Living In The Land Of

…fill in the blank.

Living in the Land of _________.

Some of you may have chosen windmills or make-believe or “milk and honey” or plenty or penis or pussy or sushi, or whatever you love so much that you’d love to live in a land of it. Now imagine you don’t love it but you actually feel meh about it. Meh.

Because I live in the land of chocolate. Belgium. Chocolate is everywhere. Everywhere. There is no escaping it.

I get asked by chocoholic tweeters every day how much I love living in the land of chocolate. I’m just like meh. Meh!

But I don’t say meh because you just don’t say it in a land so proud of it. Sigh.

And I never actually loved chocolate. I only liked it. It’s sweet and melts in your mouth and sometimes has nuts. All meh.

But mostly, I just don’t have a major sweet tooth, unless the gates of menstrual hell are being unleashed or I’m stuck in a house of lunatics who want to take $500,000 away from me and I’m just, well, stressed. I’m a savory kinda girl.

So I’m sorry to all the boyfriends and other gifters who ever gifted me chocolate and I faked joy. I was happy about the thought put into it, but I have never felt joy receiving chocolate. So there. There’s something I needed to get off my chest obviously.

Interestingly enough. My little Noah’s not a chocoholic either. He’ll pick shortbreads or vanilla or hazelnut wafer cookies (like me) over chocolate ones. Hmmm. It’s one of our little things. I like sharing it with him because I don’t have to live alone feeling meh about chocolate in Belgium.

Though it means less cookies for me because Noah will kindly offer everyone a chocolate cookie until he has all the non-chocolates to himself. The force is strong in him. It would be cool to watch him win Big Brother one day.


Always dishing,



  1. Karen

    It’s like living in Canada and not liking maple flavouring!

    This made me smile when I needed it. Glad you are back on your blogs. Among your other talents, you are a great writer.

    1. @Karen. Hardly. You can’t compare maple syrup and chocolate. Most Canadians in fact don’t like maple syrup unless it’s with their flapjacks, hotcakes, crepes, or pancakes. Now, if you used the analogy of a prostitute hating sex? that would make more sense. lol.

  2. I LOVED Hershey’s chocolates as a kid…now, I, too, have the tastebuds for all things non-chocolate. Noah, I get it….offer the chocolate cookies, you’ll look like a generous soul while you silently smile knowing you got what you wanted.

  3. As a New Orleanian, I am burdened with the fact that I do NOT like onions. It’s not the flavor, it’s the texture that I can’t deal with. If I bite into a piece of onion I immediately gag. Can you imagine living in Cajun country under these circumstances. I substitute green onions or onion powder for any recipe. My sister and one nephew share this trait, so I too am not alone, although I don’t have to worry about them like you do with Noah eating all of the good cookies.

  4. Anonymous

    I have a terribly sweet tooth… in fact, all my teeth are, not just one. haha … but give me something sweet other than chocolate, please. If it has caramel in it, I’ll be your forever friend! 😀

  5. Im not “usually” a chocoholic myself either … but when my favourite BB Winner sends you a Rice House polo shirt and some amazing Belgium chocolate – you become very grateful that there is someone THAT AWESOME in the world!! You weat the shirt and you eat the chocolate!!! And I loved it!! Love you, Jun!!

  6. Trust me, there’s lots of non-chocoholics, even in Belgium! (as a matter of fact, I even know my fair share of chocolate-dislikers! I don’t mind, just leaves more for me 😉 )
    And to just add to the stream of that going on here: very happy you’re blogging more again – definitely missed reading your words!


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