Pink Is For Girls, Pink Is For Boys

Pink. It’s a color.

It’s just a color.

Pink is the color Noah decided was his “favorite color” about six months ago, not coincidentally, after learning that pink was also the favorite color of his friend Farah. So after obsessing about blue for months, Noah decided that blue was out and pink was in. And boy has it been IN.

But after all, it’s just a color, right?

More importantly, it’s the color of the friendship between Noah and Farah. Farah, who has come such a long way, in such a short amount of time, five months to be exact. In fact not so short for Farah or her baby sister or her parents, who probably feel like it’s been the longest five months of their lives together so far.

What have you done in the last five months? What have I done? And how could it compare to the ups and downs and emergency runs to the hospital that Farah has had to endure? The scares, the stares, the prayers and everything in between that rhymes or rhymes not.

I mean, really, what the fuck rhymes with chemotherapy?

And sure there were days that Farah’s mother Houda and her father Daan, thought, would just break them, but they didn’t, and today Farah is stronger than she has been in months. She and Noah were recently reunited on, and of all days, Valentine’s Day.

It’s as if this span of five months was a mere five days.

They played. They babbled. They picked up right where they’d left off. As it should be.

Farah, who could not pull herself and walk just a few months ago, was in fact walking and even chasing after Noah. My goodness. My shock and relief ran through my body…


These two…

They even donned pink…they were a sight to behold, and it was pinkalicious and sweet as sweet could be.


Sassy even…


I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t at first nervous as I was excited about reuniting these treasures once again. I had done my best to prepare Noah for the changes in Farah’s appearance, and to encourage him to ask questions of Farah but to remain as kind and as loving as he’d always been with her. And he did not disappoint. And neither did Farah. She was a fabulous host and she and Noah reconnected and bonded once more.

Their friendship proves over and over that children are the saviors of this cold and unrelentingly harsh world.


These smiles.

These smiles can save souls that need saving the most. I wasn’t sure when Farah would be able to leave her home and go anywhere else but the hospital, but alas, after five months it’s a reality. Just last week we all piled into the car to attend a birthday party, that of their mutual friend Amélie.

And this Sunday Farah will be attending Noah’s fourth birthday party, and proving us all wrong. Strength comes from within. Strength lends a loving hand and lifts you up if you let it. All you have to do is let it.

Let it.


I’d like to thank everyone who has sent their love and good wishes and kind words of support during this experience so far. And special thanks to all of you who donated towards the Farah’s World gift list. We were able to collect so many snugly animal blankets, that Farah helped hand out to the brave little souls in the Children’s Cancer Ward at The University Hospital of Ghent.

It was a very special day, and a beautiful start to the new year…


Below is the thank you card, and a drawing from one of the children (Pauline), from the Children’s Cancer Fund of Belgium.


I cannot express in words how much I have grown and grown up these last five months, these last five years, and I thank you all for joining me along the way…

Farah’s journey has just begun and I’m proud to be riding her coattails and not floating…

Always dishing,



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  1. pamela

    teary eyed with happiness for you all and you are such an awesome mum Jun…Noah is a lucky boy and you and Davy blessed to have such a loving and warm family xx much love and happiness always xx

  2. Heather

    Words just can’t express my thoughts on your post, Jun. Sending much love to sweet Farah and her struggles, and to Noah for his strong, innocent support, and of course to you too.

  3. Chris

    This blog brought back memories of my cousin’s/sister’s son. His bestfriend had leukemia and the treatments changed his looks immensely. When they could get back and play together again it was like nothing had changed! We should all learn from kids how to all play together nicely.

    Too much hate in our world.

    Love you Jun 💜


  4. I love the color pink. Just saying or reading the word evokes visions of good health, rosy cheeks, a lovely way in which to view the world and now, Noah and Farah’s friendship. Pink 💕

  5. Deb in SF

    All blessings to Farah and Noah and you, their parents! Letting your little boy be who he is, and not curbing his enthusiasm or love for his friend. This blog made me cry because it’s the antidote to all the hate that the Republican candidates for President of the United States have brought to bear. It’s a message I very much needed to hear. Thank you, mama Jun!

  6. Jody

    That was just beautiful. I’m sorry to say I have had my own crisis at home (nothing to compare to this) and did not know what was going o with Farah.
    But man this hit my heart, in such a great way. I love seeing the results of great parenting (Noah in all his sweet smiles and love for his friend).
    You are doing good Jun, bringing up such a lovely boy that will spread that love to so many as he grows.
    In Pink, purple. Navy, chartreuse. ..



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