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She’s in My Thoughts


I call her She.

She is short for her real name. She’s my neighbor. She’s just been taken by ambulance to the hospital. She’s five months pregnant.

I’m not quite sure what I’m supposed to do. She has her husband and sister with her at the hospital. I’m not family but I do consider myself a friend. She and I just went through all of Noah’s baby things just last week so She could prepare for her own son’s arrival.

I hope She and her baby are okay.

I ask for your good energy and prayers, if you pray.

Update next morning: She’s back home and baby is fine. False alarm. Thank you for support and warmth!

Always dishing,


Life is Fuller


In Ghent, life just feels fuller. I’m not “hungry” like I was living in New York City.

NYC, my home for 32 years before I fell in love, married, moved and had a baby in Belgium. There’s no place like NYC but there’s no better place than where you make your home.

You can try to do the math, but I was born and bred in Seoul, Korea until the age of three and I’ve been living in Ghent now for 16 months, so…I’m 36 as of the date of this entry.  36. I had a baby at 36, which is 60 in old school Korean years.

But nevertheless, my momz couldn’t be happier or more proud of me. That’s her, holding Noah:


See? Don’t I look full in the photo?

I’m really, so very much more, content since moving to Belgium. Friendlier pace with just as much drama and hot messes running around that I still have fun…and I get to have what I’ve always wanted…a family of my own. A family of my own! It happened out of nowhere and it’s all real. So real it makes me just a little nauseous, between 2 am and 7am, while i’m feeding Noah. It’s the kind of nausea accompanying pure exhaustion except when the baby is yours, there’s no question that his comfort trumps your nauseated state, each and every time.

Davy and I started a fuller life and brought Noah into the world on March 21st, 2012 at 7:05pm, officially.

In Europe it’s a different way of writing out dates so here, Noah’s birthdate is 21-3-12. A palindrome, perfect for a strong Aries baby boy who insisted on arriving 6 weeks earlier than his due date.

His due date is coming up this weekend, May 6th. We will celebrate it in our own way. And Noah surely will be rejoicing himself for joining us sooner. He is so loved.


Picking a Baby Name


It took us more than 19 weeks to decide on a name…but we finally have!

We needed a name that could be pronounced the same in English, Dutch and Korean to make it easy on everyone in the two sides of the family…and for the baby, who would be growing up in Belgium…so that meant names starting with “F, G, J, Q, R, V, X, Y or Z” were out since these letters are pronounced differently in each language.

Sooo…we have decided to name the baby NOAH! And the baby room theme will be Noah’s Ark!

Plus, we are planning on painting our two bunnies, Rocky and Tohki, on the wall and so a Noah’s Ark theme actually incorporates them and the baby’s name perfectly.

We can’t wait until little Noah arrives the first week of May! Here’s the latest “picture” of him (as of December 6th) and the latest picture of me (as of December 11th).

Thanks everyone for playing along and guessing the baby’s name!

FYI: @HotMessMandy was the first to guess right at 12:07pm EST (6:07pm Belgian time) today! Nicely done! :)