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Big Brother 20: Initial Thoughts

I’ve never written fan fiction. I’m not sure that I’ve ever even read it. But I’m certainly a fan of Big Brother, and I like to write, so I’ll try.

The Cast:


Some initial thoughts…


I could retire from Big Brother happy, knowing three living souls of three black women lived under one roof playing for $500,000 one summer. This alliance would be pretty strong but we all know Danielle would flip first and hard because she doesn’t give a shit what color your skin is, which is just one of the things I love about her.



Black and yellow, black and yellow…because it just needs to happen. Our choices in choice women of color are limited, sadly, but that doesn’t mean this alliance shouldn’t and couldn’t happen. Especially if Trump starts promising to keep a database on black and yellow and nuns.



You know it would happen. Ali and I are the only ones who get each other’s evil. I bet she’s very much the same since she lost to me in 2003, as she should be, much like how much I’m very much the same, in some ways. We’d be archenemies working together all over again showing no mercy just like the first time around, but as moms.



This is the other side of the spectrum. The white triumvirate and example of Big Brother’s no money back policy. Finally Plural and No Money Back and a few shades in between… No Money Back and Finally Plural would divide Twitter in half.



The two-headed monster with the strongest by blood bond in the house. Ain’t nobody gonna get between Rachel and her sis. Emotions will be at an all-time cycling hormonal high.


Imagine all that. I did. And I wrote it down to share.

Let’s discuss! Even the people who say this sucks yet return to comment!

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  • xxadarksoulxx on November 26, 2015 at 12:42 am said:


    I would absolutely love to see all the cat fights that would ensue with this cast! This dream cast needs to happen!!

  • You picked a killer cast (haha). However, CBS would have to pay some big bucks to make it work, since everybody has major ties and some miles down the road. This would be the real deal. I would love it. The one I would have a hard time with would be Elyssa – omg what a snotty piece of work, but I always got a kick out of her sis, Rachel! lol Good Kassting, Jun-Bug!

  • Much like the cast of Survivor Second Chances (EPIC 2 hour episode last night btw – so good), these women would be playing from the get-go. It would be fanTAStic to watch.

    • Survivor was AWESOME last night! I think this kinda of second chances season would work so great if it actually happened. HA!

  • Anonymous on November 27, 2015 at 3:49 am said:


    Keep dreaming, it will NEVER happen. This is painful to even fantasize about simply because it’s an all female cast. You need the male dynamic to keep things balanced otherwise the series would just feel off. I’m telling you, think long and hard and go back to the drawing board.

    • OMG crazy person, it doesn’t really matter if this happens or not. This is just for fun remember? I don’t want to go back to any drawing board hahaha this is imaginary…try it! :)

    • I have no idea what MS Paint is. Are you volunteering to help me?

      Maybe you need to get out more and get some of that fresh Seattle air in your lungs. Don’t be such a downer!

  • This would legitimately be an amazing cast! I’d replace Aaryn with Amber from BB16 so Brittany would have a duo partner though. This season would be intense. I think the whole house would start out against the No Money Back alliance lol. And I’m digging the Black and Yellow and Finally Plural alliances. Go Blasian power!

    Hey Jun would you ever consider doing a mentor season if they ever did another one? If I ever got in the BB house (hopefully for B18!) I would work to redeem the Floater label to its pre-Rachel glory days. Shelly and Andy have been the only good ones since Rachel came along.

  • Need a thesaurus to look for more synonyms with ‘AMAZING’

    I am trying to envision who would be considered the biggest threat and would all the others rally to support the first HOH nominations? I would hope not. Free thinkers. Bogus votes. Throwing shade. It would be glorious!

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