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Once Upon A Time

What in the hell is going on? Fun.

Like it or not, this is the current state of affairs of Big Brother 17, and Big Brother overall. Bizarre gameplay and dynamics and then exploding Twitter wars between BB alum, with words and deleted tweets, and Frankie Grande fans are out in droves defending rabidly the glory of the Grande family name. Fans of the beloved show who only watch the televised programs are pretty happy as usual, and the (tiny actual sliver of) fans who follow the live feeds are foaming at the mouth, and at the same time making each other pee their shoes laughing.

It is Big Brother, after all. Or is it?

I don’t waste blogs ranting about one particular Big Brother alum or another. No, that’s what Twitter is for, for me. Because every person, winner or loser, that has been on the show, once or three times, is connected. We are connected. Fans too. Connected. A family? Not really. Why? Our own families are complicated enough, why do I have to have another family? No thanks. I’d rather have friends.

Here’s the thing. Janelle Pierzina actually brought me and Evel Dick Donato together. It was at one of her parties, and she handed her phone to me because Dick was on the line and he wanted to chat with me. To be honest I didn’t want to, but I did, because we are connected. But that phone call between me and Dick did not really do anything, by way of bonding.

But Janelle and I first bonded on a flight home to New York from L.A., after our Big Brother 10 food competition cameos. She’s a glamazon, and I felt small and boyish next to her. We were probably a funny-looking pair checking in our luggage at LAX and then leaving JFK together. But we established a bond that trip, and saw each other a few more times thereafter.

We’re not friends today.

But Dick and I are friends. We’re not BFFs or labeled anything, because we just get each other, good and bad. People have been making sick jokes that I suck Dick’s dick and that I will also be HIV+ soon. What? Yeah.

But I make some sick jokes too, and I can be often horrible to the point of she-can’t-be-real horrible. But even I’ll tell you…I might suck a mean dick, but I’ve never sucked someone’s dick from thousands of miles away. That’s one massively long dick. And I just can’t handle something like that. Don’t act like you can. Besides, I’m just not into Dick like that. Why can’t a guy and a girl be friends without the need to suck each other’s funk? But I get it. There are people whom I offend on the regular and relentlessly, and they lash out at me with such things, and worse. People lash out at live feed reporters and bloggers too, and at other fans. Fans. It’s not just the BB alum who are affected.

I’ve rarely been lashed out at by a spouse or family member of someone cast on Big Brother. I’ve been reprimanded once or twice but I’ve always been a firm believer of leaving loved ones out of things. It’s where I draw the line. This summer, three loved ones of three different BB17 Houseguests reached out to me on Twitter. One was mildly heated but pleasant. One was mild and very pleasant and emails were exchanged and there’s a bond there. The third incident was not so great because this particular loved one had read some of my most recent tweets, because a Twitter troll baited her by tagging her after the fact.

So this loved one was angry at me and tweeted me saying I was disgusting, and ugly. I can totally understand their anger, especially if it was the first they were seeing my tweets about their loved one. So I responded calmly and firmly but still incredible rudely. People said I should have left her alone, that I should have ignored her. But she tweeted me first.

I sound like a child right now. I hate it. Sigh.

I shouldn’t have taken that bait but I decided to that day. Big Brother isn’t pretty. It’s not meant to be pretty because it brings out our darkest side as much as our brightest side, evoking at a minimum three emotions at a time when you’re involved. But Big Brother was never pretty, but it was more tolerable once upon a time. Once upon a time, when Big Brother was new and innovative…and I wasn’t so old.


To me, this season, James Huling was just that, new and innovative. He’s not perfect by any means. But he reminds me of old school Big Brother.

I’ll be announcing on Monday, the two winners from the #HillbillyAsian t-shirt giveaway. Thanks for everyone who participated or spread the word. The contest is now closed.

Thank you all!

Always dishing,


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  • arlene Lang on September 13, 2015 at 2:51 am said:


    Your take no prisoners approach is one of the reasons I admire you. Continue being the Jun we grew to love. Everyone who has a problem with it can kick rocks.

  • James was a wonderful gift this season! Love him.

    Trolls. Dark creatures with many accounts who probably catfish in real life. In the end it’s only a game but these individuals are off their rockers reacting insanely and destroying whatever innocence and joy there may have been. I am so happy the early seasons are available. Gaming at it’s finest.

  • That was a good read. Thanks
    I’ve pretty much lost interest in Big Brother at this point. Last season sucked me back in a little and I had hopes at the beginning of this season but they’ve pretty much lost me. I think my biggest issue is that, even though there have always been houseguests that want to be famous, they’ve also wanted to play the game and win(Janelle for example). But now it seems like most everyone they cast just want to be famous and know nothing about the game. They don’t care about playing the game and especially winning. Now it’s mostly-who’s the biggest famewhore? And how many Twitter/Instagram followers can they get when they get home from summer camp? I want a cast of people like you, that go in there to play and say from the beginning,”I’m going to WIN this fucker!” And are willing to piss their pants to win the game! Those are the people that are fun and interesting to watch.
    Sorry for any typos and if this doesn’t make sense, I’ve just smoked some excellent weed. 😉

  • Thanks for the read !!! I agree….and I loved James this Season. I am having more fun with this BB, then in the last few years. I am so glad you are back to watching, love your tweets ! Just please next time, can we include Canada (in the contest). I am still pissed at CBS for excluding us this season, with the live feeds etc.

  • The reason I follow you and E.D. and so fond of both of you is because of your raw honesty with a giant twist of wit & charm. This world is so PC – it’s refreshing to hear the truth! Your pregnancy to birth was a journey I’ll never forget…so well documented in a very heartfelt, amusing way…seriously, no one writes like you! E.D. whether it’s a scathing letter about what he has been through with his daughter or sharing having HIV….it’s done with such truth and passion, that somehow he makes us feel we’re not alone with our pain with family members or illness. Most of us hold things in, post happy thoughts on FB… you dish it out and keep it real….I applaud you for that!

  • JUN! girl, I didn’t know about a james shirt contest. can I still enter? he’s my fav for sure. gotta represent him here in Arkansas. btw, i must visit Belgium one day, as that is where my sweet diabetic trooper of a pup originated from. but yeah…. gotta meet james(james-uhhhhh)👯 as I have a ginormous crush on him! living in Arkansas now but have fam in Texas where he lives. so it is doable!! Jun, will you follow m
    on Twitter – brittanyqt so I can DM you?

  • My favorite BB player (& WINNER).
    Thank you Jun for GREAT TV & for being yourself during/after the show.
    Becoming a wife, mom & RICE HOUSE queen – all in another country is spectacular.
    Such a FAN! Can’t wait to read what you have up your sleeve next.
    Davy & Noah are so lucky. So much love there. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jennifer Windham on September 13, 2015 at 6:59 am said:


    I’m waiting for the results, even if I won the t-shirt my hubby demanded I buy one just for him. Love James, he could be our son, my hubby total slow country boy with the same James’ accent but he is 6′ tall and me at 5’1″ tall Filipino girl and we created our own #HillybillyAsian.LOL. However ours was raised in California so he doesn’t have the accent.

    BBJames kept me laughing and Jun I hope you get to go to Korea with him and be his translator. Can you imagine after spending the day touring Korea and you are going to bed and James pops out from under your bed and yells “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!.” James just makes me giggle. You two together perfect: Opposite Twins!

  • You know how I always rant about wanting BB to go back “the way it was”? Meaning specifically that all HGs applied to be on the show. Thus leaving out recruits of all kinds. I think the show would be so much better. And I know it could be cast easily since thousands of people continue to apply. But now I’m questioning myself – would this really make it a better show? Maybe the difference now really involves the massive amount of social media and Internet coverage. I don’t know. Jun, what do you think about this?
    PS-had a chuckle picturing your transatlantic blow job. Made me think of my dearly departed brother. I once had to use the “longest dick in the world” line on him when he drunkenly kept insisting to me that he had fathered his ex’s baby although she was in Cali & he in Michigan. I digress.

  • Jun, you are child. We all are. However. Unlike most adult children, you have a hard time keeping that inner child under a leash. And unlike most children, we dont have bullying tendencies. However, just like you, we do hide behind the internet. Btw. don’t write you hate or don’t like it. Some if us know you all all too well.

  • Jerry Williamson on September 13, 2015 at 1:27 pm said:


    Has anyone ever offered a reasonable theory on why some people get so invested in a TV show that they would send hate mail to someone who disagrees with them? I look at the people on the show and ask, would I have a cup of coffee with them? For the game I ask, are they actually playing the game, and how well? This year we have a few that are actually playing all the time, none more than Vanessa.

    I don’t think they’ll ever return to the way the show was in the early years. Everything is too well known and it has become almost scripted. I think the show, even though I’d hate to see it go, has run it’s course.

    Love your stuff, keep blogging.

  • Just want to say I’m so happy for James! He’s truly a good guy, and it’s exciting to see tons of people recognize that! I love that you’re a fan of him.

    As always, great blog.

  • hugs Jun and I do love James but also Johnny Mac … I wanted Vanessa to win but her victim attitude is annoying as hell…sure wish she would own her moves..ugh and James is out and sadly Johnny will be going next…as much as I dislike vanessa..she deserves the win :

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