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MissWizz and Peequality


I’m picking up where I left off in Belgium Has, where I cry out for PEE EQUALITY. Peequality…

There are these free pee stands for men all over the city of Ghent, which is great for guys but what about the ladies?


More often than not you have to pay to use a bathroom in Belgium, and large parts of Europe. It’s about 50 cents so it’s not a lot but as an American expat I’m always shaking my head here while paying to use the bathroom at a department store I’m shopping in, or at the movie theater I’ve paid for a ticket to get into. This would never happen in the states because Walmart shoppers would tear the building down if they had to pay to use the Walmart bathroom.

During festivals, like the Festival of Ghent going on right now here, there are portable pee stands for men strewn all over the city. This is me, standing in one, back in 2010:

PeepeemeThese portable pee stands were new to me then and nothing like port-o-potties back in the states, but I was so frustrated there was no free peeing for women! Fast forward to 2013, I returned to the Festival of Ghent this past weekend to find there was finally a pee stand for me!



So after posing for a picture, I enter MissWizz. There are 11 of these in the city of Ghent, and petitions to install more. I couldn’t wait to join the movement and actually pee in a MissWizz. The movement was started by one “Ellen Lejeune” as a MSc graduation project, and she fights still for peequality. I shook her hand before I peed and thanked her for this blogging opportunity, and then I stepped inside MissWizz with my own tissue paper ready to squat.



I was met with this pink contraption reminiscent of some dungeon contraption I’d seen in an S&M room once or last week, and my expectations of pretty pink walls and feathers were crushed at first sight. I was a little scared I’d end up cutting my leg or something equally and usually clumsy, and it felt a little awkward straddling a chunk of pink metal. But I did my business and discarded my tissue in a garbage pail provided, and I popped my MissWizz cherry.

Was it everything I expected it to be? No.

Was it smelly? No.

Would I do it again? Sure.

Always dishing,


How To Attend Burlesque

Lady Flo and Davy

I’ve been to quite a few strip clubs and even a few underground massage parlors, in the name of research and curiosity of course. But burlesque theater I’ve only experienced twice, and only in Ghent in the last few years. Once with Hotel Jarretelle, during the annual summer Festival of Ghent.

Hotel Jarretelle

And once just last night, at Burlesque Follies.

Burlesque Follies

Simply put, burlesque performances cater to more than just the average horny guy at a strip club. The burlesque audience, is quite full of women, female patrons who feel more at home in a burlesque theater than they do at a “titty bar”. Not to say you don’t get to see the all-mighty titty at burlesque shows, you most certainly do. Instant sexual gratification is easier to find and I am a fan of it myself, however burlesque fulfills needs different than what a strip club or free porn or hand job do.

Burlesque gets you to the nudity through teasing, through story and music and comedy all dressed up in incredible corsets and costumes and nipple pasties!

~ ~ ~

How To Attend Burlesque

1. Do go with the right person. Invite someone who will appreciate eroticism and comedy on the same stage. If it happens to be your significant other you are lucky, whether gay or straight. Variety is the spice of sex life, and there’s much to be learned by everyone in the ways of tease and attire.

2. Do dress up. It is customary when attending a burlesque show, to have fun in everything including your attire. Think vintage and glamour and details. Men can throw on suspenders, wing tips or saddle shoes, think old gangsters. And women, think pin-up goddess and Dita Von Teese. Those attending burlesque are the least to judge, only admire the attention to details in the outfits of those around them.

3. Do make noise. Burlesque takes catcalling to another level, and makes it a part of the very interactive evening. The ladies of the nights require noise from their audience, after all that is how appreciation is shown. I personally love it when my husband catcalls me on an average day, and so the artists on stage must be catcalled. Both men and women should do it behind closed doors more often.

4. Don’t stress. Whether about dress, or the fact that you’re attending something around sex. Burlesque is about more than just sex it’s about before and after sex, and all the sexual thoughts in between too.

~ ~ ~

So last night, my husband Davy surprised me with tickets to a burlesque evening for Valentine’s Day. “Do go with the right person” was covered. We were one of very many different looking and living couples, but there were also single, straight and gay people, in pairs and groups. The common thread was that we were all there to indulge in voyeurism as an art form.

“Do dress up” was covered. Mostly. Davy meant to say “Dress 50s” and not 60s, to me, to serve as a clue as to where we were headed last evening.

Definitely More 60s

I should have bought a clue when he’d put suspenders and shiny loafers on, but nevertheless I ended up looking quite mod 60s, not knowing I should be looking 50s burlesque. Oh well. I still stood out. Don’t stress remember?

And “Do make noise” was more than covered, as we followed the lead of the lovely ladies on stage. Whistling and howling is a sign of a good show. Sometimes there’s the occasional obnoxious or drunk shit-head (Hence the “Do go with the right person” tip) who doesn’t belong there. And last night, there was one in the house, but that is really the fault of woman who brought him there in the first place.

“Don’t stress” is one of the easiest things you can do if you let go. And letting go is something I’m lucky enough to do as often as I please, because Davy is the same way. And despite feigning embarrassment when the exquisite Lady Flo came into the audience and straight to him, Davy blushed yet still had the foresight to put his hat on before she continued.

And we have this photo to remember, better, this passing Valentine. Much cooler because of the hat, no?

Lady Flo and DavyHat or no hat, get yourself to some burlesque!

Always dishing,