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Big Brother and Twitter


The fourteenth season of what started out as chaos ended with Ian Terry as winner.   He is already covered on Wikipedia and Big Brother Wiki. He has gambled and partied with some of his favorite Big Brother (“BB”) alum in LA and Vegas.  Oh Ian.  He doesn’t have to make the QuackPack sign with his hand in every picture.

I loved Ian’s win and I am surprised he is so open to the public so shortly after spending three months inside the BB house cut off from the outside world as he knew it.   To each his own.   When I won in 2003, there was neither Twitter nor Facebook.  But there were plenty of Big Brother forums and a few BB websites trying to make it big.

I chose to leave the BB house and get out of the spotlight immediately.  I went back home to Manhattan and I picked up my life as I knew it as best I could.  Maggie Ausburn, winner of BB6, chose to disappear altogether from the public eye. I read that she was spotted recently, but she refused photos.  Everyone who spends their entire summer in the BB house, winner or not, gets their freedom back at the end.  What they do with the freedom is their personal choice.




As an avid (putting it mildly) Twitter user @JunDishes I see a lot.  Very often I am asked about BB alum and why-they-do-this-and-that and I can’t speak for all.   They make a personal choice in how to deal or not deal with fans, peddle their wares, end up on TMZ or not, you get what I’m saying.

It’s easy to get offended on Twitter. I get offended.  But tagging people in aggressive tweets and/or encouraging others to do so, or any variation thereof, is unnecessary.   Twitter is what you make of it.  If someone blocks you, move on and interact with those who don’t block you.  The chances of you ever getting unblocked is slim-to-never.  I have been blocked by some.  I don’t expect to be unblocked.   I am okay with occasional blockage.  See how ridiculous this is all starting to sound?

The Houseguests sign away their freedom for a summer and what they do with the rest of their lives is up to them. And lest you forget, it’s THEIR Twitter account.  They can do with it whatever they want.




WE can follow and take them for what they are.  YOU can either unfollow or get blocked and keep expending more energy in rallying people for a lost cause.  That is your personal choice.  Imagine waking up every morning to up to a thousand tweets (not me, but BB14 alum) and some angry just to be angry about not getting a reply to their original angry tweet(s), etc.

As BB fans, we can always be more mindful.  We will never stop complaining, but we can be more mindful.

I, personally, love how my Twitterverse runs.

Always dishing,


Just Jack


These two words, Just Jack, have been on my tongue and fingertips and tweets more often than any other answer to Big Brother questions I’ve received.  Just Jack.  The answer to that never-dying “Do you keep in touch with anyone from your season?”  There’s nothing wrong at all with the question, yet it is the last question I would ask myself, if I was…you.  Some ask if I have kept in touch with Jee and no, I haven’t.  He came to my father’s funeral when he passed in 2004 and we cried together, then Jee and I have not kept in touch since.  I know he is married and through mutual friends, I see he is smiling with his new bride, the same girlfriend he had during our Big Brother season.  I forget her name.  This is how much I don’t keep in to touch.

But back to Jack.  He is the one person I said I would love to keep in contact with and in the 9 years since my season, we have done more than that.  Our bond reaches to each others families. Jack’s is a beautiful family inside and out, and have such a strong web of love and support.  I couldn’t cherish more or be more proud of the bond Jack and I have formed.

Jack speaks volumes of the game Big Brother used to be.   I don’t hate Big Brother as it is now, and as a fan first, I really never mean disrespect to the show, or CBS.  I just voice my frustrations like everyone else does. But I don’t “hate” anything or anyone, really.  Not even Julie “Homegirl” Chen, although many people think I hate her.

And when my father passed away, I will never forget just how gracious and warm CBS was to me and my family.  And I was blessed to have real people on the staff who connected with me.  I still have a very few but real freaking friends I’ve made within the Big Brother staff..those people who “live behind the scenes”.  Those few friends know who they are and they are friends because we do not need to name names or name drop.  There is no leaking of insider information from them to me and I am just a girl who happened to win a reality show they work(ed) on.  Among BB alum, I have relationships of all degrees, but my deepest connections are actually not the ones that happen on Twitter or otherwise in-your-face.  Real friendships don’t depend on Big Brother.  It is why I cut people hard and cold when they become anything but friends.  People have called me crazy for doing so, but I call it “clearing out bad energy to make room for better energy”.  Hello.

And so Jack remained in my life as a fixture and he is nothing but jovial and uplifting in all our exchanges but real and firm when he needs to be. And as he and I watch our families grow, mine just starting to, it’s no wonder all I answer is “Just Jack” anymore.  Because that’s all I need.  Literally, Just Jack works for me.  Jack is a published author and brilliant mind, and one of the last class acts to have graced Big Brother.  We can look at Jack then and look at him now and he is still the same comfortable-in-his-skin Jack.  Only now, at least to me, he is the one person from my season that tells me it was worth being a part of something that now reeks of plastic and mugshots and other bad-press-is-good-press.

On Twitter, there’s a hashtag going #JustJack, because that’s how often I get this question…and so my long-time followers feel my pain when I have to answer, yet again.  Jack Owens has a hashtag and I can’t convince him to get on Twitter!  But maybe that’s a good thing.  He spends his time more wisely than the average bear.  And Twitter is such a dirty dirty place.  And I relish in Twitter just like I relished the diary room.  Jack relished my diary rooms too, and we just get each other.  That’s why, it’s Just Jack.

I know those of you reading this nodding and/or otherwise agreeing, get it too.  And the unfortunate remedial portion of those who will read this, will just never get it.  Why there are “armies” assigned to the Hantzes, Brenchels, and other BB alum, I will never really get.  But I’m more than okay with that.  Because I know you know I know I’d be the first one to shut down anything remotely close to some “JunArmy” bullshit.  Why do you need an army if you can handle your business yourself.

Let’s be thankful there was a time when Big Brother cast people like Jack, and not TMZ “stars”.  And a time when hating the person you saw on television could be separated from  hating the person in real life.

All this wishing harm on lives (this goes for BB alum hating on one another too), and tormenting Big Brother alum with threats on their families because you did not appreciate them in a context of a reality show is spinning more and more out of control.  Perhaps it’s getting time to step away.

Old school Big Brother was the best of Big Brother.


Always Dishing,


CBS versus ABC



Battle of the Acronyms

In this corner we have Big Brother…                              and then there’s “Life in a Glass House

Life in a Glass House? That’s so looooooooong.  It should just be called Glass House. Two words.

Will I watch it?  Of course.

Will you?

According to this news piece, ABC is claiming, “The differences between Glass House and Big Brother are both fundamental and obvious, ranging from Glass House’s interactive elements and audience participation to its deployment of cutting edge technologies”.

Well, when I read “cutting edge technologies” I think immediately of toys. The Japanese kind…for adults. And “deployment” seems like an odd word.  But I still can’t wait to check out the show.  And CBS knows it.

CBS knows we’ll all “check it out just to see what it’s like/the fuss if all about/will happen. Will Glass House bomb or will it deploy a bomb? I’m going to try to use “deploy” at least once a day now via my Twitter, until BB14 starts.

Plus, we’re Big Brother fans.  While waiting for the start of our dirty cheesy whiny summer pleasure any form of new reality television, minus tiara’d toddlers or pregnant teens or Ktrashians, is always welcome.  Right?  Though as a winner, I really do turn up my nose. Curses on you Glass House!

But hold on to your panties, CBS is pulling out the big water guns and sending the ladies of The Talk into the Big Brother house. Yup.

How cute. Cute is a one of many four letter words I know.

This photo reminds me of that drunken party game…the one where a few people have to stand in the middle of the room while the rest of us, one by one, position their body parts awkward ways.  Yeah. I know. You’ve played that game before too.

I also know that watching the video of Chenbot and Sharon Osbourne had me laughing. But I won’t be watching The Talk Talking The Talk.  Will you?

And btw…I’ll be blogging through the summer with you guys so if you’re going to sign up for feeds then try to use the link below to sign up.

Watch Big Brother 13 on SuperPass!

And if you’re not signing up for feeds then I’ll be tweeting bits and pieces of feeds anyway so see you on Twitter!

Always dishing,


It’s Not A Toomah!


I joke on a regular basis.  I’ve joked that my experience on Big Brother 4 caused me to suffer from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

But I didn’t.

Did I find it unpleasant and disconcerting to find myself back all of a sudden again in “reality”?  Yes. But I had also found it surreal and uneasy when I walked into “reality show” mode three months prior.  Being in the Big Brother (“BB”)  house you have to adjust.  Leaving the BB house is just as big an adjustment, perhaps bigger.

PTSD is a normal reaction to an abnormal situation, and Big Brother is certainly NOT a normal situation to put yourself in. But it comes down to the person you are when you sign that contract and walk through the doors for a chance at half a million dollars. We say “you are what you eat” but as a VOLUNTARY houseguest in the BB house, you are what you are…going in and coming out. I had a great life when I started that summer.  I went in it to win it and I left a winner going back to a great life.

I had my share of drama in and leaving that house but I would never take away from those really suffering from PTSD and say that’s what I went through. And having spent the duration of the game actually in the BB house to eventually win, the length of time spent in there is irrelevant. PTSD can be caused by an event lasting a few seconds, as long as the damage is done.

PTSD by definition is an illness…an anxiety disorder that is treatable. The syndrome occurs following the experience or witnessing of a life-threatening event such as military combat, natural disasters, terrorist incidents, serious accidents, or physical/sexual assault in adult or childhood.  Note the “such as” because there are only so many events we can list off the top of our heads. Big Brother might be trashy at times, but I would never consider it life-threatening (minus the knife-incident in Season 2 and the death of one microphone in Season 11).

I’m not here to discount other BB alum’s claims that they did suffer through PTSD. I don’t think anyone but a licensed professional can provide any real insight into this. And I am no medical professional, unless there’s a costume and roleplay involved…on any given Saturday night.

There is, however, a period of vital re-adjustment once the season of Big Brother is over. But it’s not synonymous with this very real and serious disorder. And if you are diagnosed with PTSD, the likelihood of you going back into the BB house is slim to none. So we, BB alum, can cry ourselves a river but we shouldn’t expect a “life vest” to save ourselves. CBS does what it can to ensure you are “okay” post-season, but really, your life is your own and you do with it what you do.

But I can only tell you about my experiences from the moment I left Studio City behind to pick up my life…and my check for $500,000…and so, in chronological order:

So, I had just won by a vote to 6 to 1 against Alison Irwin…the only vote for her coming from Nathan Marlow. Our finale was by far the most awkward in BB history. It was done in the actual house with Chenbot on the flatscreen. I was surrounded by the last seven evictees who wanted nothing to do with voting for a winner…except dear Jack Owens and David Lane. Incidentally, David (and Amanda) were the first ever BB USA HGs to have sex (together) in the BB house so I can see why he didn’t mind losing at all. Right.

One would think the jury took a dump on my lap I looked so unhappy. The jurors were so bitter that I thought I’d end up with one of their keys in my neck.  But inside I was rejoicing and laughing at Ali’s one vote from Nathan. I’m still laughing.

So as soon as Julie told me Bob (my most recent ex at the time, as opposed to Jee who I spent most of the summer with because of the X-Factor) was outside waiting for me I booked it. I ran out those doors and threw my fat ass into Bob’s arms (whom I was still in love with at the time and the reason I had signed up for BB in the first place because I wanted to get out of NYC to forget about our breakup four months prior…phew, taking a breath now) and cried. Even Bob shed a tear.

While hanging on to Bob for dear life I turned to see Ali rejoicing her second place win with her parents and then I was told both she and I had to go into the studio to be interviewed by Julie Chen (“Chenbot”). Ugh. Really, all I wanted to do was sleep/spoon in a quiet room for a week. But I went into the studio with Ali while Chenbot asked the usual scripted pointless questions like when circa 1982 reporters would ask newly homeless tornado victims “How are you feeling?” But when Chenbot asked me if I would keep in contact with Ali and remain friends I said in the clearest voice “No”. It didn’t matter though because Ali was so happy to be in front of a camera again and Chenbot was running low on batteries and incapable of understanding my desire to get away from the both of them.

When I left the studio after that awkward post-BB4 interview, I was whisked away off the BB house lot. Bob was with me, as was a “bodyguard” who turned out to be super cool but my mind was so numb I don’t think I could point him out in a lineup if I had to. I was rushed into a conference room in another lot next door and told my family was on the phone waiting to talk to me. I didn’t think anything of it when the producers closed the door to the conference room without meeting my eyes. I was in the room with Bob and there was a telephone at the end of the conference room table. It turned out to be my brother on the line and I screeched into the phone “Holy fuck I won! How crazy is this?! And Bob is here with me!” and my brother answered laughing and saying how awesome it was.

My brother’s tone then changed immediately and for a second he wasn’t seven years younger than me anymore. He sounded older. Old.

He took a very serious tone and told me with a very heavy heart that “Dad’s in the hospital. He’s been in there for 8 days. He’s in a coma.” I thought it was a sick joke.

I had turned to Bob with tears blinding me. I repeated verbatim to him what my brother had just told me and I half-listened to more details through the phone.

I hung up after a few minutes and as if on cue, the producers walked in at that time to tell me I’d be flown home the next day.  But only after my post-season interview with Julie Chen on The Early Show. I was then presented with a check for $500,000. It’s strange the money wasn’t wired and instead presented as a physical check. I don’t know if things have changed since, but the stress of holding one wisp of paper worth $500K was immense.

I wondered that night if my greed and need to win had resulted in finding my dad in such a condition. I was angry that my family had decided by a vote (how ironic) eight days earlier that they would not notify the producers because they didn’t want to take the experience away from me. I was disturbed because that entire last week something in me had clued me in that something might be very wrong. I had asked to speak to the CBS shrink in the diary room just a few days prior though I couldn’t explain what was at the time a gut feeling that something really bad was happening beyond my control. I never thought it would be that my dad was laying in a coma back in NYC, but my god, it creeps me out even now to think my instincts were right.

So with Bob, and the bodyguard escort, I went to the hotel I was originally sequestered in. The lobby and the staff seemed different to me…perhaps because I was a “different” guest this time? I was the winner of Big Brother 4.

I remember first checking into my hotel room that night and feeling so alone. Bob was in the room next door, but after spending 24/7 with other people in the BB house, I just felt very very alone. I kept grabbing for my mic that was no longer there. I kept looking around as I took my first real bath looking for cameras that were no longer a part of my life. It seemed so quiet that I flushed the toilet several times in lieu of pinching myself. Bob ended up spending the night in my bed with me foregoing his own room. He rubbed my back until I cried myself to sleep. He was with me the next morning when I did my post-show interview with the Chenbot for The Early Show.

I put on my bravest face and tried to suppress my anxiety about my dad while I gushed in Chenbot’s face about my win when what I wanted to do was shout at the camera “My father is in a coma!”

They, of course, did my makeup like I was a geisha girl or an extra from Mulan but I didn’t care. All I wanted to do was get on a plane and see my dad. And I did just that.

I got recognized at the airport and on the plane and when I landed in NYC and even my cab driver of all people was babbling about my win as he drove me into Manhattan. Can you imagine how odd all of that was? Despite the intrigue around it all?

My dad was at Beth Israel Hospital and when I got to the ICU the staff knew who I was. Apparently my dad had WOKEN UP from his coma while I was on the plane and one of the first things he asked was whether or not I had come home and if I had won. Can you believe it? It’s pretty unbelievable. It’s like he knew his baby girl was coming home to him.

After eight days of being in a coma my dad was so skinny and his face so gaunt yet through his coke-bottle glasses he told me he was so proud of me and that he had told everyone he could about what I was doing that summer. He grabbed Bob’s hand (Bob never left my side) and thanked him and we all cried and laughed and then let my dad get some rest. I remember staying a while longer because I was so scared he wouldn’t wake up. I left to see the rest of my family and cry and laugh and curse them out for keeping my dad’s condition from me. They, of course, in all their Korean morale and justification told me I couldn’t have done anything to help him had I left the BB house and yes, they were right but had my dad passed while I was in the BB house I don’t think I would be where I am today. While talking to my family I kept brushing my hair back over my shoulders out of habit because that’s what I would do in the BB house so production didn’t get their ears blown out by my hair scraping on the mic.

Bob offered his place for me to stay and decompress for as long as I wanted but all I wanted to do was go back to my apartment on the Upper East Side and sleep. After my first night at my place I woke up and instinctively felt around for my mic. When I came out of the shower to get dressed I thought, “Put on the mic”.

I went to see my dad again the second day and he asked me if I had kept my side of the “bargain” and followed through on all my CBS obligations. I told him no, I had just done The Early Show and rushed back. With what energy he had, he told me firmly I should finish everything I was supposed to do because I had been given such an opportunity and walked away with $500K. He would not have it any other way.

So I returned to Los Angeles. I attended the Wrap Party. CBS paid my way back and back and back again. They even paid for Bob to be with me. For all the haters out there I can only say: CBS may be an entity but staffed by people…like you and me. They are good people. The Wrap Party was bittersweet for me. I was happy to see Shapiro and Grodner and Kroll and Wollman and everyone who hugged me with sincerity. I was happy to see Jack again and meet his beautiful family. I avoided Chenbot when she made her mechanical cameo as a “proper” host. I was fat and tanned and $500K richer but my dad was on my mind.

Bob returned to NYC after the Wrap Party and I stayed to film the episode of “Yes, Dear” before coming back home for good. I did not “hang” with my fellow HGs or BB alum. As far as I was concerned, I was done with LA and though I was “under contract” with CBS for another few years, I was doing it from NYC.  It had never been my intention to “make it” in Hollywood.  I had merely set a goal to win Big Brother and done it.

I was working at Citigroup for five years before I went on Big Brother and I had taken a four-month personal leave of absence for it. I did not return to work but instead spent time with my dad and the rest of my family. If I was not at the hospital or my parents’ house I was at my apartment. I did not go out whether it was to eat or drink or watch a movie. Fresh Direct had just started up in NYC the year before and so I had my groceries delivered to my door.

It was not PTSD. There was no drama and no flashbacks or “shakes” or anger and irritability.  It was me, taking time and space for myself and making choices to ensure I could transition back to my life again.  And my friends and family loved me enough to understand that and gave me my time and space.

It took me two full months to stop looking up to check for cameras and to stop the phantom mic pains. Anyone who cared about me let me have those two months and were there for me after. Anyone who wasn’t there should never been in my life in the first place.

And in that time I bought myself a new laptop and saved the rest of my money until four months later when I bought a condo in Manhattan with my winnings. And then in June of 2004 my dad passed away after fighting his failing kidneys.

I am not the only one to have lost a father. I am not the only one to have experienced the thrill of of win in Big Brother. I manipulated the HGs during my season and I even called Rob’s little girl “that little bitch”.  Just a snapshot of what my life was like in such a short amount of time.

I am one who takes accountability and responsibility for everything that is my doing, including the summer of 2003, and blame noone.

I don’t call it PTSD. But we can call it BBSD if you really want to call it something.

And I would do it all again.

P.S.: This post written in response to Rachel Reilly’s multiple claims that she had PTSD as a result of her time on season 12.

Big Brother 13 – Fans versus WTF


Pictures of the house have been unveiled,

Identities of eight houseguests now revealed…

The gimmick they call a twist declared,

“Dynamic Duos”, um, old houseguests to be paired…

Wait, so really, this summer is basically a “fans versus CBS’ favs” season?

Okay.  I can live with that.  And I can live with waiting until July 7th, when the show premieres, to see what really gives.  I really don’t have any interest or tolerance in hashing over theories and rumors over which dynamic duos will be returning to the Big Brother house.

All I know of is one Dynamic Duo returning, and that’s Chen + bot, so that’s enough for me for now, thanks.  But by all means, carry on with the rumors…some of them are quite entertaining!

We have no clue as to which past HGs will actually be getting another shot in the game so until then, let’s get to know aka dissect the poor eight newbies who will be facing that veterans shall we?

These eight (plus one) will have to get over the initial shock of seeing some of their BB heroes and zeroes walk into he house and I really fear for them.  I wish I could coach them all season…

All superficial, catty and shallow opinions aside (which are three of my favorite kind actually)…let’s talk about the strengths and weaknesses each of the new HGs are bringing with them on July 7th:

ADAM – 39, Hoboken, New Jersey (originally from East Brunswick, NJ)

Strengths: He’s followed the show since season one which will serve him well, as the Wikipedia of Big Brother history, when it comes to certain competitions involving facts and figures. He should use his knowledge to his advantage and be quiet about it.

Weaknesses: I don’t really know that there’s a big demand for “heavy metal teddy bears” that he claims to be supplying.  Because of his stature and facial hedge he’s already a bit “hard to approach”.  Dude, chill out, don’t be so eager or you’ll be ousted.

CASSI – 26, Nashville, Tennessee (originally from Allen, TX)

Strengths: She seems so cool and level-headed that she’s almost too good to be true.  Combined with her looks she may be able to last the whole summer.

Weaknesses: She may come off as cold/indifferent.  And unfortunately chicks in the house will find her incredibly threatening if it turns out she’s as cool as she seems in her video.  She may also fall into the showmance trap and alienate herself further from the other ovaries in the house.

DOMINIC – 25, San Francisco, California (originally from San Mateo, CA)

Strengths: He gets that being too strong too soon is a downfall (unlike Adam).  He is afraid of STDs so perhaps there is hope for him yet…meaning, thinking with the right head once he’s in that house.

Weaknesses: He says “Meow-Meow” aka Enzo is his “man”. He seems like he won’t be serious enough about gameplay. He’ll need to watch his mouth and listen more than flap his mouth (which he’s admitted he has a tendency to do).

KALIA – 30, Los Angeles, California (originally from Philadelphia, PA)

Strengths: Well-spoken (background as a writer) so she’ll be able to formulate any campaigning or lies off-the-cuff and without a hitch. Her fav HGs (Dr. Will, James, Janelle) were all gamers so that’s a good indication that she understands the game.

Weaknesses: She claims to hating “sharing things”, “living with people”, “dirty people” so she may have a hard time adjusting to life in the BB house.  She thinks everyone in the world loves her which is never a good thing.

KEITH – 32,  Bolingbrook, Illinois

Strengths: He works in human resources so hopefully he is armed with some diplomacy in addition to his sex cravings.

Weaknesses: He predicts he will have the BB ladies swooning over him and wanting to be “Keith’s Angels” which is great if this was pre-Betty Friedan era.  He claims to have two sides to him: Professional Keith and Playboy Keith…referring to yourself in the 3rd person will only make your fall three times harder.

LAWON – 39, Inglewood, California (originally from Urbana, IL)

Strengths: He may just be obnoxious and annoying enough for someone to want to take him to the end.  He’s shed 54 pounds and maintained it so we know he has some discipline beneath all that “buckwahhhhld” (“buckwild” to the rest of us) crazy.

Weaknesses: He seems more a caricature than anything else so the other HGs may be unable to achieve any sort of comfort level with him.   But I can’t wait to see him in the Diary Room…if I can understand him that is…he makes up his own words apparently.

PORSCHE – 23, Miami Beach, Florida (originally from Fort Lauderdale)

Strengths: She claims that taking care of her dad after his heart attack is her proudest accomplishment so there may be some iota of likability to her once she’s playing the game.

Weaknesses: She seems to think her fav past HG Natalie Martinez and the strategy she employed “worked”.  Um, it did not. She also thinks “selling herself” is what she needs to win the game.  Um, sweety, nobody’s buying your bubbles in that house.

SHELLY – 41, Prairieville, Louisiana (originally from Centerville, Ohio)

Strengths: Like Adam, she seems to be a true fan and follower of the show which will aid her.  She is certainly “tough” in her demeanor (almost masculine?) which will help her through the sometimes brutal/tough times in that house.

Weaknesses: Her background as a “leader” may hamper her ability to go with the flow which is necessary in this game.  She also wants to play a “classy” game which sounds great but will eventually consume her gameplay if she let it.

And last but not least…in lieu of an “America’s Player”…I have sent in a “Twitter’s Player”…

ROCKY – 6 months, Ghent, Belgium

Strengths: She has had the best coach, ME, and so she is armed with everything she needs to last the whole three months in the BB house.  She hears everything. And she will be tweeting from @Rockytown.

Weaknesses: She has major dietary restrictions so living on slop is not really an option. Nobody in the house will actually know she’s there since Rocky will be living in the walls of the BB house so she will never have the opportunity to become HOH.

Getting Your Big Brother Key


Dear @feiona78:

Updated: Monday, September 2, 2013

I don’t know about others, but I know I was packed WEEKS before they producers came to “take me away” because I was that confident I was getting on the show.  I still don’t know WHY I was so sure, but I just was.  I had taken a four-month personal leave of absence from Citigroup and rented my apartment for three months, and paid up my utility and cable bills too. I was a packed and ready-to-go girl.

In truth, when they do come and get you it’s all a blur because it’s all about the crew getting the footage they need for the premiere. Then it’s “Okay, let’s go, say you’re goodbyes” when all their precious footage is taken. They have suffice material to typecast you for promos, and it’s time to go. It’s like a slap in the face. Literally, you have five minutes at most to say your final goodbyes and leave. Then you need to grab your bag and hope you don’t lose your damn mind over the summer because you’ve signed up for something called Big Brother.

The footage you see of people “packing their bags” is real and not real at the same time. You’re given your key and then your BB bag when the producers come to take you, but you get to bring one other bag with you into the house (as small/big as you want). So I packed an “immibag” which was what my Korean family of immigrants called it. Those bags that “immigrants” used back in the day. I could have carried a few dead bodies into the BB house with me!  I packed three full months of summer wardrobe with me, and half of it didn’t fit me anymore by the time I left the house. Oh, and CBS does provide all the toiletries you NEED but luxuries or specific brands are up to you to bring with you. So if you’ve got some frou-frou needs in bath and body products, you’d better bring three months-worth with you.

As far as getting your key? You know it’s coming because you just know it’s coming. Every season starts off with seeing HGs receive their keys so you know the key’s gonna pop up when the camera is on you, but it’s still a thrill to get your key and more thrilling if you’re a super fan. I wasn’t a super fan then, but I still have my BB key and duffel bag and every single small and big souvenir I collected during my season. You don’t even want to know some of the corny stuff I have. I could never sell any of it and not because I’m a hoarder.

So this was a very long answer to a short question: NO. Not technically an hour to pack. Unless you’re stupid.

You should be packed when you get the call on the Wednesday or Thursday before they come to get you, that Saturday. This process hasn’t changed much since my season, but I welcome edits and updates from more recent BB alum. If it ain’t broke CBS won’t fix it.

Even it if is broke clearly CBS won’t fix it.

Always dishing,