Goodbye 2014

This might be the last year I pull off this photo series…because Noah simply isn’t a baby anymore…

But here he was, after his last bath of 2014 last night, and ready to ring in the new year…

Noah 2015



Last year was a tough year for me in many ways. Good things happened. Bad things happened. There were times I thought it was all too much.

I felt overwhelmed many times. As a mother and a wife, a daughter and granddaughter, and most recently, as a new business owner. So I’ve never been more ready to leave a year behind to start anew.

So last night it was just me and Noah and my husband Davy, alone at home on New Year’s Eve and it was just what I needed. There was no dressing up or going out or fancy dining and freezing in the cold. Instead, we all settled into our pajamas and had breakfast for dinner. Yes, eggs and hash-browned potatoes. This was our fancy NYE meal…



I know you’re all jealous.

After a day of filling catering orders at Rice House, that was all I could manage for a NYE dinner…

I’m not sure what this year will bring, but I will strive to be here more, to blog, and to interact more with all of you. Happy New Year. Goodbye 2014.

Always dishing,




  1. Christine

    Do what makes you happy! We stayed in with our 4 year old and had an awesome night. I am sure Noah loved it! Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2015 and the continued success of Rice House!!

  2. Chris

    We had biscuits and turkey gravy with scrabbled eggs for NYE dinner. Breakfast for dinner is a must sometimes.

    Happy New Year! I hope 2015 is easier for you all! Love you! Chris

  3. Peg

    Happy New Year to you and all your family. I wish for you all of God’s blessings in the new year, 2015. Love the pics of Noah… nicely he is growing and becoming his own individual self.

  4. Been about as busy as you, but still miss hearing more about your life from your unique perspective. I’m also ready to leave a sad year behind and start a very good one! Here’s to a wonderful 2015 from one of your unmet friends – down in Florida, USA!

  5. Dawna Arndt

    I’m so happy for you! My kids are grown and on their own. This was hubby and I’s first New Years totally alone. It was amazing just cuddling and watching movies.

  6. pamela

    Late as usual but I have not been on the as much I would have liked…like you super glad to be rid of 2014…Hope you have a brilliant year ahead and your Noah is adorable as is his mum…heaps of love and only the best of wishes to you and your beautiful family. xx00xx


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