Old Traditions, New Traditions

Once upon a time, I never had a blog. But ever since I started this site, every year, I’ve done a birthday blog for my little Noah.

And by “every year” I mean this is the third…

So Noah turned three this past weekend, but before we ever got to birthday candles and balloons and presents, our little family of three struck poses:

gyu IMG_2768bw IMG_2788IMG_2779

Noah even had a wardrobe change and donned a traditional hanbok, literally translated as “Korean clothing.”


He transformed into a Korean prince, just like he did on his first birthday and his second birthday.

I marveled at how much he’d grown into the hanbok, which he’s now worn the last three birthdays…



And then on Saturday morning, Noah awoke and had a bowl of miyeok guk, literally translated “seaweed soup,” a very traditional Korean meal especially for birthdays…


Why on birthdays?

Because miyeok guk is also the first meal Korean mothers eat, by tradition, after giving birth, because the seaweed provided loads of nutrients and minerals to new moms.

And so we have this soup every year on our birthdays to remind us of what our mothers did for us, and to bring luck into our lives.

I plan to serve miyeok guk as the special of the week this week at Rice House, to celebrate Noah’s birthday with as many people as I can…


And once all our soup was eaten on Saturday morning, it was time for a bath and another wardrobe change!

Time to party!








What Noah didn’t know was that his papa spent the night before, toiling away and putting together the “big” gift…an electric Bugatti…


Needless to say, Noah was THRILLED.


He even gave his new car a good cleaning in-between rides…photo-25


And the next morning, on Sunday, Noah awoke to a second birthday party with all new party guests, and a whole new cake!

DSC06080 DSC06082And best of all, Noah got lots of hugs from his Pepe (godfather) Koen…


And in fact, it was Pepe Koen who had hooked us up with our family photo shoot in the first place, yielding pictures like this one…

IMG_2828It was a very good birthday weekend for our Noah, two birthday parties and all, that wore us all out.

And we’d do it all over again, just for Noah.

But maybe next year we’ll stick to one big party…

Thank you everyone…for all the love, birthday and every day!

Always dishing,



  1. Genevieve Ryan

    Happy 3rd Birthday to Noah! You are a beautiful family and I love hearing thw traditions and culture you explain! Noah cleaning his car between rides isnthe cutest thing haha xoxo

  2. Happy Birthday Noah!! It’s amazing that we all get to be a part of the celebration, no matter how far away we may be. This is proof that technology is powerful and good.

    Thanks for sharing with us, Noah’s many aunts and uncles.

    Hugs and kisses from me to your family of three!

  3. Anonymous

    Waking up to your blog is always such a treat!! I’m so happy you all had a great weekend!! I just wish Noah would express himself more!!

  4. Anonymous

    Loved seeing all the photos and reading your narrative of Noah’s day! It’s so hard to believe he is already three years old. I would have loved to capture those moments with my camera too! (pssst..Tell Koen his photographer friend needs to discover Greater than Gatsby photoshop actions. They are amazing for portraits.) Hugs to you all!

    1. Jun

      Thank you! It’s crazy how time has flown but alas, Noah’s already three. The photographer was one we chose from a listing but I’ll check out this Gatsby thing!

  5. I love all of the pictures. I can not believe how time has flown by. The fact that little Noah is three now makes me feel older. I remember telling you when your due date was, i remember all the cute bellie pics (and side boob) you tweeted to us. I remember holding my breath as you tweeted out during labor. I remember all the praying I did that this now 3 year old Rice House Prince, would gain strength and come home soon while he was in NICU. I love that us JunCrew scattered all over so many miles away have become a part of watching him grow. Happy Birthday sweet Noah.

    1. Jun

      Haaaaa I’m totally in denial that I’m actually three years older 🙂 And I remember those side boob days well! Too funny 🙂 Thanks for being around all this time Tracyann, and for all your words of encouragement and love!

  6. Chris

    How I missed this blog and so late to the party, I don’t know!

    3 years is such a short time but yet such a LONG time.
    Noah’s facial expressions over the years have let us see how he’s mentally growing. The pictures also show us how big physically he’s growing.
    I LOVE we get to enjoy and celebrate with your family.
    Love you to the moon and back, and look forward to MANY more birthdays!



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