice when others who have the wallets open them. Giving isn’t an issue for me. .its knowing if it is actually going to a purpose or a pocket.

  • I tried very hard to dislike The Apprentice – Celebrity or Not. But I couldn’t. I look forward to it every year and hope it lasts a long time. The show had given me new perspective on lots of things. Including The Donald. Give it another try, Jun. Now-on to the real message in your blog. Giving to those less fortunate, whether it be cash or time, is one of the greatest feelings you can have. I have learned so much about life and about myself engaging in simple efforts. I love the idea of Winners BB. CBS is hanging on to me as a viewer by the skin of its teeth. It will take a demonstrated effort on their part to lull me back in. Take the bait, CBS. You need a healthy dose. Thanks for the blog, Jun.

    • Really? Sigh. Perhaps. You’ll have to convince me when the time comes :)

      I think most viewers don’t know as much as we do so they’d tune in season after season.

      CBS could do some major good work!

  • I’m a HUGE BB fan, and I was really disappointed in this past season. It was such a waste of my time, watching those people spread hate. And still have the chance to get $500 grand for it. A winners season would be amaze-balls. You should pitch it to CBS…….. :)

    • I would be down for a winners season for charity! We’ve all had our grand prize once, we can do it for charity another!

  • This last BB season — on the live feeds was anybody else shocked at what foul language these beautiful (skin deep only) women used or am I just an old fuddy duddy (don’t mind being old — don’t want to be a fuddy duddy

  • I couldnt stand the people on the show so never watched the feeds this year. I used to spend the entire summer glued to my computer. I got a bunch of stuff done this year because i didnt waste it on those foul mouthed losers.

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