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Getting Your Big Brother Key


Dear @feiona78:

Updated: Monday, September 2, 2013

I don’t know about others, but I know I was packed WEEKS before they producers came to “take me away” because I was that confident I was getting on the show.  I still don’t know WHY I was so sure, but I just was.  I had taken a four-month personal leave of absence from Citigroup and rented my apartment for three months, and paid up my utility and cable bills too. I was a packed and ready-to-go girl.

In truth, when they do come and get you it’s all a blur because it’s all about the crew getting the footage they need for the premiere. Then it’s “Okay, let’s go, say you’re goodbyes” when all their precious footage is taken. They have suffice material to typecast you for promos, and it’s time to go. It’s like a slap in the face. Literally, you have five minutes at most to say your final goodbyes and leave. Then you need to grab your bag and hope you don’t lose your damn mind over the summer because you’ve signed up for something called Big Brother.

The footage you see of people “packing their bags” is real and not real at the same time. You’re given your key and then your BB bag when the producers come to take you, but you get to bring one other bag with you into the house (as small/big as you want). So I packed an “immibag” which was what my Korean family of immigrants called it. Those bags that “immigrants” used back in the day. I could have carried a few dead bodies into the BB house with me!  I packed three full months of summer wardrobe with me, and half of it didn’t fit me anymore by the time I left the house. Oh, and CBS does provide all the toiletries you NEED but luxuries or specific brands are up to you to bring with you. So if you’ve got some frou-frou needs in bath and body products, you’d better bring three months-worth with you.

As far as getting your key? You know it’s coming because you just know it’s coming. Every season starts off with seeing HGs receive their keys so you know the key’s gonna pop up when the camera is on you, but it’s still a thrill to get your key and more thrilling if you’re a super fan. I wasn’t a super fan then, but I still have my BB key and duffel bag and every single small and big souvenir I collected during my season. You don’t even want to know some of the corny stuff I have. I could never sell any of it and not because I’m a hoarder.

So this was a very long answer to a short question: NO. Not technically an hour to pack. Unless you’re stupid.

You should be packed when you get the call on the Wednesday or Thursday before they come to get you, that Saturday. This process hasn’t changed much since my season, but I welcome edits and updates from more recent BB alum. If it ain’t broke CBS won’t fix it.

Even it if is broke clearly CBS won’t fix it.

Always dishing,