My Husband Plays Destiny

Davy plays Destiny.

It sounds borderline kinky but really it’s a PlayStation game.

Destiny_box_artGuys’ guys play video games.

You can either join them or let them or dump them for it. Guys’ guys who play video games come in those three categories. The ones you join, the ones you let play while you do other things (like blog or catch up on Empire), and the ones you end up dumping because they just play way too fucking much.


1. Joining them means maybe smoking a joint and playing Bomberman or  Ten Pin Alley, because these are the perfect games to go with a puff with your boyfriend and your friends or his friends and laugh and get the munchies.


A lifetime ago, in college and after work, I did a lot of this. And I got fat as fuck but I had fun. It was a phase in my life way before I stopped joining them and wanted to just let them, ex-boyfriends and my husband included, let them play their video games. And so I went through all my adults years having boyfriends, live-in or not, who played video games, because I dated mostly guys’ guys.

2. Letting them is basically my life with Davy. He plays video games responsibly and not like a zombie, and I’m basically like go ahead because I’ve got my own shit to do. Relief.

3. Dumping them for it is where shit gets real. These kind of boyfriends are the ones who ruin it for the good video game boyfriends (or husbands). This is why we can’t have nice things. Some dudes just get hooked and they lose girlfriends. I’ve had one of those. And I did not appreciate busting my ass working in banking so he could call in sick to work and stay home and get high and play video games with his friends. And that’s the shit I had to come home to. Fuck no. That shit ended with the quickness.

I’m not saying only guys’ guys or even just guys for that matter are into video games. I’m just saying, I’m a pretty girly girl and I’m just speaking for myself. I know video games will never die,  so I’m not exactly a join them kind of girl anymore, I’m a let them one. When it comes to video games. Not porn, because I’ve joined in on all kinds of porn and still do, but then I also don’t care if Davy watches, with or without me. Just let them. There’s nothing wrong with porn. But that’s a whole other blog.

Let them have their time as long as you get your time.

Davy’s currently playing Destiny and before that he finished Watch Dogs. And before that too, I also pretended to pay attention and act excited about things he would tell me about the levels and storylines and characters. Nothing over the top, but just okay yes I support you playing video games stuff.

Most of the time I forget everything, except maybe a random voice used in the game…usually a celebrity I recognize by voice because maybe it belongs to Gina Torres aka Jessica Pearson in Suits. Love her. That was pretty exciting for me, especially since I can’t see her anymore, even in cameo, as Bella in Hannibal. Boo.


But if Davy can find me Bomberman, I’ll join him. And we’ll get Noah in on it at some point and it will be gloriously funny to behold. So Davy, if you’re reading…get us Bomberman somehow please and thank you…

Always dishing,



  1. debchr

    Jun, as always, you’re real life. No keeping up with the Jones’s! Between being overly attuned to sports and being obsessed with a new hobby (that’s recent), for a long time, I’ve been doing my own thing. It does get old. Now that a have some time on my hands (some obligations in my life have dropped away), I’ve decided to get a hobby, too. Every time I’ve challenged (forced – lol) him to pick up some slack, he has gotten a little better with helping and being a tad more social. You’re real, and you’re on top of it, too! I’m in awe of your youthful wisdom!

    1. debchr

      Oops! That’s my husband’s obsessions taking precedence over EVERYTHING else in our lives, to the point of feeling I have no life of my own (and we’re old as hell)!

  2. we have been together for 35 years. nobody gave us 3 months. they are all divorced and we are still together through thick thin and football season. he has his life I have mine and we have amazing adventures together. all things in moderation. hugs

  3. Morgan

    Reminds me of my home! Husband plays Xbox and I catch up on Housewives and shit he won’t watch 🙂 It’s nice to have some me time while he’s occupied.

  4. jmantyger

    Jun! Great blog! There’s a 4th type of video guy – the ‘I let my girlfriend join in and play video games, even though she: A) kicks my ass (even in Madden) ; and, B) after she kicks my ass we play some of her games like build an amusement park, cuz if I didn’ t let her join in, she and I would not be doing ANYTHING together for a while, guys’ guy’. She’s little, but she’s mean. And she is really, really good at those other things. Dang it! 😉 Crud, I think this is Harry Potter Sunday. Yay.! Who needs football? 😉


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