Happy Birthday Noah

At 7:33am in Belgium, on March 21st in 2012, I started tweeting what ended up being my labor and delivery of my son Noah.


Since that epic day, a lot has changed.

I’ve changed.

The “Davy” you see mentioned in the tweets above, Noah’s dad, is no longer my husband anymore. I’ve since divorced him.

If you’re one of the many tweeters who followed me and tweeted me that day, then you’ve probably changed a lot to. Maybe you’ve had children or grandchildren of your own, gotten married or finished school, launched a business or lost a job, I don’t know…

I do know for certain though that more than a few people who tweeted me that day are now dead. They passed away. In some cases I got to say my goodbyes. In others, I was notified by familly and friends after their passing. But they were all very much alive on March 21, 2012.

I share this because I want to acknowledge the many different bonds I’ve forged through blogging, and through social media.

Today is not only Noah’s birthday, but it’s also the day I’m re-launching my personal blog with this Happy Birthday Noah piece. 


Happy Birthday, my deareast Noah. Thank you for inspiring me to open up again.


Always dishing,


16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Noah

  1. SaarBlogs says:

    Fun fact: that means I’ve been following you for about 7 years as well! I first came across your blog when you wrote about going to see Idool – I’ve missed your writing in the last couple of years, but at least I got to taste your cooking in the mean time 🙂


    1. Jun says:

      I totally remember that. And all the Belgian readers who loved and hated my style of critiquing their beloved show, Idool haha. I’m so glad you came to Rice House so I could feed you!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Dean Brown (@DeanoBrown2010) says:

    I don’t know what’s scarier… That Noah is already 7 years old, or that it means I’ve been chatting to you online for EVEN LONGER THAN THAT!!!!

    I’m so glad you feel like you’re in a place where you’re ready to write again… Not to get too corny, but your writing is a gift that the world needs to read!!
    Looking forward to what comes next ❤


  3. Michelle Jones 🙅🏽‍♀️ (@MizJones602) says:

    Happy Birthday to my homie, Noah!

    It’s been amazing getting to know you over the last ten years. Started as a fan and now feel like family. Watching Noah (and you) grow over the years has been fun. You’ve shared yourself with us, warts and all. There’s no one like you, mama.

    I know my Mr. Awesome will have a phenomenal seventh birthday!

    Much love always!


    1. Jun says:

      Michelle!!! I’ll still never forget Noah riding with you in the wheelchair hahaha. So special. Thank you for seeing his awesomeness from the beginning. Much love to you…


  4. janebushell says:

    I have been fascinated with you since your win on BB! We had never had a winner like you and I loved it. Then your life took more turns and I continued to follow as you fell in love, married, moved, became pregnant and then gave birth.
    No one has ever been as open and real as you! Totally fearless and unvarnished and fascinating. We slowly became friends as I always supported whatever decision you made which worked for you.
    Now Noah is 7! So smart, so grounded and so loving. You are doing a great job as a mom and as a woman pursuing yourself and your self worth. We love you ♥️


    1. Jun says:

      So many turns. I think up and moving to a foreign country at 35 made discover parts of myself I never knew existed. It’s been a crazy ride, but you’ve always been so supportive through it. Thank youuuu.


  5. K_for_kaitlyn says:

    It feels like this was just yesterday 😳 I literally was updating my Twitter feed continuously waiting for Noah to arrive! Happy 7th birthday to Noah… the pair of you truly light up my Instagram feed ❤️


      1. BarneyD (@BarneyDeee) says:

        “Like, for me specifically?” Uh, yaa. Like why you never got one, did you ever come close to getting one, have you ever felt pressured to get one, is there any chance you’ll ever get one, have you ever driven a car without one, and any good stories related to being without one. Hmmm … too much? (*having)


  6. pamela singh says:

    Missed your blogs sooo much. “Knowing” you for years and my biggest regret was us living in NYC and you inviting me over to watch BB (forget what season?) and of course my luck, had the worst cold ever and couldn’t go. Then a little fater you moved to Belgium. Also sad I never got to eat at your Rice house. Still in the process of becoming a US citizen but would love to look you up. ❤


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