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Big Brother Canada 2: A Very Young Cast

Hello Canada! I realize it’s not just Canadians reading but I’m gonna congratulate you guys on your 25 medals at this Winter Olympics. And now onto Big Brother Canada…

Last year around this time I said “I don’t even know if I’ll have the time to watch any of the first ever Big Brother Canada season premiering Wednesday, February 27th.”

This year I didn’t even realize that the second season of Big Brother Canada even revealed its cast. My brain has reached capacity and I’m late for the party. But I brought favors.

Remember these from last year?


MostLikeable MostLikelyToGetInAFightMostLikelyToShowmanceMostLikelyToWinAfter checking out stuff on Slice and watching a few of the videos (Arisa Cox is still so much cooler than Chenbot)

I’ve done a set for this season and they look like this:


Rachelle is the youngest at 20 and Paul is the oldest at 43. He’s then followed by Sarah at the ripe age of 32, and then Ika who’s 29, and the rest of the crew? In their very early to mid-late 20s. It’s a very young house.


I listed Paul least likable because I think he’s gonna motivationally speak his way out of the house. Kyle, at 24-looking-34, may prove me wrong and be more likable, but not likely since he has the The Bachelor Juan Pablo-vibe going on. He fancies himself a catch. I feel like I was pretty accurate with my Most Likeable picks last year. This is based on nothing but first impressions judgements on paper and film. Everybody calm down.

BBCAN2FightI listed Adel least likely to get into a fight only because he prays five times a day and he also likes to go by:

1. “Inventor of the tongue-mounted toothbrush” – I can’t imagine what would be so important that you can’t brush your teeth with your own hands, unless you’re masturbating and shaving at the same time.

2. “The People’s People” – Someone please explain the plural stuff going on…

3. “The People’s Champ” – These are also the three words he used to describe himself in his bio. So he is not only The People’s Champ, but he describes himself as “The” and “People’s” and “Champ.” Like, imagine me going to a job interview and saying, “I’m Jun and I’m The!”

4. “HOH Supremacist of Big Brother Canada” – I don’t even want to touch this one.

5. “Muslim and Ambassador of Islam” – I will leave this one alone too. It’s altogether too many titles for me to deal with before enough coffee, which I’ve not had yet.

Also, I keep picturing a big blonde woman singing every time I picture Adel. Does anyone else’s brain do this?



The Jillian and Emmett showmance was one of the best things to come out of the first season of Big Brother Canada. Andrew is my pick to showmance right away, because it’s what it sounds like he does in real life anyway. Rachelle is hot enough to get ass whenever she wants in real life, so I think she’ll play in the house. And Lord knows Sabrina’s hilarious and makes it clear she’ll fall into someone’s lap with no panties on because she’s looking to showmance yesterday.

BBCAN2MostLikelyToWinI think this is really a manifestation of who i’d like to go in what order because I don’t care who wins. If I’ve failed to mention anyone in this blog, which are many, it wasn’t intentional but maybe telling. Besides, none of these Canadians named me as their Big Brother idol and that’s just disappointing. Canada. I’d totally bring this up if there was ever a roast, and Julie Chen was my Roastmaster…


“Nobody on Big Brother Canada 2 named you as their Big Brother idol, Jun.”


Always dishing,



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  • I loved BBC1! so much, but I feel like I don’t have the time/energy to follow to follow the second season. :/

  • I just finished watching BBCAN1 last week!! I was in “tv purgatory” last spring and missed it!! I was so burned out by BB15 that BBCAN was a nice cleanse of the palate!! Its funny how that, even tho Im Canadian, Im so used to seeing Americans on tv that seeing Canadians on tv is kinda shocking!! but cool!! lol

    I never read the early released bio’s on BB(or Survivor) because I think people are clueless about who they really are … and its more fun to watch their actions and see for myself!! 😛

    • I only saw parts of it but I’m glad there’s a BBCAN2.

      I know what you mean about the uncleanliness of BB15 though :)

      I think I was pretty good with picks last year. Jillian won…and so did Ian when I picked him. All in good fun :)

  • I really enjoyed BBCAN1 and look forward to watching CAN2 on my computer. I don’t know, but I feel like the Canadian housemates were much more polite, nicer than our own homegrown American cast. We’ll see if that changes this season. Keep dishing, Jun!

    P.S. Congrats on your forthcoming business, Rice House. I am thrilled for you!

  • Della Gordon on March 1, 2014 at 1:17 am said:


    Hey great stuff on my fellow Canadians!!! My american BB friends want to watch, do you have a link? Thanks again for this blog, love to hear your opinion always!

  • That would just be perfect. You have to create your own dis and feed it to Chenbot. So legit. Nice blog.

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