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What Big Brother Canada Season 4 Meant To Me

A lot, to me.

Obviously, nothing will surpass Big Brother U.S. for me, because it was there first and made me a lot of money for three months of my time. But it didn’t change my life. I always change my life.

But Big Brother Canada Season 4 actually meant a lot, to me.  I never watched Canada’s first season and binged the second season last year, just so I could watch the third season live. I expected more from #BBCAN3 because #BBCAN2 was pretty great. But #BBCAN3 turned out to be just okay.


#BBCAN4 gave me Arnold Shapiro vibe and feel in casting, and I liked it, as both a fan and an alum.


I even kept up with #BBCAN4 while I was in New York last month, calling in to Reality Recaps just for fun. Noah even made a cameo at the end. I’m not even sure how I squeezed that in, what with everything else accomplished on our family trip.


Freedom Tower, One World Trade Center, April 2016


But I did somehow keep up with, and finish this season of Big Brother Canada. I’m glad I did. It was a good season to be a fan, a Big Brother Canada fan.

But it had a disappointing ending, because it was an explosive season by Big Brother North America standards, and Tim should have won but he walked so we’ll never know. Some think he lied. Some think he was contractually obligated to “quit.”

Conspiracy theories are internet diarrhea.

Tim walked. A real winner always wants to win again. Tim is no winner. But then again, maybe he really is serious about wanting to go into politics in Australia. Quintessential happy go lucky Tim. OR even politics in Canada, if the right girl marries him…

But this isn’t about Cass, though it could have been. But she wasn’t in the final two, was she? She didn’t study enough, even though it would have made her a more whole player and PERHAPS GOT HER INTO FINAL TWO.

No, this is about Kelsey.

Dear Kelsey:

You shouldn’t have let Cass shake you on finale night. This wasn’t a beauty pageant. It’s Big Brother. You really should have reaped more for everything sewn, but you didn’t. You’re the one who evicted Cass and then you evicted Tim. It doesn’t matter who the HOH was because you had that sole vote on two pivotal weeks back-to-back. Your resume was good. You needed to manage Cass and Tim so they would be nice and fresh off to jury but you didn’t and, that’s why you lost to the Paqs brothers. It’s disappointing. I wanted you to win, not them. I don’t care if it “means more to them than it does to you.” What does that even mean? It means it’s a personal game as much as it is a social and strategic game. The sooner everyone realizes it the sooner we have less disappointing finales, period. 

  • Sidenote: It’s okay to lose but you need to know why you lost things in life. Lessons need to be learned. 

On the surface it seems like the Paqs brothers and Kelsey executed polar opposite games. But they didn’t. Both had pretty open alliances. It was blood versus water except the brothers couldn’t evict one another, hell, they couldn’t even evict themselves. They should have been made to self-evict. It would have been delicious. And rewarding, as a fan. And alum.

But Kelsey actually had it tougher because she was in an open alliance of three not two, including a meat shield froyomance inside that. That’s more complicated than what the brothers dealt with. And she made it to the end, despite being evicted once already. Whose fault is that?

And whose fault is it that the brothers got so far and that Tim got so far, and Nikki as far as she did? Twists are protected. Because money has been invested.

End of story.

But it was a very good season. Very reminiscent of Big Brother U.S., the earlier years. It’s probably the last of its kind now…

I hope the brothers grow up sooner than later. I’m sure they’re fun to party with but they’re lucky they were sitting next to Kelsey in the end. The End.

Always dishing,



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  • Evie Ryan on May 15, 2016 at 3:04 am said:


    I loved this season mostly because of Tim! Hated the way the brothers acted and treated others though! Tim’s accent though 😍😍😍😍

  • M. Mandjik on May 15, 2016 at 9:07 pm said:


    THe last week I thought who I would vote fir, and I picked the brothers, because they slayed challenges at the end and because they were able to go very far without being evicted. I like Kelseyville she us one of the most beautiful girl ,which drove Maddy bonkers since she wanted to be the only girl among the boys,but the issue I have with her is her personality, she is intelligent, kind but did not came across as a fun person, her personality is kind of boring actually. SORRY.

  • Dana Goodyear on May 21, 2016 at 9:50 pm said:


    Loved that you took precious time on your family vacation to talk with us Jun. As a BB Fan and a YOU fan it was such a pleasure to talk with you!

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