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Twas The Night Before Rice House

‘Twas the night before Rice House, and here’s how it’s going…

There’s too much to do, and too much I should be doing.

But I just got home now, with Davy, while Noah’s been asleep for hours.

Our baby.

I’m smoking some weed. Davy’s drinking Porto Cruz

We’re both trying to keep each other from breaking down, helped by the drugs, and booze.

We’re telling each other to marvel in just how far we’ve come, so as to not get pulled into some sick twisted putrid vortex where everything must be tomorrow done.

Because that shit is just not happening, and as soon as that’s understood then we can go back to marveling.


Rice House opens its doors for the first time to the public at 11:30am. Facebook page here and Twitter page here.


Here’s what part of Rice House looked like today:


Photo taken at 7pm and not 12pm like the cloak in the photo says.

We need to put a battery in the clock (note to self)…

Now I must sleep.

Always dishing,


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