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Big Brother Hiatus



Dear Big Brother 15:

I’m leaving you. I can’t take you anymore.

You’re supposed to be part dirt and part strategy but you’re mostly human trash in every sense of the word, save for the few kind-hearted HGs that make you up. You’re supposed to be fun, but time and time again you’ve proven to be the bottom of the barrel in poor representation of The United States of America. Glorified behaviors in the name of ratings, and scrapings from under the toenails of closeted racists and misogynists and homophobes. Now, most recently, children have been brought under the veil of “sexual jokes” or just “jokes” to some.

What the fuck has happened to you?

As a HG no matter how much we say we’re not playing personally we are, and it’s just a matter of how much day to day because we can’t hide who we are 24 hours a day. As a fan we have our personal favorites, which we should be able to separate from those we think are playing the best strategic game and most deserving of the win. Well, as a fan I don’t want to work so hard at sifting through your layers and layers of filth.

I don’t want it. I don’t care how old or bitter I sound because I’m the same old and bitter soul that won you 10 years ago before you were ever a line in the 2013 budget. I will take my season of dirt over yours any day of any year. I’m neither going to continue watching you and pretend I don’t know what’s going on, on the live feeds, nor am I going to continue promoting and bitching anymore about you. I don’t want your cake to have or to eat anymore, so you can have all the cake and eat it too as you feed the masses with the trash they want to see.

I’m saying goodbye.

It is possible to just turn you off, and easier here from Belgium, because my free time is too good for you.

Always dishing (just not watching you anymore),


P.S. This is my personal decision alone, and those who find me “holier than thou” can feel free to shut me off at any time as well. If you feel like I’m judging you, then you shouldn’t hang around me… The sooner the better as far as I’m concerned…

Candice’s Earrings


It’s high time I dedicate 408 words to Candice’s Earrings. Candice Stewart who’s been accused of sitting on hats, and worse if you can believe it, this will always be slayer of earrings to me.

Wikipedia tells us that “Ear piercing is one of the oldest known forms of body modification, with artistic and written references from cultures around the world dating back to early history.

Wikipedia also gives us seven “modern” forms of earrings, but Candice wears only one form.

Dangle earrings – Dangle earrings are designed to flow from the bottoms of the earlobes, and are available in various lengths from a centimeter or two, all the way to brushing the shoulders…”




I know I have to be missing a few or ten other pairs of earrings that Candice managed to fit in her suitcase when packing for Big Brother 15…please do send them in to me if you have screenshots.

Let’s all take a minute to think about Candice and her ears though, because I can think of so many scenarios where she’d come in handy.

– I’d have loved to have her around six months ago so I could hang Noah’s pacifiers and bibs to Candice’s ears. There’s never a bib or pacifier around when you need one when you’re juggling a dozen other mommy things!

– I’d love to have her around when I’m decorating my Christmas tree so Davy and I could form an assembly line using Candice’s ears to hang extra ornaments on. If you don’t have an extra set of hands no worries because Candice’s ears can hold stuff!

– I’d love to have her around when I’m frying vegetable tempura because I could just lay paper towels around Candice’s feet and hang my pieces of tempura on her ears drip-dry the oil out of them. Less oil less fat for us!

– Candice’s ears could also dangle convenient little things things like keys to handcuffs during sex, because don’t we always misplace them at some point?!

I hope you’ll share some of your uses for Candice’s ears with me because I know you all have some thoughts on this! Personally, I’d like to know what Candice left behind to fit all her earrings into the two bags she’s allowed to pack for the house. I’d also like to know how she was allowed to bring some of those deadly weapons into the house considering I was barely allowed my cuticle cutter.

If Candice does end up going this week I hope she “keys” GinaMarie’s photo of Nick with one of her earrings.

I kid…I kid…I can hope…

Always dishing,



FAQ-style Big Brother 15 Bullseye – Week 5


I realize Julie Chen’s BIGGEST question is:


But let’s get on to a few other pressing questions…


1. Who is running the house? Amanda and Helen.

AmandaHelenIf you can’t see or admit that Amanda and Helen are running this Big Brother 15 house, then you either probably don’t give women enough credit in real life anyway or you have no idea what’s actually going on in that house 24 hours a day these last 44 days. Amanda and Helen have now each been up on the block once and know what it feels like, but Helen has won HOH so she’s got a better jury speech. Plus, Amanda has made racist remarks that have never made it to air and Helen never has. Helen could absolutely dominate Amanda in a hypothetical final two against each other in front of the jury. I don’t know if either will make it there.

Amanda: WTH: 30 / WA: 10 / WJ: 20  // Total: 60

Helen: WTH: 40 / WA: 30 / WJ: 30 // Total: 100


2. Who is riding coattails? McCrae and GinaMarie.


Now that McCrae and GinaMarie each have an HOH win under their belts, they’re about even in the coattail riding. McCrae’s been piggybacking Amanda’s alleged sexually harassed back, and GinaMarie’s been riding the racist train on the other side of the house from the beginning. Neither of them could win in a jury speech against anyone else in the house but each other. At least McCrae got laid while GinaMarie got played. Nick’s long since forgotten about GinaMarie as he and his hand-model hands have been posing in nearly every BB alum photo, pointing at someone “famous”, since he’s been evicted.

McCrae: WTH: 10 / WA: 20 / WJ: 10  // Total: 40

GinaMarie: WTH: 20 / WA: 10 / WJ: 10 // Total: 40


3. Who has been playing the game but has little entertainment value? Andy, Jessie and Spencer.



All three have been seen in the HOH room and all three do their share of floating from room to room trying to gain information. Talking to Andy about game seems much like talking to a funny-looking imaginary friend and HG, while Jessie is everyone’s whiny but nice next-door-neighbor and HG. Spencer has less respect for women than he does men, and even less respect for men like McCrae and Andy, but I’ve never seen Spencer run as fast as he did in that POV Competition he won. He has a better jury speech stacking up than Andy or Jessie do at this point, especially since he’s survived the block more. Everyone seems to dislike Spencer but he’s still around.

Andy: WTH: 0 / WA: 10 / WJ: 10  // Total: 20

Jessie: WTH: 0 / WA: 10 / WJ: 10 // Total: 20

Spencer: WTH: 20 / WA: 10 / WJ: 10  // Total: 40


4. Who was cast for their hot bods? Howard and Elissa.


Goodbye Howard. Now we all know there’s no way you could have pulled off a jury speech anyway, so it’s best you left now. Your best asset was your bulge and now that we’ve all seen it it’s Elissa’s time to shine. Elissa loves to shine, and speak like she’s really high, and I don’t blame Amanda and McCrae for blowing off her MVP theories by the hammock. I don’t think I could take anything Elissa said to me seriously just because of the way she slurs everything. I’m not gonna lie though…sometimes I want to be on whatever she’s on…because it’s definitely better than the stuff I’m smoking.

Elissa: WTH: 30 / WA: 20 / WJ: 10  // Total: 60


5. Who are my dream final two picks? Candice and Judd.

CandiceJuddI’d love to see Candice and Judd in the final two, and for Candice to win. I’d love for Judd to win too, which is why he and Candice share this paragraph, but I really want another woman of color to win Big Brother. I don’t make such statements, and I never have for past seasons, but because of all the wrongs that need to be righted I’d personally love to see Candice at the end. Judd’s been sitting pretty for weeks now while Candice has been drama city, and to see them head-to-head in jury speech would be a great end to a long season.

Candice: WTH: 30 / WA: 20 / WJ: 10 // Total: 60

Judd: WTH: 20 / WA: 20 / WJ: 20  // Total: 60


5. Who should be gone already? Aaryn.


Aaryn’s still around and will be around for a little longer as HGs are currently thinking about final two scenarios already. Aaryn’s family and friends and anyone else who cares about her are online defending her, and deflecting guilt onto Amanda and others including even me. I absolutely understand the purposes of keeping around someone like Aaryn to further yourself in the game, but I would not have kept her in the house. Someone like Aaryn doesn’t deserve a jury vote, because it’s bad enough she has a vote in the American election process. Period.

Aaryn: WTH: 30 / WA: 0 / WJ: 10  // Total: 40

~ ~ ~




Helen has knocked Judd out as the BB15 Bullseye for Week 5…but no worries #TeamJudd fans out there! Judd still leads the ranks with an overall five-week total of 460 points!

Here are my Week Five Favs:



I have so many screencaps from this week that I look forward to sharing in blog with you this week!

Always dishing,


Life Lessons and Big Brother


Today’s been a rough day for me both in reality and reality television, because I need more sleep in my life and it’s not happening. With Aaryn’s newest racially-fueled bitching about Candice, and otherwise rampant yuckiness that’s taken over the BB15 house I feel so frustrated as a BB fan and alum. I’m glad I made the choice not to follow live feeds myself this summer because it’s all a little bit too much, and Noah is the best medicine for all of it.

10 Life Lessons

On a rough day like today I saw this tweet and was reminded that there is always something good in my day because of things NOT Big Brother 15. Noah could learn a few lessons from Big Brother though, as well as potential and future HGs:

Big Brother Life Lessons

#1 – 5:


Jimmy T was the only tweeter to catch Robert’s tweet and reply with a quick five, and I liked them a lot.

#1. Be respectful to all people: This should be done in life, and also in the BB house. Sometimes you see people being disrespectful, and it happens in the BB house, and if you can’t change the person before you then all you can do is be respectful to all people yourself. I once saw a woman degraded in front of her entire family by her abusive husband, and I didn’t say anything about it right then because I knew I’d only make it worse. I learned to respect the woman for how she protected her child from his father, and I spent time with her when she needed some company while divorcing her husband.

#2. Family comes first: This should be applied to the BB house too.  There will be times when you fight with family, and there will be times you don’t. Despite the combustible relationship between Evel Dick Donato and his daughter, they made it to the final two their season. There have been times where I did not put my family first, and my family understands and cares only that I returned and have now come full circle having learned so many life lessons.

#3. Give your all in everything you do: This applies to life, and “everything you do” in the BB house too. Whether you’re giving your all in trying to throw a competition or win one, or making your point in the diary room…give it your all. If you give it your all, then you should have no excuses lose or win. Giving your all doesn’t mean you always win, but if you half-ass your life all the way through then you’re just a half-ass at the end of your life.

#4. Life isn’t fair: BB isn’t fair either. We’ve experienced so many “unfair” happenings as fans, and HGs alike, and starting a petition online or new hashtag on Twitter isn’t going to make life more fair. In reality we get our hearts broken and lose loved ones too soon, and it’s not fair that I got cheated on by an asshole ex. But I moved on because life’s not always fair.

#5. LIVE: Live your life actively and play the BB game actively. You don’t have to win every challenge and jump into genital fondling with the first warm body to be active in the BB game, because you can make up for it in story-telling or ruthless backstabbing or overall great personality. I chose to live my life my way at a very young age, because it was my way to cope with a time I’d not had control. Going on Big Brother and winning was not when I started living. I was living everything my way already and it’s why I went on the show in the first place.



#1. Love yourself: You won’t love everything about yourself at one time very often in life, but you must love yourself first and foremost. Noah, you bring joy to those who bring you joy and you must never change that.

#2. Love who you want to love: If you do one day want to find a love of your life, then love who you want to love in life…man or woman…and learn your own lessons on love. Noah, it’s what brought your father and I together after a very single lifetime apart.


#3. Apologize when you’re at fault: If you need to apologize more than once, then do it again but never make it empty because it will make you empty. Noah, it’s what separates me now as a mother from what I was before you were even a possibility.

#4. Follow your gut:  Without blinking an eye let yourself listen to what your gut is telling you, and take ownership of your bearings that have been passed on to you. Noah, to follow your gut means never blaming anyone else and instead growing from your mistakes.

#5. Be prepared for consequences: As you do all these things in “bold” on this page always be aware and prepared for consequences while doing them. Noah, a life with no consequences is a life less lived so live a full life and choose your own paths.

Noah, today all you had to worry about was that I wouldn’t let you climb onto the coffee table and you cried dramatically. I then mussed up your hair and you were cried even more dramatically.


One day when you’re older coffee table climbing will be the least of your problems, and I can only wish that sometimes you will come my way so I can help you through whatever life lesson you’re going through.

Always dishing,


Bigotry, Showmances and Sexual Harassment Oh My!



Adding to the smelly clogged drain that is Big Brother 15, we can now add “sexual harassment” to the sad mix. Big Brother Spice has photo “evidence” and covers what went down between Amanda and Howard…

Amanda’s allegations that Howard told her “I’m going to f*** the s*** out of you.” Amanda also alleges that Howard said this “fucking the shit out of” stuff would happen outside the house of course, and also that she was “so fucking hot.” Okay.

Thank you to everyone who’s still watching the feeds and reporting, because everything happens for a reason and I’m happy with my reasons for not live feeding. I do not interact with friends or family of current HGs either, because it opens up a window for hateful trolls. I’m not ashamed to admit I’m grateful there was no Facebook or Twitter “back then”…

I realize I haven’t shut up about the fact that it’s been 10 years since I’ve been on the show, but let’s compare:


Then:  We all made fun of Jee’s accent in the house, Erika made racist remarks behind Jee’s back, Ali and I laughed about Robert’s heritage…

Now: David, Aaryn, GinaMarie, Spencer, Amanda, et al.


Then: Dana and Justin messed around under the blankets and engaged in PDA, Ali and Nathan WTF was that, David and Amanda had the first sex on a season of Big Brother in the U.S…

Now: There are two moms who won’t showmance, and the rest of the female HGs can’t play the game without a man to latch onto or cry Nick over.

Aaryn’s even replaced David and kinda Jeremy with Judd:

JuddAarynHugBig Brother Network reports there was giggling and sweet-good-for-nothings muttered between the two, and I’m having acid reflux just thinking about this whole thing. It’s just a hug, but we all know that my mother would say all hugs lead to anal sex.

Can this season be over please? I’m so embarrassed…but what’s new? Trials and tribulations of a BB fan…

Always dishing,



Big Brother 15: Memory Lane


What’s been a month of Big Brother 15 so far has felt like a year, and so I’ve decided we should take a trip down memory lane using “my screenshots that never made it into other blogs”…


Remember this group? They’re four down and more to go before someone wins this season of Big Brother. There’s so much time left it’s exhausting just thinking about getting to “Day 100 of Summer” this years. So to take a break I threw out a hypothetical:




The flash of first 30 responses from most of you on Twitter was Nick.

I would have said Nick or Kaitlin so I’m okay with your overwhelming push of Nick!!! Uhas!!! Nick’s been hanging out with David as of these last 24 hours on Twitter:

NickDavidTweetI feel like laughing more at someone’s expense right now so let’s do that and call it Big Brother 15 reporting, because I came across screencaps only I would dwell on… I’m aware of my eye for ridiculous details.




Damn! David was almost unrecognizable to me as I scrolled through old screenshots, and as a matter of fact without his voluminous hair he looks a little bit like a cartoon fetus. How cute!

And how not cute but creepy…

SpencerCreeperRemember this? During the “Keeping Up with the Joneses” I took this screenshot because I could totally see Spencer doing this outside the house, to go hand-in-hand with all his sexually explicit and dark thoughts about women which he shares on the feeds. Spencer’s not your ordinary horny American.

He leers then bites his lip while your back is turned to him kinda-guy…

SpencerYuckThe only thing acceptable about these photos is that it’s Aaryn that has fallen prey to Spencer’s hairy hungry eyes. I could be wrong and he could have been staring at some design on the pocket of her jeans, but I don’t think so not from the musky place he’s coming from. I can smell a hooker a mile away, but I can smell a perv without having to smell a thing.

Speaking of things…

Hailey Jones…

HaileyJonesDear Hailey Jones:

Congratulations on gaining the faith of many BB fans and getting attention from me, but only because I get asked about you many times a BB15 day on Twitter and I need to document an answer. I think it’s cute that you thought up this little Facebook scheme all on your own or not, and all this talk of “pre-chosen” and “pre-determined” made this a religious experience for some. Anyone who really believes in you should be rewarded for their meekness.


Always dishing,






Better Troll Patrol?


Apparently, there’s an online petition being signed in the TENS of thousands as a result of some Twitter trolls threatening to rape and otherwise abuse Caroline Criado-Perez.

Poppy Montgomery who?



You can read the full story about Caroline at CNN, but I’d describe Caroline as a newly famous feminist who’s calling for better troll patrol on Twitter and also planning to “take on the government” about it. She was getting loads of rape threats every hour and her newly found fame got the attention of police and such, and an arrest was made. They snagged some 21-year-old dude for the tweets. Yay. One troll down.

Down with the trolls says Caroline, essentially.

I’ve never had as many as 50 rape tweets directed at me an hour for hours on end, but I’ve received my share of threats and threats to my family through Twitter. It’s not pretty or fair, but it’s a reality. A reality of social media where there are services online where you can buy accounts, for the purposes of creating unlimited alias accounts with which to stalk and hate in “anonymity”. It’s not the only purpose, but Twitter trolls all have multiple accounts as a commonality.

I’ve also seen others attacked on Twitter, and I’ve often defended against or deflected trolls who dig into my personal details in hurting me and my family before eventually and simply ignoring them. Death threats and attacks on my unborn child aside, these trolls monitored my life online. I speak in past tense but I know they’re out there still, and may be reading this. They pop up every once in a while to throw a slur my way or my husband Davy’s, or leave a nasty comment about my Noah who is blissfully unaware of what a troll used to be and is now. It’s happening to family members of HGs currently in and out of the Big Brother 15 house.

It can’t be boiled down to a feminist agenda.

In the Big Brother part of the world wide web there are countless psychopathic and sociopathic Twitter personalities, and people associated with the show and fans of the show alike are bullied online in the most extreme hate. I know many of you reading can attest to the level of toxicity on one end of the Big Brother spectrum.

But nobody arrests ever arrests a loser sexual Twitter predator for us!

They did for Caroline. Good for her. I can only hope this doesn’t happen to Caroline ever again, because it’s chilling every time you read such sexual and specific threats directed at you in 140 characters or less. I do not envy her, but I hope she realizes that as a feminist in 2013 this may happen again.

At least she’s not BB alum, because I don’t think she could handle the BB trolls…or Hantz trolls or BB cat ladies either for that matter. I’m a realist before I’m a feminist, but I can appreciate what Caroline’s trying to do. Perhaps they should throw here in the Celebrity BB UK house next season.

Would you sign that petition?

Always dishing,


Kaitlin’s Twitter Apology


In post-season social media behavior, the evicted BB15 HGs so far have been proving themselves true to who and what they were in the house and out. David’s just as nonsensical in his tweets as he was in pre-season interviews and the diary room, and Nick is all about making it big jumping off his Big Brother “fame” rubbing elbows with the likes of Boogie and Brenchel and even Liza. Jeremy is back to being wholly unaware of his faults and living his “cute” self-inflated ego life, and Kaitlin…

Kaitlin’s just left the house and in less than 48 hours she’s tweeted an apology:


I saw it through a RT and I thought good for her for just putting that out there right away. I clicked to her Twitter timeline and saw she’d RTed lots of people telling her she doesn’t need to apologize, as a means to deflect guilt onto others. I’m assuming she hasn’t watched the footage, or if she has she still believes she’s just a victim of circumstance and bad company.


I consider myself a BB fan, like all of you, in addition to being a former player and winner and self-proclaimed knower of a little bit of everything and still learning. According to Wikipedia, fandom is a “term used to refer to a subculture (see my blog about the Big Brother subculture) composed of fans characterized by a feeling of sympathy and camaraderie with others who share a common interest.” We could technically swap out “a common interest” with “almost nothing” and it would mean the same thing as far BB fans are concerned. Fans don’t always help the situation, because whether we like it or not all BB alum have fans and some fans are blinded by their personal or perverted feelings for their HGs. It’s the fans that make Big Brother but we don’t all agree on who’s actually fan-worthy.

So this isn’t an anti-fan blog, but a pro-fan blog where I dramatically ask you to neither threaten Kaitlin nor encourage her bullshit. Right now Kaitlin’s apology looks insincere at best, and I focus most on her post-eviction activities because she’s a woman like I’m a woman. Kaitlin’s gorgeous but there should be more for us to cling to than that, and her participation in Big Brother Vagina Wars has now boiled down to wasted apology.

It would be like the very heavy guest I had in my home this weekend who sat in and broke the rocking chair in the corner of Noah’s bedroom… ChairThe chair didn’t fall through immediately when the person sat in it, but I’m never going to bring it up to them because it won’t bring the chair back and I’ll only hurt someone’s feelings. But let’s say I did broach the subject with said heavy person and the person apologized about it, then told everyone  it was the chair’s fault and the fault of other heavier people who’d sat in it? That would be Kaitlin, loosely analogized.

Kaitlin, if you’re reading…

I’m not “picking on you” but I’m focusing more on you than the other three evicted before you, because you had a chance to redeem yourself and instead you’re taking the lame way out. You should either delete the apology so your timeline makes more sense, or stop RTing fans who’ll say anything to get a RT. At the end of the day one apology to the fans means less than your realizing you can just stop at “I’m sorry.”

If you can’t, then don’t apologize in the first place. Why would you apologize for anything if you truly feel you did nothing wrong?

Always dishing,


Big Brother 15 Bullseye – Week 4


Julie Tweet

I don’t know what’s going on from the neck-up anymore with Julie Chen, because I don’t know when it became fashionable to carry your own piss-pot in your hair. That’s what it looked like last night. I’m convinced it was a bowl of rice in case Aaryn was evicted but Kaitlin got the boot instead, and now we’ll never know what Julie had in her hair.



For those of you who have been asking WTH “WTH” is as far scoring the HGs:

Working the house (“WTH”) would be something like Amanda who is neither vehemently disliked nor cherished, yet she has the ability to work the house on her own without anyone else’s help.

Working America (“WA”) would be something like Helen who is clearly speaking more to America than she is to the diary room when she’s spelling everything out for us with the occasional hair flip for emphasis.

Working the potential jury (“WJ”) would be like Howard keeping his cool and thinking long term to jury as he does in life when faced with racism.

This week: Judd still remains #1 overall:



I don’t see King Judd being knocked off the Bullseye soon, but let’s get on with the rest of the messes:


AarynWTH: You’ve done so much damage in the house that it’s actually become an advantage for you because you got zero votes for eviction, and you’re still in the house (+30 points). WA: Your family’s hired a PR crew to clean up your online image, yet America still does not like you (+10 points). WJ: Now that you’ve survived the block twice and won HOH twice your jury speech only gets stronger which make me sick, but at least I have screencaps of you suffering in the mud to make me feel better (+20 points). Week 4: 60 points // Cumulative: 140 points


GinaMarieWTH: You got zero votes because you are inconsequential to most of the house, and provide comic relief with your severely defective vocabulary (+10 points). WA: You showed America what a girl with no gag reflex looks like on a Friday night in Staten Island, and you actually made me feel inadequate in the deep throat arena. Brava (+20 points). WJI applaud you for not going “gangster” on Elissa when she pushed you away, I guess you reserve your “beatdowns” for non-white girls (+10 points). Week 4: 40 points // Cumulative: 120 points


CandiceWTH: Attaching yourself to Howard every waking moment is getting in the way of your working the house the way you did at first (+10 points). WA: Half of America loves your earrings and the other half hates them, and i’m just confused by them (+20 points). WJ: I don’t see you having a problem with the jury at the end so long as you win a competition here and there, because you can’t hang on to Howard’s schlong forever (+10 points). Week 4: 40 points // Cumulative: 180 points


ElissaWTH: You don’t even have to do much to work the house, because some of these people are stupid enough to think you got MVP and nominated yourself only to play in the veto and save yourself (+20 points).  WA: You cry about wanting to go home when you don’t get your way, and then gloat like a rubby ducky but you’re not really fooling anyone (0 points). WJ: You suck at jury management but if you survive this week with Aaryn as HOH, and not being able to play in veto, then your jury speech is better than half the house’s. (+20 points). Week 4: 40 points // Cumulative: 180 points

Kaitlin: Have a great time in Vegas. Bye.


HelenWTH: You were penalized with two nights of 8pm curfew which probably helped your game, because it meant you had to shut our mouth for longer than usual (+20 points)?! WA: “America”, in this case Rachel’s fans, may not like you turning your back on Elissa this week but you don’t seem to care since you have deals with everyone but Julie Chen at this point (+10 points). WJ: Kaitlin, whom you voted out, seems to think the world of you and I really think the rest of the HGs sincerely like you as well (+30 points). Week 4: 60 points // Cumulative: 220 points


McCraeWTH: You’re passively working the house while your queen aggressively works it for you, even in the toilet (+20 points). WA: You’re getting a good edit on television, but on the feeds you have your moments aka referring to someone as a “cunt” (+10 points). WJ: Your $5,000 win in the POV competition, plus the fact that you’re Amanda’s bitch, will hurt you come jury time  (+10 points). Week 4: 40 points // Cumulative: 160 points

Andy: WTH: You manage to be everywhere and nowhere, and it’s only a matter of time before someone attacks you for it, so you need to be ready with more than color-blocked clown shirts (+20 points). WA: You get to host a competition and look suitably geeklicious, yet today you also throw the word “cunt” around on the live feeds as if it’s easy to just roll off your tongue (+10 points). WJ: Your jury vote is getting stronger the longer you’re a Have-Not in that god-forsaken house, but I don’t believe you’d win. (+10 points). Week 4: 40 points // Cumulative: 160 points

JessieWTH: You might as well take a long nap until final five because you’re on nobody’s radar, including production’s (+20 points). WA: America needs to know more about you, but CBS doesn’t seem to be interested in providing that yet which means you’re going to be around for a while (+10 points). WJ: If you get to jury you’ll probably be sitting with someone just like you, and someone better than you, so I don’t see you winning (+10 points). Week 3: 40 points // Cumulative: 160 points


AmandaWTH: You were upset about your key being pulled last at Judd’s HOH nomination ceremony, yet it was your one-piece bathing suit that offended Elissa enough to bring you to tears. Get it together (+10 points). WA: America’s split on you, because many of us enjoy what you bring to BB and others are Rachel’s fans (+30 points). WJ: You’re in a good spot come any jury, just like you’re in a good spot week-to-week no matter who’s HOH (+20 points). Week 3: 60 points // Cumulative: 240 points

SpencerWTH: What you lack in soul you make up for in trivia knowledge from Hitler to sexual predator language to aliens and everything remotely creepy in-between, and HGs actually listen because despite your size you never raise your voice (+30 points). WA: Television-viewers know you to be a gentle giant with rough edges, while live feeders know you to be the guy you never want to live next door to if you’re gay or an attractive tampon-user (+20 points). WJ: If you survive this week you have the “Howard had Candice and I had nobody” argument handy, and if you survive it’s because the HGs think Howard’s a bigger threat. (+10 points). Week 4: 60 points // Cumulative: 200 points

JuddWTH: You’re HOH and you’re supposed to be “the bad guy” who nominates people, yet nobody hates you and GinaMarie even had a beer ready for you when you got out of solitary. Nicely done (+40 points). WA: Your mom’s letter to you in your HOH basket read, “Your dad hasn’t been this nervous since the day you were born,” and it sounded just right to America (+30 points). WJThings like solitary confinement will make good bullet points when you’re making your jury speech (+30 points). Week 4: 100 points // Cumulative: 400 points


HowardWTH: Doing yoga with Elissa was a good move, as was letting Candice feel up on your man parts with her body during the POV competition, but sticking so close still with a former Moving Company loser may hurt you this week (+20 points). WA: America pretty much loves you, and not all of  America has even seen what’s under those sweatpants of yours (+30 points). WJ: When potential jury member Candice tells you to go get her a pebble you reply, “I ain’t no penguin” yet you let her use you like a piece of Grade-A furniture. Nicely done (+10 points).  Week 4: 60 points // Cumulative: 280 points

~ ~ ~



~ ~ ~

My Personal MVP Of The Week: Howard’s bulge, I mean…Howard.



~ ~ ~

Oh, and Helen’s back on my Favs list:

Favs Week 4It’s been 4 weeks yet I feel like I’ve aged 40 weeks.

Always dishing,



Big Brother Vagina Wars


I can’t speak for any other vagina but my own so I’ll speak for my vagina today. I never refer to my own vagina as a cunt, and I never have because the word cunt is only reserved for really bad vaginas. Occasionally, a very angry person will call me a cunt. I’ve highlighted said word in a comment I received here on my site in response to my Big Brother Diary Room FAQs blog:


I moved said comment to “Trash” because as much as I love extra traffic to my site, I won’t lower my bar on cunts. If you can’t come back at someone without using such a word, then like “Freak_Show”, you too probably have so many alias accounts that you never go outside. I let Freak_Show know that the comment was deleted and why, and actually I’d have left the comment up had I not been called a cunt. Of course there was denial.


Hey…I refer to people, male or female, as cunts on occasion when the spite levels are high and so I’m not trying to banish it from existence. If you put yourself out there for people to see, then you’re going to get called a cunt on occasion. I’d just never go to someone’s website and start an argument leading to my calling the owner of the website a cunt. It’s just not going to happen here, neither to me nor you, and especially not over a blog about the Big Brother diary room.

It has happened, however, quite often in the Big Brother house. It’s usually the men referring to the women as “cunts” and such, but only because women are much more creative in tearing down fellow women. Men can’t really touch us in that arena. Freak_Show is a pesky fly compared to what other women can do to me.


Thanks Murtaza for the segue. I don’t believe men make it farther in the BB game per se, especially not in final two standings and especially not this season. But I think I’m going to take a guess on where you’re going with this question. If anyone’s got the numbers on men versus women please share, but I’m going to take a female winner’s standpoint of Big Brother and run with this.

We’ve seen already this Big Brother 15 season a large male alliance sprout up then go limp and dead, early on. Although what was once The Moving Company was right to stir things up amongst the women, because it did work, it wasn’t good enough to stop three men in a row from being evicted. Spencer relishes in referring to female HGs as cunts, and his overall unappealing physique and face only add to his already ugly disposition and tongue.

Elissa, who came into the game claiming she wanted to head-up an all-girl alliance has done anything but, although she’s played a hand in all three of the evictions. An all-girl alliance. That’s an oxymoron in the BB house. Why? Because historically it’s rarely happened, and the opposite’s happened more often than not.

Men are just as guilty of shit-talking about other men and women in the BB house, but women take other women’s weak spots and stab them until they bleed BB tears. This shouldn’t be news to anyone, and if anything I’d rather everyone be more open and honest about it. We all have a mean streak in us. I keep mine on a leash most of the time and only released upon my command. With people I keep my guard up with, like you often do in the BB house, when you let your mean streak go then it’s because you want it to go. We’re all adults by hormonal standards.

So lame is the excuse that “HGs’ behaviors are a result of the duress they’re under in the house.” Stop making excuses for people who already make too may excuses for themselves. Everyone is in there for $500,000 and sometimes fame, and what you see is what you get when that HG doesn’t get their way. It’s not far from how the HG would react outside the house, just on 24-hour blast for the masses to watch. When we see cattiness and personal attacks behind people’s back and sometimes to their faces on Big Brother, our eyes bug out and we tweet out 140 characters of shock at a time…as we should. We’ve all seen some mean shit this season, and mostly by the women. It’s a shame there’s never been a dominant all-girl alliance with a cool name.



My alliance with Ali and Erika got us to the final four, and although I personally disliked both (as they did me) it worked. The name of our alliance still haunts me, but I liked how our stresses were taken out in the diary room more than they were by drinking wine and flipping beds and protesting one-piece bathing suits. If you want to truly work together with other women you do not badger them on their insecurities for the rest of the house to see or talk like racist pieces of trash to one another. Referring to Candice as ugly and fat behind her back, as a woman, is intentional and defensive as well as offensive. It’s more fun to sew together lettuce and cherry tomato bikinis for the girls like I did my season in between catty diary rooms, isn’t it?

For every tiring person who tells me my season was 10 years ago so who cares? Maybe we should care. Look around you.

I still wish for a bigger and better women’s alliance at some point in the Big Brother timeline. With showmances that turn out to be real life love, it’s no wonder we don’t see numbers in strength in women in the house. Purely from love’s standpoint I’m always happy for happily married couples. From game’s standpoint it’s horrible odds for vagina power and overall you get vagina wars plus a few edited saints.

Big Brother fever brings out the best and worst in HGs and fans alike. I thank all you best of fans. Freak_Show, I wish you peace.

Always dishing,


Photo Credit: If anyone knows where the above Big Brother’s Angels photo originated, then please do let me know! I had it in my BB archives from 10 years ago and I can’t remember the source.