Merry Christmas Eve Yet Again

I don’t know where the time has actually gone, looking at Noah’s very first Christmas photos from 2012…


But it’s time for new Christmas photos to make their way onto this blog.

A Christmas Eve tradition you can call it…


Noah’s one year older and just a couple inches taller,

Since Christmas 2013,

Though he’s dressed in the same shirt and bowtie…


His shirt fits better still rocking the no-pants look, that’s no lie. 


Except this year, Noah’s Christmas tree gazing is focused.

He appears almost wiser.

SantaAndFrostyAnd his priorities are most definitely set this year,

Adjusting his snowman’s jacket,  

Having deep discussions with Santa,

Ensuring his name is on the “Good” list,

that’s right,



Merry Christmas Eve to one and all.

Always dishing,



  1. Peg

    Merry Christmas, Davy, Noah and Juuuun from us here in Lake Wynonah, PA (a good place to visit when you’re in NYC again – you can be our guest) and I wish for you and yours a very healthy, happy, prosperous, blessed New Year, 2015. Keep blogging, we now have Jun Song in our veins! : > )


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