Rice House: Updates

I picked out paint colors yesterday for Rice House. Let the painting begin!


They will be the colors found in the Rice House logo. Bold orange and bold blue, and colors found in the Korean flag:

RiceHouseLogoFinalJPGI’ve never done this before, opened a food business, my own shop. I don’t know all the lingo but I base all my decisions on my own foundations, and with my husband Davy together on big decisions. All major ones have been made and now it’s just a waiting game and working and growing pains until Rice House opens its doors on May 1st.

I’ll be attempting to display something like this on May 1st, for show:

KoreanFlag - Sydney

It was presented at the Sydney International Food Festival last year and I’m excited to try and recreate it for the Grand Opening! Here’s a cheat-sheet on what each part of the Korean flag means:


Rice House in its entirety is about 600 square feet counting both floors (or 60 sq m), with a bathroom and ample storage on the top floor. The actual shop space is about 250 square feet (or 25 sq m). My conversions aren’t exact but they’re close enough because it’s easy enough to remember.

This is what I have envisioned for the ground floor space and shop:


Work continues at Rice House, and we’ve already removed one small wall:


Also, all the stickers and branding from the former sandwich shop are now gone!

I can now start from scratch with my own branding!


But work also continues at home as Noah approaches his second birthday. It’s almost two years now since I live-tweeted my early labor and delivery of Noah (tweets all here). Time has flown but Noah’s grown, and he’s already practicing playing shopkeeper…


Noah’s been to Rice House a couple of times now, and he’s comfortable there as if he knows already that it’s “ours.”


It’s why I’m putting a “Kiddie Corner” into the space, because I want Noah and other children to feel safe and special while they’re at Rice House. It sounds super corny but I mean it. Rice House is a business but it’s very much still real life. As such, the plan is to keep everything as simple as possible. This is easier to do in Evergem than in Manhattan.

I’d say one of the hardest adjustments I’ve had to make as a business woman, is to slow down. Nobody answers work emails at night and nobody breaks their neck to get anything done around these old parts of Europe. It’s refreshing yet frustrating at the same time, balancing my New York City killer instinct with diplomacy in patience.

So, simple it is.

The menu will consists of (sushi) rolls and (rice) bowls, and soups. There will always be a stand-by menu and specials-of-the-week. Here’s an example of a Rice House Shrimp Bowl:


I’m so glad all those food photos I took are paying off, in what is now the Rice House Menu. Vendors have been chosen and bids are in, and my husband Davy and I have trust and understanding in each other’s different strengths. We are doing most everything ourselves and calling in professionals for what professionals do…

But Davy drew a map on which Rice House stands, and I created it simply in Power Point:




It’s the cutest map I’ve ever personally made, and it’s good enough to give to the printer for now so he can do his magic. Flyers and stickers and posters are being printed very soon! Rice House will get a make-over before May 1st. Opening Hours coming soon!

My mother will be coming in May to help with everything and to spend warm days in the sun with Noah. I need momz here for this. I’m glad she’ll be here.

I’d like to thank everyone for your support. Stay tuned!

Always dishing,




  1. I’m so excited for you Jun!

    You know, even though I’m only 26 (knocking on 27’s door soon), I’ve entertained the idea of opening a B&B as some kind of retirement plan. I like the idea of cooking for people…but not in a busy restaurant, y’know?

    Anyway, everything is looking and sounding great. I can’t wait to see some of the “after” pictures.

    Now, will Davy be your delivery boy? =P


    1. Jun Song Author

      Davy can indeed run deliveries and keep his own tips! 🙂 HA!

      Thanks Rob. You should SOOOO do it. It can happen. Keep doing your thing and knocking down doors 🙂

      1. Hey Jun!

        Random question … Do you find dietary issues are big in Ghent?

        Back in good ol’ North America, everyone has hopped aboard the gluten-free trend. Are you incorporating a bunch of dietary restrictions into your menu?

  2. So glad Momz will be there for this. Have you decided on if and how many employees you will need? You will at the very least want a prep person, a dish washer and a cleaning person. (maybe cleaning wench) Perhaps you can hire Shrek as security. Soooo happy for you!

  3. I love your map of ‘Rich House’ … may it be a typo with foundation 🙂

    This is all so very exciting but I am most anxious for Momz to arrive. I’m not sure if it’s to watch your dream become reality or the beauty of seeing Momz and Noah face to face, cheek to cheek. I am not one for wishing my life away but I really hope May comes quickly this year <3

    1. Jun Song Author

      I’m cracking up! What a slip! I’ll fix it but I do like the ring of “Rich House” HA!

      I’m so happy momz will be here. She’ll love bring Noah to the shop by stroller and tasting all my food ha! I can’t wait either!

  4. Fran

    Very exciting! Can I live vicariously through that experience? One of the very few times I’d ask someone that. It’s something I’ve daydreamed about.

  5. gayle

    Owning your own business is very exciting, have fun and enjoy it…yes I know that’s hard to do. WATCH your money, which means you will go days without someone coming in while you still have to keep paying those bills that pile up. Even the government wants their money all the time. Yes you need to build up a cliental. When we first opened the neighbor said what did you think they would be lined up at the door! True fully yes I did!
    People will tell you to watch your money & you will think ok…..NO WATCH YOUR MONEY! That means don’t go over board on your decorations at first, best takeout bowls ect. Really good people that are excellent in their business loss their business
    because of money, all of them go under because of money, no one noticed the thousand dollar wallpaper they put up. People will be more interested in your food and price point.
    I KNOW your product will be outstanding; I have followed you for a while now. The tricky part will be pricing. You can play with your prices to see what people are willing to pay. Through out the week put a different price on the same food and see at what price point people won’t pay anymore. As for your location you HAVE to have easy parking for your cliental and in a good location.
    Really Jun I think you will have no problem a tall; both of us have a great partner working beside us, Google anything you need, DON’t pay other people for what you and Davy can do together… you don’t need to pay an accountant! The first time we paid a lawyer to help us trademark, thousands of dollars, next time we did it ourselves for a few hundred…get my point, no you don’t need them, you yourself have come a long way girl, believe in yourself. Cheers Gayle.

  6. Lynda Perky

    Wow talk about following in your parents footsteps? So happy for all of you. It is obvious the owner values family and culture. Is the illustrated shop Noah is pictured in yours, at the shop. Very cool. 🙂

  7. gayle

    It takes a good business 5 to 7 years to get going, the first few years you will have more bills that money coming in. I know I though I would be rich…delusional big time! So can you live on Davy’s pay cheque alone for a few years…thats the question….thats how much you have to watch your money, businesses are falling down here left right and centre, if you even get behind one month in your lease can Davy’s pay cheque keep your head above water…. see where I’m going. You might get two people in one day, spend $10…we had many days with no money to a few dollars, many businesses go like that until established where people have to get their fix at the Rice House. How often do you two go out to eat? Say you visit the Rice house once a week, then Jun you will count on them to keep coming… they will return if food good, prices good, location good. If prices to high never see them again whoops…but that will hurt you Jun.

  8. Linda

    How exciting!!! Thanks so much for sharing your plans. You’re such an interesting lady who really knows how to make the most of life. I admire you and your blogs never fail to make me smile.

  9. Emily

    Omg. This is just sooooo exciting. Your reference to the real time labor delivery tweets from 2 years ago just reminded me … Was there read worried , how crazy is that… And now another goal being realized … Yup those food photos .. Sometimes I go back and revisit some of them on Instagram if I want to make one of them. Ever gem is pretty lucky … I’d be ordering Everyday if you guys were nearby

  10. Sparky

    Blue and orange are the colors of our company’s logo and it has been quite successful. We are not a restuarant but a sign company and I think it is a good omen that you have chosen the colors we did. I do disagree that it will take 5-7 years to be profitable. We are in our 3rd year and began turning a profit in less than a year. It can be done and you are one smart cookie so I think you will. I look forward to eating there soon. love you guys.

  11. @aridny

    This is so awesome friend, which I was there to support!!!! I am sooooooo happy for you and soooooo proud, yet, not surprised!!!! You’ve always been a winner!!!! Xoxoxoxoxo

  12. can i ask a stupid question.. is there a potty room hidden in the basement or attic. i know thats where many of them are in europe.
    good luck with this new stage of life. you deserve to be a big success.


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