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Big Brother 15: Memory Lane


What’s been a month of Big Brother 15 so far has felt like a year, and so I’ve decided we should take a trip down memory lane using “my screenshots that never made it into other blogs”…


Remember this group? They’re four down and more to go before someone wins this season of Big Brother. There’s so much time left it’s exhausting just thinking about getting to “Day 100 of Summer” this years. So to take a break I threw out a hypothetical:




The flash of first 30 responses from most of you on Twitter was Nick.

I would have said Nick or Kaitlin so I’m okay with your overwhelming push of Nick!!! Uhas!!! Nick’s been hanging out with David as of these last 24 hours on Twitter:

NickDavidTweetI feel like laughing more at someone’s expense right now so let’s do that and call it Big Brother 15 reporting, because I came across screencaps only I would dwell on… I’m aware of my eye for ridiculous details.




Damn! David was almost unrecognizable to me as I scrolled through old screenshots, and as a matter of fact without his voluminous hair he looks a little bit like a cartoon fetus. How cute!

And how not cute but creepy…

SpencerCreeperRemember this? During the “Keeping Up with the Joneses” I took this screenshot because I could totally see Spencer doing this outside the house, to go hand-in-hand with all his sexually explicit and dark thoughts about women which he shares on the feeds. Spencer’s not your ordinary horny American.

He leers then bites his lip while your back is turned to him kinda-guy…

SpencerYuckThe only thing acceptable about these photos is that it’s Aaryn that has fallen prey to Spencer’s hairy hungry eyes. I could be wrong and he could have been staring at some design on the pocket of her jeans, but I don’t think so not from the musky place he’s coming from. I can smell a hooker a mile away, but I can smell a perv without having to smell a thing.

Speaking of things…

Hailey Jones…

HaileyJonesDear Hailey Jones:

Congratulations on gaining the faith of many BB fans and getting attention from me, but only because I get asked about you many times a BB15 day on Twitter and I need to document an answer. I think it’s cute that you thought up this little Facebook scheme all on your own or not, and all this talk of “pre-chosen” and “pre-determined” made this a religious experience for some. Anyone who really believes in you should be rewarded for their meekness.


Always dishing,