Noah’s Dope Doop

A little bit of what’s been going on outside of Rice House…

Because finding a balance between rice and home is most important…


The day before Noah’s big day…



Waiting for Sunday Mass to end before Noah’s Doopsel (Christening/Baptism), last Sunday, May 18th. Having my momz here was the icing on the holy water.



Noah, looking dope for his doop! How much he has grown…



In church and feeling giddy. Who would have thought?


CandleNoah started singing “Happy Birthday To You!!!” Everyone in the church laughed.




Noah’s godmother and godfather signed “The Book” and I couldn’t be happier or prouder of our choices for Noah.



Post-chuch party time and the big reveal time for Noah!


We got film. I’ll share when I have more time. Noah squealed and made all our hearts jump a beat along with his.



Time for cheese and all the fixings!


It was a beautiful day.

Always dishing,



  1. Peg

    A wonderful post…heartwarming. How appropriate that Noah sang Happy Birthday – with his baptism it really is a re-birth…so Happy Birthday, Noah. Your mother looks beautiful, Jun. I’m so happy she is there to share in the new business and Noah’s special day. She will smile all the way home.

  2. NicoleNoreen

    Looks like it was a beautiful day. Love the happy birthday story. Gorgeous pictures, but the one after the reveal of the playhouse, I just can’t. The expression on Noah’s face is priceless. You’ve fit yourself quite a boy there, in both looks and personality. He’s “two in a million!”


    1. Jun Song Author

      Thank you! Momz brought them over this trip…I left so many pairs of shoes behind in NYC and I was happy to reunite with these! 🙂


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