Post-Disney Depression Is a Thing?

Now that Disneyland Paris has been checked off my bucket list… Onto fun topics like Post-Disney Depression!

Post-Disney Depression Is A Thing?


I had no idea “PDD” was an actual thing until now. Admittedly, I’ve been feeling cranky and on-edge since I returned home this past Saturday, after a four-day trip to Disneyland Paris. But I didn’t know there was an actual term for it, not to mention a whole Google search dedicated to it?!


Nevertheless, here I am 72 hours post-Disneyland Paris, and also 29 days nicotine-free by the way, feeling pretty grumpy. And I’m not talking about Snow White’s dwarf, Grumpy. I’m talking, woah, this super irritable feeling I can’e seem to shake, grumpy. So it must be this thing they call Post-Disney Depression? One minute you’re attacking cotton candy with your mouth gaping open and the next minute you’re back home home and taking the trash out. Boom.

Even my son Noah must be feeling it because the very first morning he woke up in his own bed, Sunday, he said, “Good morning mama. I miss Disney.”

Dagger. Heart. Though I have to believe that’s a sign of a Disney experience done right.

So Noah and I spent yesterday morning watching Lilo & Stitch. It was his second time watching it, but my first. Don’t judge me.

And of course I had to squeeze a bag of Capri-Sun out into his newly-acquired Stitch cup and matching straw, which only cost €9 in total. Noah refuses to drink out of anything else right now. Yay for me. Sigh.

Yes, for some reason, of all the Disney characters Noah chose to become obsessed with on our trip…it was Stitch. And for the low-low price of €25, gah, Noah got to throw Stitch on his shoulders and bring him home from Disneyland Paris.

Noah And Stitch in Disneyland Paris

And for good measure, you can also bring home this matching fluffy Stitch sweatshirt for only €30!

Noah as Stitch

Maybe it’s less PDD and more OMGMYWALLET

But First: Thank You Mom and Dad

I can’t even tell you at how many points during this trip I wanted to just call my mother and thank her for letting me be a kid when I was a kid. She and my dad made sure I was the happiest kid on earth when I visited Disney World’s Magic Kingdom as a child. No worrying about maps or money. Just Disney magic to be experienced. And now that I’m a parent I can truly appreciate everything they did for me. What a difference when roles are reversed!

I hope my dad was looking down from heaven last week, and smiling, as big as Noah was smiling for four straight days…


I’ll blog again about specifics around Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios Paris, and the fabulous hotel we stayed at during our travels across the border. I’m gonna need another day or two to get my Disney Detox going though. It’s not really helping that Noah’s making me “talk like Stitch!” all the time. He wouldn’t even let me trim his fingernails and toenails today unless I pretended to be Stitch and narrated the whole ordeal in Stitch’s voice.

“Stitch gonna eat Noah’s nails. Noah’s nails look so yummy!”

Yes. These words actually came out of my mouth today while hunched over my five-year-old’s foot. I can’t tell if it’s making my PDD worse or not…but I think it may be helping Noah more than it is helping me. I guess it’s worth it then.

Has anyone else out there actually experienced PDD? Or am I just losing it? Help!

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  1. Karen

    Yes! The struggle is real. It usually takes me a couple of weeks to get over Disney. It is one place that I feel special and relaxed and coming back to reality is really hard. I have been to Disney World twice this year from Canada. No plans to go in 2018…yet.

  2. Deano Brown

    PDD is real and it’s deep!!!!
    We were lucky enough to go to Florida every year or so with our parents when we were little. But when it was my 21st they asked me if I wanted to tag along one last time. I am legit made of stone… And on the last day of our holiday I shed a tear walking around Magic Kingdom. I was upset just at the THOUGHT of not being there anymore!! lol
    It’s tough but it passes… Huge well done for going through that and STILL staying off the smokes!! Super huge achievement. And Noah looks like he had one HELL of a time!!

  3. Christina

    We’ve been home for almost 2 weeks since our Disney World trip and I’m finding myself reading Disney blog updates on FB everyday. =\ The second we got to the airport around grumpy and rude people, I realized the magic was over. I had started to notice how everyone at the park was so happy and smiley, guests included. lol Like you, the only thing happy to be back home is our wallet!

    Good luck getting through it! I suggest Frozen and ice cream through the tough days. hehe

  4. John D

    True and real.
    Turned 40 this year and just got back from my first trip ever 5 days ago and I’m miserable.
    It was my daughter’s 7th birthday as well while we were visiting WDW and the memories are incredible.

    Already planning a return trip for next December for us all again.
    Hang in there fellow sufferers….we will all get back there before we know it!!


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