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Just For Fun: Big Brother 20

Just for fun let’s say this happened for Big Brother 20:

1. Big Brother Moms: Tag Team Edition

All-women’s season consisting of some of Big Brother’s most memorable moms, those who were already moms when they first went on the show and those who became moms after. One from each group is paired with one from the other, and they play as duos. Throughout the season and up until jury, the pairs are allowed to tag in and out of the game, kinda like the Nolan twins did last season except better (because you can only go up from there). And obviously we’re not talking twins here so everything is transparent yet not completely vapid from the beginning.

If one of the two are voted out, both are evicted. This continues UP UNTIL JURY. Once it gets down to jury, there is no more “tag team” action but stipends are doubled from that point on, until the end of the season. Everyone plays as individuals as usual from there…

Sure it would be easy to just pit one crew against the other, but we all know the new moms would slaughter the already moms. Or would they?

So the tag team season it is:


Tonya / Rachel – Because, obvious.

Danielle / Aaryn – Because this needs to happen.

Shelly / Ali – Because, I don’t know, they’re both white.

Jodi / Janelle – Let’s see what happens.

Elissa / Natalie BB9 – Crazy is as crazy does.

Helen / Jun – Because, I don’t know, we’re both not white.

Brittany / Britney – Because they have the same name just spelled differently.

Da’Vonne / Natalie – Because, politics.


Thoughts? Would this work with the BB men? Who? Paired with whom? Let’s discuss.

Update: Leave your final two prediction in the comments if you’d like. And remember, the game ends as individuals so final two may not necessarily be a pair…

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  • FINAL 4: Tonya / Rachel & Aaryn / Danielle.

    STORY: The producers want a Tonya / Rachel win (because Rachel, duh), but Aaryn (who’s “reformed mom” comeback storyline didn’t work) wins 6 HoHs and gets her and Danielle dangerously close to the win. Then at Final 4, a Pandora’s Box comes out and Leprechaun Jessie kidnaps Aaryn, having the jury (which Aaryn is mysteriously not apart of – p.s. she hates Rachel) decide between a Final 3 of Tonya / Rachel / Danielle. Tonya, who’s been looped up on Zoloft all season, is the goat and gets 0 votes.

    Danielle wins over Rachel, crushing producers’ dreams of selling Rachel as “the ONLY 2 time winner of Big Brother!” whilst they fail to pick up on the much more genuine redemption storyline of Danielle Reyes.

    Coming to CBS in 2018!

  • Your photo in this lineup is perfection Jun.

    I’d actually sign up for live feeds for the 1st time if this season were to happen. It would be TV G.O.L.D.

    As for the men…. meh. Not interested in a season of bro-centric storylines. We’ve seen enough of this already.

    I think it would be MUCH easier to list who I would NOT want to ever, EVER win from this lineup (and the list would be long). In closing, if you didn’t win BB for a 2nd time, I’d want Danielle hands down & my AFP votes would go to you & I’d hope for a landslide win.

  • Anonymous on November 24, 2015 at 6:20 pm said:


    This idea is awful. Have you not seen the horrible attempt at an all female house with BBUK? The season was not even remotely tolerable until the later arrival of the first male houseguest. This idea would 100% never work. Keep trying.

  • Peg Rejent on November 27, 2015 at 7:11 pm said:


    Although Natalie Cunial of BB6 is not on your list or should be, for some reason I just want to express that after watching BB since season 1 (and yes, Season 1 does count to me because it was the spearhead of future BB’s) I always felt that Natalie had some kind of sincere innocence about her. Things she did, things she said, just her naïve way of playing the game and her always wanting to be accepted, needed, loved, came across to me big time. I understand she is a wife and mother now and I hope she is happy and feeling the love she desired for probably all of her life. To this day and because of Natalie….when I say the word: done – I always add: Done…D-U-N…done.

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