Here Goes Nothing

This is the obligatory “jumping back into blogging after being MIA is daunting” blog. Especially since there was a once upon a time I blogged every day. When Noah was tiny and napped and he napped often, and I chose not to nap but instead to write. So “Here Goes Nothing” is less about nothing and more about everything. Lots has happened in five months, and some things have remained very much the same.

Rice House is one year, three months and twenty-five days old today. Happy belated birthday to Rice House. Davy and I are very proud of what Rice House has become thus far, and relieved that Rice House is officially debt-free and on its way to more greatness.

And proud of Noah. Noah starts back up at school on the First of September at three-and-a-half. He’ll be in the same kindergarten class but with a different teacher, and still right across the street diagonally from Rice House once again. At the start of summer he was still rocking pull-ups and feeling stressed about potty training but today he is fully-potty trained and also in his first month of sleeping in a twin-sized official big boy bed. The transition has been smooth and I’m grateful. I never take this kind of shit for granted because all around me I see parents struggling, couples struggling and families struggling. But making it. And sometimes not making it. Life is hard for everyone and it’s a different kind of hard in Belgium, than it is in America.

I look forward to seeing life through Noah’s eyes for years to come. Everything my eyes saw, growing up in Manhattan, is on a whole other planet compared to that of Noah’s life here. The concrete jungle versus some of Europe’s oldest landmarks. Windmills even.



Such stories he could tell you about windmills…and Legos (link to video in case it doesn’t show on your device: Legos)…

Noah will have many many many more stories to come.

He is already very much a prolific storyteller in two languages, speaking more Dutch and sprinkling in perfect English whenever he wants. His newest word is congratulations and I can’t wait to teach him to use it.

Noah’s begun to memorize and understand Korean when he Skypes with my mother, his 할머니 halmuhnee. That is what he was taught to call my mother from the very beginning and their bond is strong despite the distance between them. I call her momz in writing but Noah knows her only by 할머니. He calls Davy’s mom Omi and her partner Patrick Opi. He calls Davy’s dad Opa and his wife Oma. Everything in its place and everyone with a unique identity. I can’t wait to for our next trip back to New York for my brother’s wedding.

My brother Danny, Jun Young 준영, who is marrying a young woman I once met as a young lady. Anita. But she’s all woman now and I’m going to cry a lot seeing them walk down the aisle in April. I will cry for their happiness and my dad’s happiness. My dad passing away at 51 nearly killed all of my family in different ways, but now we celebrate him more and cry less. Anita was there for my brother when my dad died and she’d been with him since. They are making it and on their wedding day I will probably bawl and then laugh and not be able to keep eye makeup on. I may have to go with just a natural look and see what transpires.

Because a lot can transpire “since last blog.”

Davy and I as individuals, and in our marriage, have come a long way we’re well on our way to hitting the five-year mark. No marriage is perfect, that’s just suspect, but there is no shame in our game and that’s all that matters. We fight and take turns being assholes to each other, and we struggle like everyone else. And we’re making it. Shit gets real. But we’re stronger than ever.

Plus I turned 40 in July. And there’s no going back. Not with that shit. I may not look old but I do look older. I’m more than okay with that. SPF for the win.

So when I get asked multiple times a day if I’d “go back on Big Brother” it’s like there’s a short answer and then there’s everything I wrote about in this blog so far plus it’s not the easiest question to answer. Maybe. Depends. Who knows? I have so much on my plate, some shit needs to be planned and some just done on a whim because spare pockets of time pop up.

I do know that I’m back to watching Big Brother again after a season-and-a-half hiatus. I’m enjoying most of it immensely. Big Brother 17 is the closest we’ve gotten to an Old-School BB in a long time. It needed to be said. I am enjoying BB17. Despite my horribly scathing and cringy judgmental tweets, I am actually. This doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. And some people don’t get this. Meh. Who cares. The trolls always find me. Always. So I’m working on a back to BB blogging blog. And it will be a Power Rankings blog but of course my criteria have changed.

Would I trust this HG to babysit Noah for an hour or two?

Would I employ this HG at Rice House?

Would I double date with this HG (and their potential significant other)?

The double date thing comes up because people here in Belgium love to do it to the point of, really, and it’s something you can’t really avoid. It was something I couldn’t avoid last week…so it’s a new criteria in this Power Rankings. Would Davy and I go out for sacred free time with this particular HG and their date? Next blog.

Always dishing, Jun


  1. Jody (marajode)

    I so enjoyed reading this Jun.
    Everything I felt while reading was “this is beautiful”.
    I’m not blowing smoke up your butt, but I so love reading about your life in Belgium, your marriage, your business.
    As a mom myself, it’s interesting to see the life and milestones in such a different environment.
    As a cook (hobby but my passion), watching your business come alive and grow (also in such a different environment…
    I just can’t quit you Jun.
    I’m a follower of your tweets and blog, although one of those creepy quiet ones.

    Keep up the good work. You’re an amazing mom, business women, and wife, and writer as well. I’m happy for you.

    Oh God. I swear I’m not meaning to sound like I’m blowing smoke up your butt.

    1. Jun Song Author

      Thank you Jody 🙂 Cooking was also just a hobby yet passion for me and I’m SO lucky I’ve made it work and turned it into a business. I appreciated your kind words and I’m glad you’re around!

  2. debchr

    Welcome back, Jun. So glad you’re doing great – as expected, because you just don’t do anything half-bleeped! You’re living a fairytale life (with all its bumps and warts, just like any life).

    Noah is still precious, and this photo is one of the best action shots I’ve seen of that cute little angel- boy!

    By the way, you’re to be commended for the Skype-life with your Momz, but you’re THAT kind of daughter. (I’d take you in a minute!)

    If you’re watching Big Brother, did you see the episode of Julie telling what she’d like to see on the show? She said she’d like to see a season of all-winners playing against one another! Wow, so would I, and I’d be sitting in the Jun galley! I can’t wait to read your BB Blog! I’m loving this season, too. James is talking about trying to get Austin out next week, and Vanessa is stirred-up about all her betrayals, so the rest of the season promises to continue to be good!!!

  3. Pat

    Ohhhh how I’ve missed your blogs! I enjoyed every word of it. Although I would LOVE to see you on Big Brother again, I’m sure that would be so hard on you!
    Enjoy your life, Noah, and Davy….and I’ll enjoy reading about it all.
    Oh….and f the trolls….but you handle them so well!
    Much love

  4. Justin from Vancouver

    Yay! Glad you’re back! Missed you here. But follow you on FB nonetheless. Again, thank you for sharing portions of your and your family’s life with us. For the haters and trolls, shake it off (sorry, couldn’t help quote TS LOL!). Glad you’re also back to BB and that you’re watching BB17! Woo Woo!!

  5. Anonymous

    Welcome back. For double dating with Clay and Shelli, press 1, for Austin and Liz, press 2, for James and Meg, press 3. Please make your selection now.

  6. I’m so glad you’re back!!

    It’s been so great following your life on Twitter and I think it’s because you’re so open about everything that so many people like and respect you…
    It’s also been great seeing Noah grow up into such a charming, intelligent little man!! Seems like only yesterday you were tweeting about telling your doctors mid-labour that you won Big Brother!! hahahaha.

    Speaking of Big Brother, I can’t waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit for your Power Rankings to come back!! I didn’t realise how much I would miss them until they went away. They add another dimension to the viewing experience, constantly watching episodes wondering what things you’re gonna pick out to snark about!! haha.

    Looking forward to more blogs soon 🙂

    1. Jun Song Author

      VIII! Can you believe how big Noah is? It was just yesterday when you sent him some of his first bibs 🙂

      Just published my Power Rankings. Enjoy. And thanks for always being around my dear 🙂

  7. Joyce

    Always love reading your blogs…you are a very gifted woman who creatively multitasks a very big life! Love the shot of Noah running towards the windmill, and happy for him growing up in Belgium surrounded by culture and love! Keep dishing lovely Jun….you feed us with your words, though I wish I had access to Rice House too!

    1. Jun

      Thank you Joyce! I wish you were close enough to just drop by Rice House whenever you wanted. How cool would that be?! 🙂

      Noah surprises me every day with his capacity to love and learn. Motherhood is everything I’ve wanted it to be so far. Thank you for always supporting me from afar!

  8. Peg Rejent

    Welcome “home” to your blog/writing thoughts and typing fingers! It’s nice to have you back where you belong. Loved your post and video of quality time with Noah. My, he is growing like a weed! I look forward to reading more blogs as the days go by – your adventures are priceless. So from me to you, “dziekuje!” ( “thank you” in Polish) for picking up the pen again. (Didn’t think it would hurt to learn a word or two in another language since you’re so well versed in English, Korean and Dutch! I look forward to the BB17 rankings….they are so much fun. : > )

    1. Jun

      And dziekuje to you too Peg! Thank you always for your kind words and support 🙂

      Noah’s pretty fantastic and I so love watching him develop into his own. Legos and all 🙂

  9. Thought I had been taken off the “friends” list and so happy you are back full speed. Our ‘special’ boy is still in our hearts and both you and Davy hit the jackpot there.!

  10. kcsmum

    Unless the DD involved Jason, I respectfully decline. I admit though that I am enjoying this season too – without feeds – just like I did in the old days!

  11. Chris

    Jun, it’s good to see another blog! I think you’ll always write, it’s always entertaining and heart hugs to see Noah growing up.
    That picture we don’t even need to see his face. He’s so excited and carefree. I couldn’t watch the video. I’m sure you have it on Utube I’ll find it there.

    Love you and can’t wait to see your ratings hahaha

  12. Love you tweets and posts on Facebook but I really missed your blogs. Thanks for finding time to write in your busy life…..loved you on Dick@nite ! I am so happy that Rice House is so successful for you ! Noah is such a darling….hold him close and I wish you happiness and love always !!

  13. pamela

    late seeing this..have had real life intrusions but always enjoy your blogs and so happy for you 3. I remember when my now 26 year old was Noah’s age …he went to a Korean kindergarten in queens … so glad met those awesome folk and sorry they are no longer around for other kids…loving BB as well and giant hugs and continued happiness to your lovely family xx

  14. mimsy

    Hiya Jun ~ Good to see you blogging again, busy woman. Enjoying a few blogs as I haven’t been on here in a while. (Thanks btw for the sex toys suggestion post from a long time ago; I think I’m gonna try that little spikey wheel thing – would never have thought of something like that myself. :D)

    I THINK it was you who tweeted once that you wanted people to let you know if there were typos in your blogs, so just an fyi that in your last paragraph here, I believe you should be using the singular “so it’s a new criterion” rather than the plural “criteria.”

    Love your writing and that you so bravely and unabashedly share your interesting and ever evolving life with people in interwebland. 🙂 Best, Mimsy.


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