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All Things Related And Unrelated To The Big Brother 17 Finale

Whether or not I want to admit it, Big Brother 17 was a big part of my life this summer. Having never finished Big Brother 15 and not watched any of Big Brother 16, I threw myself back into Big Brother head-first. The season took forever to end, but…

Goodbye Big Brother 17, although we all know it’s never really goodbye.

James Huling won America’s Favorite Player. Vanessa Rousso took a frustrating third place while Liz Nolan tripped and fell into second place. Steve Moses was crowned winner. Everything fell into place.

I predicted Steve’s win in the “Memo to the New Big Brother Winner: Don’t Be a Fame Whore” for New York Magazine’s Vulture.com series on Life After Reality TV. I’m thrilled for Steve. Had Liz pulled out some fantastic answers to jury questions in the end, and pulled off a win, I would have been happy for her too. Had Vanessa faced the jury and detailed how calculated her moves were, and pulled off a win, I would have been also happy.

But Vanessa didn’t make it there did she? And Liz bombed the jury questions didn’t she?

Liz couldn’t lay out for anyone the path she’d taken all summer to get to where she was in final two. Well then. It’s not that complicated.

I could go into more detail, but I won’t, because Steve outdid anything I could ever say, in his post-show interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Steve could have taken the easy route in the interview but he didn’t. and he acknowledged that Vanessa was no bully, that her behaviors were strategy. If only Vanessa could own up to it.


But James Huling, the forever prankster, took home some much-needed money after winning America’s Favorite player. But truth be told, save for Les Moonves, we could all probably use $25,000 dropping into our lap today. I pulled two names last week, winners of the T-Shirt Giveaway I started in an effort to raise awareness of the charitable work going on as a result of Big Brother 17. Unfortunately one of the winners has not yet come forward. So I have pulled another name:

Rita from California, please give me a holler! You’ve won the second t-shirt! Congrats!

Now I need to get some rest after a busy Friday lunch and dinner at Rice House because tomorrow, my husband Davy and I must have a little chat with our son Noah that may end in tears. Last week, our family of three decided to rescue a kitten from a cat shelter nearby.



We decided on Sushi as a name.

We were scheduled to return tomorrow, Friday, to retrieve Sushi. Davy and Noah and I were excited. Another first for our family of three. But sadly, Little Sushi didn’t make it through the surgery, the anesthesia during sterilization just did not agree. So the sweet kitty cat we were supposed to bring home tomorrow will never make it here.

But Sushi came from a large litter, and tomorrow we will go and acquaint ourselves with one of the siblings.



Noah’s got his hand covering Sushi’s face in the photo above. You can see the sibling kitty clearly in the background, with a lighter face than Sushi’s, and white paws instead of grey like Sushi’s, but they’re pretty much identical.

We’ll just have to see how Noah takes to the new kitty…

Life goes on. #BrenchelBaby and Derrick’s second baby are baking in their ovens and congratulations are in order. Vanessa is sufficiently medicated and engaged to be married, and cats are being rescued. Just another day in the Big Brother neighborhood…

Always dishing,



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  • Knowing Noah as I do, I’ve never seen a more mature child in my life. He is so self-aware and socially aware; he will take Sushi’s passing in stride. Sending much love to Noah, Davy, and of course, you! Mwah! Keep blogging! :)

  • ‘… and cats are being rescued.’ Never thought I would see these words fall from your fingertips. The things we do for love 😉

    Your article for New York Magazine’s Vulture.com was amazing. You are as open and true in print as you are in life. So many could learn from you, no matter their walk in life. I hope to see many future articles with your byline.

  • I was sooo gutted to hear about Sushi!! :(
    Hope the conversation went ok and that Noah can find another little friend to fill that hole!!

    As for Big Brother… I was EMBARRASSED by Liz!! Lol. They asked her ‘what moves were solely made by you’, and her response was ‘Vanessa helped me by bringing me into all these alliances… And Austin always helped me with strategy’!! Wtf!! That woman had the most useless jury answers ever!! Lol.
    And I sincerely hope the Brenchel Baby is a boy cos we really can’t be doing with another Rachel in this world!! Haha

  • That ‘read’ “ended in tears” for me, too.
    Pictures of baby Sushi who will be in kittykat heaven, knowing that a little boy once loved him.

  • One of my joys in life is reading your blogs. You are rare in that you lay your life open to all and you don’t try to tweak it, hide it or whitewash it. You are open,authentic,and real. I am sorry that Noah shall learn one of life’s lessons so young. I am sure he will be accepting of another kitten but he will always remember Sushi kitty as his favorite perhaps.
    I am also grateful that over the years through social media I have learned to see the many sides of you! Marriage and love agrees with you, but Motherhood truly opened your heart.

  • Ellie (slykittee) on September 26, 2015 at 2:04 am said:


    You summed up BB17 perfectly.

    RIP little Sushi. Hope Noah takes it well and shares his grief and love with new little kitty.

  • I agree that Noah is very mature for his age. He will cry and mourn sushi but he will be brave and move on. Just make,sure he is ready to move on to another kitty before you do. He may need a couple of weeks.

  • What is your opinion on “Vanessa” being a poor sport? Really not giving your vote at end to Steve????!!!!
    That’s hogwash!! I’m sorry Steve did a fantastic job and Vanessa being line the baby she was gave a vote to Liz ? For what?
    I guess now they won’t get Christmas gifts now, but the real question remains, will Liz Or Steve be stupid enough to back Vanessa in any poker tournaments?
    Take care I loved reading uncover the summer;)

  • OMG! OMG! Jun a cat lady? Say it isn’ sooooooo! PS This doesn’t change your Official MILF of Poker Night status. We even suggest you go as a kitty for Halloween. PSS please send us pics wearing your kitty ears, kitty nose and um kitty suit. 😉

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