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Big Brother 18

I’m fucked up. You’re fucked up. Because we’re all actually fucked up. And we are all fucked up for this new season of Big Brother. Yay.

And there are more names like Arroyo and Flores and less names like Honeycutt and Marlow among the new (part) of the current cast. Again, yay.

Today’s cast reveal was great. And I stand by CBS’s decision to postpone it by one day, whether their intentions were business-driven or altruistic. Because precious lives were lost in Orlando. And there’s lots weighting on everyone’s minds.

Big Brother can wait and should wait, and it waited. Jackie Ibarra was right when she tweeted yesterday that delaying the cast reveal was the right thing to do.

And here I’d thought I’d never come to appreciate Jackie for anything. I was wrong. Yes.

You can virtually smell summer in the social media buzz because Big Brother is about to start up again. Whatever “summer” smells like to you. It makes the BB fans come out.

So, no, I don’t think the show is going anywhere anytime soon. Les Moonves likes making that easy money that goes, most of it, right into his pockets at the end of the year. And Big Brother creates a buzz.

I wish it would create a ripple though.

Buzzes get old.

Because CBS lost an opportunity on season 15. They lost me. And for the next season too they lost me. I have yet to watch season 16. Because that season 15, CBS went for the buzz and not a ripple, by not taking more of a firm stand on the racism that prevailed. Because what you saw on the televised shows was nothing compared to everything else that happened on the live feeds. Allison Grodner could have called the HGs on season 15 together for a house meeting over the loudspeaker. She did during my season, season 4, when Scott Weintraub had a fit and started throwing chairs around and then announced out loud to the house that he had HPV. So Groder could have called the cast of season 15 together for a talking to, in the least. She should have, and for Candice Stewart. Candice was baited and then some, and CBS has a lot of making up to do for tolerating shitshow racism.

So I appreciate their semblance of caring yesterday. As an American and as a human. More of that please and thank you.

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  • Jun,

    Love all that dishin’ you do and that way you dish it!. You go girl!

    About BB15, as disgusting as it was – and it WAS REALLY disgusting – I didn’t take great offense to the bigotry because it showed several interesting things things about people you don’t always get to actually SEE.

    One was the group mentality, where so many were doing it, that nobody stood up for what was right, because nobody else was saying anything…There were several DISGUSTING bigots (that for all we know are card-carrying Neo-Nazis), and there were others that resisted the bigotry in the beginning, then started acting just like the bigots, and maybe even a tad more bigoted that the original bigots (think Amanda Zuckerman); then there were the ones who probably were disgusted by the bigotry, but tolerated it, just because they wanted to say in the BB House – the mealy-mouthed people in society who are afraid of speaking out or rocking the boat.

    And the bigotry spread, just like a horrible infection, throughout the BB House…

    I wondered, that if just ONE PERSON had taken a stand, if the people who are basically decent would have backed them up and gotten the group mentality going in a positive direction. However, since none of the houseguests or CBS stood up to the bad-asses, we’ll never know what would have happened. That would also have been interesting to see, though not nearly as infuriating.

    They’ve called BB “the social experiment,” and we do see see some very interesting behaviors, truly!

    Your admiring fan – Deb

  • I still say CBS in a large way was responsible for the season 15 “racism scandal”. There is no doubt in my mind they produced it, pushed it along further, provoked it and created a controversy to give BB more media hype. Add to that – casting some ignorant people who unwillingly allowed themselves to be used then discarded … Big Brother has never been the same for me since

  • zoekayla on June 15, 2016 at 10:19 pm said:


    I am not sure I’m ready to reinvest. Season 15 pretty much ruined BB for me. The lack of concern by production for what hgs were allowed to express to/about minorities was horrific. Sure, we all have first ammendment rights, but when our “targets and victims” are literally locked in with each other, the rights of others need more consideration.
    I’ll be eager to see if we’ve got racists or misogynists in this cast. Then I’ll decide if I can “lock myself into the house” for the season💜

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